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Wukong General Guide by xplicitlypie

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xplicitlypie

Wukong Jungle Guide **READ NOTES**

xplicitlypie Last updated on March 13, 2014
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In this guide I'm going to be telling you how to play wukong in the jungle at an ability where you will be able to carry majority of your games and gain elo fast. I will give you tips and tricks that will allow you to be one of the best around, not only as wukong but generally in the jungle. In this guide I will most likely keep things short and sweet while maintaining important information every jungler should know.

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The Jungle

**Remember STAR tips**

Firstly, depending whether you are on the blue team or purple, you are going to want to either start at Red or your Blue buff. If you're on blue team (bottom side of the map) you're going to want to start at your red. This is because of **the opportunity of having 3 instead of 2 people help leash you.** Quicker leash means less damage taken, faster you are able to continue in the jungle, sooner you can gank, and sooner the buff will re-spawn. Purple side (top side of the map) will work the same way except you're starting at your blue buff rather than your red. Also, it is great to be a greedy jungler. Take your blues and reds to your hearts content because this will ultimately help you out more, giving you more xp and gold. The only exceptiion to giving red to the ADC or blue to your APC is if they are truly carrying your game.

My jungle order for blue side starting out will always be red buff -> wraiths -> blue buff -> (unless you have opportunity to gank) -> wolves -> single wraith... etc.. and back to wraiths and wolves, taking the bigger monsters (i.e. golems and single wraith when you can, using smite only if you're not contesting dragon/baron or your blue buff/red buff aren't about to spawn. **Always and when I say always, I mean ALWAYS take wraiths and wolves when they are spawned. (unless of course you're in the middle of ganking)** This is something that puts someone over just being a 'normal' jungler.

**Timing buffs, dragon, and baron are very important in being a great jungler. The timers on buffs are 5minute, dragon is 6minute and baron is 8minute.** Dragon should always be a priority keep vision and don't EVER let the enemy team continually farm dragon.

**Maintaining vision on dragon and baron are very important.** As a jungler your priority should be to always keep dragon warded. Constantly having vision on dragon over your enemies is a constant advantage over the enemy team. Killing their vision as well puts you at an even greater advantage especially if you're able to solo dragon. You won't have to worry about baron that often because usually by time both teams are contesting dragon, everyone will be grouped up leaving the responsibility to the support. Nonetheless, this does NOT mean you can get out of buying wards and keeping even more vision than what just your support would maintain. If you don't have vision on baron and your support is no where near it, ward it asap.
Pink wards have been nerfed in my eyes, but it does not mean they aren't helpful anymore. In fact pink wards are quite forgettable by the enemy team. I recommend buying a pink ward yourself and putting it in one of the very small bushed in the upper part beside mid lane or the lower part beside mid lane. I also recommend asking your middle laner to do the same in the opposite bush that you chose. This will help out your team tremendously. Especially against an Eve jungle.

Counter jungling is important as well to be a great jungle, though not necessary to be great. I don't recommend trying to steal red unless you know you can beat the enemy jungler 1v1 and as long as you have teammates who have good map awareness in case you need help.
If buffs are spawning(which generally yours and your enemy junglers buffs will spawn at the same time) and you see the enemy jungle in a lane, GO to their buff and TAKE it. This is a mistake people make all the time, being in lane too long and losing their buffs because the enemy jungler is smarter. I've even had this happen to me quite a few times. Occasionally taking wraiths and wolves is quite effective as well.

Ganking is very important. You have to get fed or you have to help get a teammate fed who can carry. I am a greedy jungler and so I go for the kill majority of the time I gank, unless I'm feeling generous. Always keep your eyes out for wards, if you see them ward in a specific bush don't go towards that bush to gank unless you know you can get a good gank out of it. Good meaning not just a kill, but burning summoner spells on the enemy as well. Your W is great to get closer to your enemy on a gank and E+Q as a follow up. **DON'T EVER stay in a bush too long. Don't wait for the perfect opportunity to gank. You're losing xp and gold that you could otherwise be obtaining in the jungle.** Now when it comes down to it, this is more so a tip that is reliant on whether or not you know you should wait a little longer in that bush or you shouldn't. It is a judgement call on your behalf whether the wait will be worth it or not.

This is so far the basis of my guide. As soon as I think of more things to add to it, I will. Comments, suggestions, and criticisms are always welcomed! So please don't be afraid to comment and rate.


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