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Xayah Build Guide by alyflw

AD Carry Xayah the Rebel S[7.8] Guide - httpslipknot

By alyflw | Updated on April 22, 2017

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Hello there!My name is Aly and my summoner name is httpslipknot. I play on the NA server. I was Silver IV last season and I decided to make this guide because I've mained adc basically since I started playing league, early S6.
I don't really plan on this guide reaching anything special compared to the other ones I've seen but it's worth the try (:
Whether you don't play Xayah or you main her, I plan to at least help you improve or learn something new while reading this guide.
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The reasons why I chose these runes are because of:
-The extra attack speed and damage helps you with farming in early game.
-The bonus armor and magic resist gives you some line of defense which is better than none, obviously.
-These are basically the standard adc runes that I use and I'm sure that many others use as well
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I'm not really sure of Xayah's counters just yet being that she's a new champ. What I do know is that she is very vulnerable when hit with a lot of CC. CC supports such as Lulu and Morgana are really hard to lane against as Xayah.[/code]
Xayah excels against squishy targets really hard such as Vayne and Sona early game.
High mobility champs are also a little tough for Xayah because she's not the most mobile adc. Catching up to her really quickly with fast darts and dashes hurts her really hard when trying to run away and escape.
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Pros and Cons

- Deals a lot of damage
- Invulnerable ult
- Ability based champion so hard to block abilities by her
- Easy and great minion wave clear
- The CC on her E is great for certain situations and allows her to burst you down

- Mana in early game sucks if it's not used wisely
- Kinda immobile and slow
- Vulnerable to CC without any abilities ready or no mana
- Difficult to place feathers and get the hang of
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Farming on Xayah, once you get the hang of it, is so great and easy. Her W deals extra damage and when using her E, it allows you to prevent from missing out minions you're not gonna last hit in time.
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I plan on adding more to this guide as I gain more experience with Xayah and see what is to come with her possible future nerfs and buffs. Please be patients, this is only my first guide (:
- Aly
League of Legends Build Guide Author alyflw
alyflw Xayah Guide

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Xayah the Rebel S[7.8] Guide - httpslipknot
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