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Wukong Build Guide by Red Hatter

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Red Hatter

Wukong - Freaking OP

Red Hatter Last updated on December 17, 2011
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This page is Under Construction.

Bare with me. Some of the formatting is off and the guide may not be quite finished yet. Mission section. Missing information. Etc.

This is mostly a SOLO TOP guide.

I play this in ranked and normal mode both.

I do not have time to explain everything now and I will get to it, but I assure you that there are reasons behind everything. It's one of the few builds that I hardly ever differentiate from, regardless of what the other team has. He's tanky, he hurts like hell, and he burns turrets fast.

I get sick of seeing bad Wukongs all over the place, so I'm posting this build. Wukong is about the AD and dealing as much as you possibly can. There is no reason to build attack speed, mid->late game lifesteal (except Bloodthirster if you farm it for dmg), crit, or trinity on Wukong.

You want dmg and lots of it.
Nimbus - AD Dmg
Crushing Blow - AD Dmg
Cyclone - LOTS OF AD DMG (with this build, about 700dps on ult)

Show me where you need Attack Speed, Crit %, or Lifesteal? Wukong is a nuke AD Champ. You get in, drop everything you have then A) Cleanup or B) GTFO. He is not an auto-attacker. His Crushing Blow deals HEAVY dmg to turrets & champs both.

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Skill Sequence



Close Quarters

(Hand to hand, no running, ult down)

You want all 3 skills in the first 3 levels. This helps with your early game harassment. It allows you to Nimbus in, Crushing Blow, Clone out.

You need to do this constantly and keep your opponent low, so you can get in with the final nuke and get your kill.

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Pros / Cons


  • Heavy AD Nuke
  • High Survivability
  • Great team player
  • Off Tank
  • Burns Towers Fast

  • Not much. Wukong is OP.
  • If your ult is down, you don't do alot of dmg. You're not worthless by any means, but your dmg is reduced by a considerable amount.
  • Laning Phase - Nasus is your Bane. You can't really harass him, unless he's just a bad player, he has tons of life, and his ult can keep you from getting that kill and give him a kill instead.
  • Wukong Can't JUNGLE! And he's a terrible duo laner. I've tried to jungle Wukong extensively and I just can't do it. Which means, if you're not solo top, then you shouldn't pick Wukong..... UNLESS you have no jungle. Then if you're the carry in your lane, farm your heart out. Not a big deal.
  • Speaking of which, he needs his early game farm. Sometimes, this can cause the lane to be pushed too far. Take extra care in keeping this from happening. Once you achieve your Brutalizer , then you should be starting to dominate your lane.

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As I said earlier, this is one of the few builds that I hardly EVER change... no matter what the other team is packing. There is not much reason to.


  1. Because Wukong is freaking OP, that's Why!

First Pick


  1. Early HP. Essential.
  2. Early DMG
  3. Early Lifesteal added to the Vampirism
    mastery. This is good for a little early sustainability.

Second Pick


  1. CDR. Essential for Wukong's Ult. This build is all about the Ult. It also helps the other skills, but mainly this is to reduce the CD on his ult.
  2. More Early DMG for a good price.

Third Pick


  1. Use your head. You're already behind on movement speed. Time to catch up.

Forth Pick


  1. Again, it's about the ult. This adds a ton of dmg to his ult early on in the game. This is essential to get so you can get enough kills/farm to buy the rest of the expensive build. If you have problems buying this, then you should at least be able to buy Pickaxe, but I don't suggest it.

Fifth Pick


  1. If you get stunned or silenced at this stage, you're screwed. Tenacity helps all throughout the game, but at this point in the game you're still pretty squishy.
  2. Tenacity allows you to keep moving your ult. If you get stunned, this will usually you lose it before your ult finishes.

Sixth Pick

This is the weakest part of your game. Be careful while building Warmog, unless you're completely dominating by this point (which should be happening), you aren't scaling. You aren't getting better, stronger, or faster while you're working on Warmogs. But you need it.


  1. HP of course. Added to Wukong's passive , this makes for one hell of a hard to kill champ. In LoL, you should build on your champ's strengths... not invent new ones.
  2. AD with Atma's.

Seventh Pick

You're getting harder to kill, but while your'e working on this, your dmg isn't scaling. At this point, don't think you can nimbus into a group, drop Crushing blow on your champ of choice, then ult and kill most of them. It's usually not going to happen.


  1. Adds 2% of your HP to AD. This is how we build up to high AD and survivability on Wukong.

Eigth Pick

Wait, I thought you said don't worry about Crit? WTF? Well..


  1. It's consistent 80 dmg. You don't need to farm it, you don't lose it on death. It's 80 AD that takes up 1 slot and it's always there.
  2. Auto attacking is inevitable. You can't avoid it and you shouldn't. It's not your main goal, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
  3. This is just a good item for any AD champion to have. Auto-attack or not.

Ninth Pick

1) 2) 3)


  1. This should be the first choice of the 3 for your Ninth Pick.
  2. HP. The dmg on this item is negligible, but the HP it adds combined with Atma's, it's a great item.
  3. Slow. Helps chase down champs of course. This isn't usually a problem with Wukong, but it helps.
  4. This is just a good item to have for the Atma's build. Again, combined with your Passive on Wukong, you're going to be one hard to kill champ.
  5. This should be your second choice of the 3 for your Ninth Pick.

  6. Bonus) This is one of the few items I do switch out on occasion.
    If you find yourself Auto-Attacking more often than not, then you should probably get:Make sure you farm it though.
    If you find yourself being decimated by a heavy nuker (say Annie, Brand, or LB), then you should probably get:
    - 10th Pick
    1) Well, it's not really worth the money on Wukong early on honestly. With the runes I have listed and the other items, finishing this isn't really a priority.
    2) Speed boost, when you need to get somewhere fast!
    3) Attack Speed, for burning those turrets.
    4) Crit... not that important, but it helps.