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Xin Zhao Build Guide by Klei-Xu

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klei-Xu

Xin Jungle CARRY low elo undying.

Klei-Xu Last updated on August 6, 2014
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Some about me and my build.

Before starting the description of my build and the way u "should" play it ( i said should, cause obviously i can't force you to play it my way and only ), i'd like to tell you i am not a pro, even not a diamond player. I usually play with diamond people, also plat.
And i always play Xin that way, it offers you a huge sustain, a nice and fast jungle clearing, and tankyness aswell.

This is my first guide, i hope u'll enjoy it.
All advices will be considered.

You can ask me whatever you want (except my cellphone number and my ***** size), if you need more info about this build, about how i play it, i mean, more details thant others chapters, ask, i'll replie.
If you guyz liked it, i'll post others builds and how to play with it.

PS: Sorry for my english, im trying to do my best so u can understand.

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This build is kinda like an Udyr spe Feral + Spirit Stone (I'll never leave my jungle, neither ennemy one) except that you are Xin :)

It means, start machet, start BLUE or RED buff, depending on ur botlane side, then, once u've reached your 3, go for a gank mid. [TIP] I know you have a charge, that is what makes you strong and good ganker, BUT, if your midlaner has CC, like STUN or ROOT, u might call him that you're coming and you are waiting for him to CC the opponent, this will give you a chance to charge after opponent's FLASH, and might guarant you the kill !
In case of "fail" or only flash wasted ( cause you cant do not make your opponent use his FLASH as xin lvl 3 first gank), just go back to your jungle and clean every CAMP twice minmum, and have a look on every lane so you can go for a gank if you feel it.

When you first back, you have SPIRIT Stone + RAZOR, this will make you never leave your jungle and farm up a lot. At 8 minutes, you have to get a pink and go for DRAKE, u down it alone, sneaky and fast, you are still 2/3 HP when you end it, clean ur whole jungle once more, then back.

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End EArly game.

(I know the name sounds weird, this is how i call this part of game)

You've done your DRAKE and cleaned your whole jungle, you now have to back and buy LANTERN + BOOTS LV1.

You have to go back in your jungle (AGAIN ????! - YES!), gank whenever you can / feel.

I didnt notice it in previous chapter, but, you have to counter jungle all the time, remember that you clean faster than everyone else (EXCEPT UDYR . . . maybe). As you spend a lot of time in your jungle, everytime you back (and trust me, you wont back that often) get wards, always 2 SIGHT WARDS + ONE PINK (You have to carry a pink on u everytime you are about to go for a DRAKE [1.5 ~ 2 mins before]) + RELIC + FERAL. Use your ward to reveal ennemy's buffs and jump on it.

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Okay guyz, if u've followed my guide, you should now have FERAL + SPIRIT STONE + BOOTS LV1 + GIANT BELT (If you are fed u already have Rylai)(+ wards).

It's now 20 mins, you HAVE TO go for NASHOR and zone it with wards, you start NASHOR at 22 minutes. You call someone to help you, like top so u can switch aggro a bit (Its "optimal" to have Rylai to down NASHOR and be full life after it).
Trust me, in low elo (Bronze ~ Gold), they will never expect a NASHOR at 22 minutes, especially if they see all others players on their lanes (YOU NEED ONLY ONE PERSON WITH YOU, as i said previously).
NASHOR done, you now hard push mid with all your mates, someone's staying under tower ? Dash him, you are tanky, you have huge regen (100+ every 3 hits, thats why u have AS runes and FERAL).
Its times to DRAKE guyz (AGAIN ????! - YES!).

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To be honest, you've just earned so much gold in these last 8 minutes, that you can get SHEEN and probably more.

You can buy TRINITY for fun and burst down buildings way faster ( also give you AP = MORE REGEN ).

My games never lenght more than 35 minutes with this build and this way to play it.

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Last words.

Hope you guyz enjoy it, I am not saying this build is perfect or working perfectly, im not saying u will never lose with this build, but it helps a lot. Trust me, this build give your team a lot of golds, really fast.

In low elo GOLDS = STUFF = CONFIDANCE = NO RAGE from ur mates ( i mean, LESS RAGE, we all know LoL players :D )