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Jayce Build Guide by Indifference

The other way to play Jayce.

By Indifference | Updated on August 25, 2012
43 Votes
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Jayce
  • LoL Champion: Jayce


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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My eyebrows are huge


what is wrong with you people?

The most masculine champion of the League has just been released, and what are you doing with it? Attacking from a safe distance with it's Cannon. You have a big Hammer, swing it to your opponnent! Your opponent should see your thick eyebrows and tremble in fear!

Max out Q?

Don't even speak to me.


Now really, this build focuses on the power of Jayce with his Hammer, which should be what you're using more, not the Cannon as a sissy AD carry! You're a fighter, you want to get inside the heat of battle!

In the guide I will explain mostly the reasoning behind the build. You must know how to play the bloody game decently to at least understand some of the points I make. I'm not going through it all for you.


(And seriously, stop being a sissy...)


*** Ok, seems some people are getting worked up because of the language I use and my supposed "attitude". Nothing of it is real. If you think I meant any of it then you got it all wrong. It's just a type of humor and a way to reach the reader. Nothing personal. ***
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Time has passed (side notes)

Ever since I have released this guide I've played more with Jayce and I realized that the 2nd build is actually better than the first one. My playstyle for solo top has changed as well, picking up champions that do a lot of damage with no damage items, making it possible for you to get tankier and do very good damage.

Frozen Mallet is incredible item due to it's passive and health it gives. In mid game, if you did control your lane (which is very likely if you did everything ok), you'll have your Mallet and no one can escape from you. You jump, you knockback, you slow enemies, you tank, you destroy towers, you do good damage, you give movement speed to your team, you do EVERYTHING.

The first build still works fine, does more damage. Choosing which build to use comes from knowledge of the game, of your opponents (what enemy champions you're gonna "meat"), composition of your team as well. If you have a tanky jungler, get the first build. If your jungler is a Lee Sin who likes to build (why God, why!?) as first item, then be the tanky one.

The reason why I usually go for the second build now it's because it's a lot more convenient. If your team is failing, the first build gets behind because the enemy team is fed and you can't quite take a pouding. If your team is winning, 2nd build still works good as ever.
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Pros (no Cons)


+ Harass: Your E does ****LOADOMGWHATHITME amount of damage;
+ Movement Speed: really, you can't catch me;
+ Can't be denied farm: AH, I have my Cannon;
+ Slowlock: you really think you could escape me?;
+ Manacosts: every ability costs the same amount of mana every level;
+ Sustain in lane forever with Wringle's Lantern: your W passive gives you mana as well!
+ Really thick eyebrows: shows how much testosterone you have!


+ Yes, there are Cons... IF YOU MAX OUT Q!
+ "I'm failing with this Champion... precious IP/RP I lost!" You're the Con then! There are an incredible amount of variables that makes a game win or loose, but usually, the most important one is the player!
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Why the hate on Q?

Listen, and listen well: if you're doing solo lane versus another fighter, why max a skillshot that can be easily dodged? You're even setting out your before you shoot your Q out, which works like saying "LOOK, I'M GONNA BLAST MY Q NEXT!"...

Maxing out E does two things:

- Harasses way better tanky champions, which is crucial for solo top lane;
- Gives your bigger movement speed (which is far more important for your team)

"But dude, maxing out Q also gives a cool slow to the enemy when you are on Hammer mode"


With E maxed out (Acceleration Gate) you can not only CHASE but also, RUN AWAY!
With Q maxed out you can only CHASE (unless there is some enemy or minion to jump off to) and you can't give a better Speed Bonus to your entire team.

And by the way, read this:

Thundering Blow:
+(Active): Deals magic damage equal to a base amount plus a percentage of the target's maximum health, knocking the target back a short distance. This damage is capped against monsters.
+ Cost: 40 mana
+ Cooldown: 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 / 10 seconds
+ Magic Damage: 40 / 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 (+1.0 per bonus attack damage)
+ Max Health to Damage Ratio: 8 / 11 / 14 / 17 / 20 %

That's 5 strikes for aproximately 100% health on a 10 second cooldown at the higher level. YOU MAD?

"Ok I get it. But then, why max W after?"

Ow my fellow student, are you even reading the guide? Do you even play solo top?

Again, maxing out W is better for a couple of reasons:

+ One: While in Hammer, your W is great to farm and, most importantly, lets you push the lane, in case you want to go base. Yes, because pushing and destroying towers ALSO WINS THE GAME. At higher level, you get 130% AD full speed attacks... this is massive to destroy towers, even without any AD items.

+ Two: Speaking of destroying towers, attack speed boost is great to take those pieces of stone out! I hope you are attacking towers with your Cannon mode (because you have more space to run from the perverted enemies).

+ Three: Sweet sweet mana regeneration. Really, all of Jayce's abilities cost a ridiculously small amount of mana at all levels except... WAIT FOR IT.............. YOUR BLOODY Q! Which meaaaaaaans... spamming Q will make you mana starved. With W max second, your can gain your mana back up quite easily.
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Then, should I never use my Cannon?


No. You will use it.

This champion is complicated to play. It really is. You need to know when to use each mode.
Cannon is for a couple of things.

Cannon is great for:

+ Farming from a safe distance;
+ Attacking towers from a safe distance;
+ Engaging the enemy (your first attack when you change to Cannon Mode reduces their armor and magic resistance!);
+ Scouting a bush with your Q or E;
+ Snipe a low health enemy;
+ Chase an enemy with your Phage proccs.

Actually, Cannon is great for the first few levels in lane as well, to get a feel on your opponent. As you start leveling more your E, only then will the MADNESS BEGIN.
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WTF is that Magic Pen. (Masteries)

Some people do a simple mistake "Ah, he scales with AD so he must need more Armor Penetration"...

Some abilities DO scale with AD, but the damage they do is MAGICAL. Your W and E do magical damage in Hammer Mode. Hence, more damage to the enemy. Hence, magic penetration.

This actually is great! Most people on solo top use a lot of Armor and few Magic Resist! PROFIT!

Now, "why the two different mastery pages" - the noob asks;

The second page (9/21/0) has a simple explanation. Say you're laning against a champion you can't dodge his harass (Gangplank, Yorick, Teemo, most fighters with some sort of ranged skill). If you can't even reach him and do some damage to him as well, then you will get pushed bit by bit untill you either die or go to the base.

I was testing with a couple of friends how to counter Yorick, for example (which was actually my main). There is possibly almost nothing to counter him, if played under certain circumstances. The only way I found was to minimize his harass through masteries. It was the only way I could keep up with it and fight him back. Once you have it's even easier.

The standard page is when you're brawling against a simple melee fighter. If he comes dashing at you, HAMMER TO THE FACE.

All other mastery points are self explanatory... right!?
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Ow, shiny! (Runes)

Standard Runes for Standard Build. Ktxbai.


Ah, the second build!
Well, like I said, you need a way to minimize the opponent's damage and able to bear it a little more. Soooo, get these bad boys:

They are as big as your balls and will give you such a nice Health Boost (with the full Defensive Mastery Three) making your opponent practically beg for mercy! Since you're relying to do damage with your Hammer, you won't need more AD (and you don't even need Movement Speed quints since Jayce allready has plenty of gap closers and such).

Only thing you need to keep in mind is, when you start with these runes (Health Quints) your early farming game get's a little far behind and is a little bit slower than if you had AD Quints. You don't get to harass that often, and you only do good damage a bit late in levels. Both are viable options.
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I know a few Spells (Summoners)

My favorite summoner. 'Nough said.

A viable choice to chase and knockback opponents wtih E more easily.

For those pesky opponents who have a lot of regenaration.

If you're playing defensively with the second build, teleport is usefull to when you're getting harassed a lot early game. Just go to the base really early and get some sort of regen, rush an item or two and teleport back up. You can do this because until you're in mid game, you won't need to teleport for Dragon. Which is usually when you use your teleport. Your team will appreciate when you teleport to them in large teamfights. They will give you candy too, I guarantee.

Try other summoners if you like, but these are the best ones.
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Look, my pocket is full! (Items)

  • + x 3 for when you're laning against a standard opponent, or some AP-damage-based enemy;
  • + x 5 for the second build, rushing your is important (lately I start with these items more often since Jayce allready has plenty of movement speed early, and those 5 health pots are really, really useful);

  • This item is great for Jayce as its very cost efficient, giving you a free ward, nice boost of armor and needed sustain in lane (other guides say this item is situational, I don't agree; the ward will help a lot allways, as I find myself pushing top a lot, and you will allways need some sort of sustain);
  • I don't think you will ever get different boots than these as you need to keep moving all the time, and CC stops you from that;
  • + These two babies will make you such an hard tank giving your team an edge as well for quite an affordable price (Jayce does really decent damage with his E without any real damage items);
  • I always loved items that give some sort of damage while also giving some defenses. I take Hex instead of because you'll get enough attack speed and damage from the next item;
  • Like every Fighter, this item works wonders; your damage will go up, and you can finally pick up the enemy team squishies easily;
  • You have your Hexdrinker, EVOLVE IT!
  • Last but not least, the late-game game breaker broken item (waitwut?); a second chance is always welcome;

    The Tanky 2nd build:
  • + + This is old news for many fighters. The Mallet Atma's combo is old. But in Jayce's case, since you are ranged as well, Mallet is a wonderfull item to grab. Once you grab an enemy with that slow, they can't practically run away from you unless they flash away or use some sort of other escape. Mallet isn't my favorite item on the game for nothing. In this case, Jayce works a bit similar to Teemo in top lane. You have range and your slow will be really terrible to get away from. Although in Teemo's case, you have more damage without items (because of E ability).

    Hmmmm, any other viable options?

    Well yes,
  • This item is game destroying. The debuff it gives to the enemy team just isn't directly noticeable, but it's there. To apply the debuff to the enemy however you need to bear a lot more pain. Soooo, get this next item:
  • It will make you such an incredible tank. Look, you'll even have a Cannon sticking out occassionaly, what more you want? (get it? Tank, Cannon... Forget it...). Warmog's sometimes is better than Guardian Angel, when you see the other team isn't focusing you at all, and you're not dieing that often.
  • Philosopher's Stone -> Imagine you want some sort of early sustain and don't want to spend much gold. Your answer is right here! Shurelya's is also great to help your team. 2 ways of giving a massive speed boost to the whole team? Yes please!

    Other items I haven't mentioned:

    As everything, this build isn't bullet proof. You can dilly dally with it to your hearts content and change it into something you like best. You don't have to take every word of the guide as granted. The way I play Jayce is to bear more damage and still do an decent amount of damage. So I don't take any AD boost items. It's called playstyle "sh!tlords".

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Towards Victory (Conclusion)

The conclusion is simple:





One Teemo dies everytime you put a point on it. I think I've made myself clear why to max E and W is better.

And like I said, I prefer to play Jayce as a fighter, not as a sissy AD.

I don't tell you how to counter other enemy champions because I'm not gonna tell you everything you have to do. Use your brain.

Comment, downvote, upvote. Any questions feel free to ask POLITELY.

All of the guide as been done by me, I didn't copy anyone else or took any suggestion so far. You are free to give suggestions obviously though. IN A POLITE MANNER.

There will be updates if I feel there is need for that, if anything changes in the meantime. I assure you the build works. I've tested it versus plenty of people. You won't ask for your money back.

Also I don't have time for making pretty dazzling guides, so there you have it (anyway if you're like me, you're only here to check for Runes, Skill Sequence and Masteries on the top of the page, BWAHAHAHAH).