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Wukong Build Guide by Indifference

Wukong, the Fiery Menace

By Indifference | Updated on November 10, 2011

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Offtanks, who doesn't like 'em?

I usually play with all types of roles, but the offtank is my favourite.

I'll keep this guide short. What I try with it is to create a new offtank build,
and try a different approach, instead of the old Atmog's.


(I play on EU server.)
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Why not use + like everyone else?

Mostly because Atmog's doesn't function well with all types of offtanks.

It's simple put this way:

-Offtanks with enough CC early on: Atmog's;
-Offtanks without CC, or fewer CC: my build.

Example: Garen. A champion like him have a lot of utility even without early damage. His ultimate is a great finisher and does a lot of damage, and his silence helps a lot. That way, you can build Warmog's first and still harass the other team.

The Monkey King works differently. His only CC is his ultimate, which has a medium CD. All other skills do little damage if you don't get attack damage early on. Since the King's only CC is his ultimate, give him and you're good to go.
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Standard runes I use with most offtank champions. Since you are rushing some damage early on with the King, these defensives runes help until the mid game, when you start buying your defensive items. Also, the armor penetration will be important in the mid game as well.
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- + helps you in the early game, which the main focus is to farm. Staying in lane and farming is the priority here.

- As soon you go back, grab and if you can.
With these your farm will be insane, and your damage output goes up by a lot (just so you know, the Tiamat item has 50 AD, 5 more than the B.F. Sword).

WARNING: if you feel you are dieing too much to the enemy, change the order of the build. Get and first.

Your items core is:

+ +

With these you can start tanking and jumping into the enemy team, as well as kill any roamers around.

After, grab the defensive items listed. Grab Armor or Magic Resist according to the enemy team.

In the end, you can get for more damage, or if the carries are stacking armor because of you.
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How to play

One thing you must remember is until you get you are squishy and should play cautiously. Until you get it, you're like an DPS champion, and NOT an offtank.

After taking the Mallet you start stacking up Armor and MR, so after that you can take more punishment from your enemies.

Your role as Wukong is mostly to initiate fights. Jump in and use . Even if you get focused, in the heat of battle you can use your Clone spell and leave, no one will know. Apply constant pressure to their carries. Jump in them, and stop 'em on their tracks.
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Tiamat is a great item, and should be abused more, not only by offtanks, but by carries as well. When using it on offtank, it replaces your Philosopher's Stone and gives you more damage.

Try this build out and tell me what you think of it. Any suggestions are quite appreciated.

Any rude or offensive comments will be ignored.

Thank you.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Indifference
Indifference Wukong Guide

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Wukong, the Fiery Menace