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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aennier

Xin Zhao - To Tame A Carry

Aennier Last updated on January 14, 2011
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Skill Sequence

Pros -

- Great carry with decent amounts of health
- Great initiator with and
- One of the best single target CC ingame
- Able to function as off-tank
- Amazing early game damage

Cons -

- Usually focused first due to being dangerous
- Heavy reliance on items, but not the best minion farmer
- No recognised and consistent escape mechanism

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I use
Greater Mark of Desolation for maximising damage
for that early game survivability
for CDR on
Greater Seal of Vitality for the extra health to be able to initiate and survive midgame

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Summoner Spells


for getting into position and of course, to escape.
Although the recent nerf on Exhaust has removed the blind effect, I still use it, mainly for the slow, but the damage reduction it provides can be useful as well
Also a viable choice, although I prefer Flash for its utility in dodging skill shots, getting out of / . Up to you to choose though, although if you do take this, be sure to put 1 point in Improved Ghost.


If you want to make sure of your kills, or just don't wish to get ksed, or just simply hate , you can take this, but I find myself coping well without it.
Cleanse is a good spell for all dpsers, but usually I find myself coming under too much CC for it to have a big effect. Sure it can save your day, or ensure a kill, but for me, it's just too easily countered. Pick it if you like.
Heal's effect is largely reduced late game, because you have your crazy lifesteal from and to back you up. Although it can ensure safe laning for the first few parts, I skip it. Pick it if you like.
Always a useful spell for getting around the map for ganks/farming.

I don't see much use in this spell, never used it before.
No, you don't need this. EVER, unless you are a
The Golem Buff solves your mana usage, so you shouldn't be having this.
You are not a support, you don't have or , so you don't need this.
I don't see why you need this.
You are not jungling.

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Skill Sequence

In this build, I take a point in at level 1, and then leave it at one point until I have maxed the other two skills.

Next, I go for a point in both and , and I put points in and max it first, followed by , taking at 6,11 and 16.

Why over ?

This is because I want to get more attack speed to mitigate for my lack of attack speed early game. AS on Xin is awesome due to the disabling ability on his Q ability. Although Three Talon Strike boasts a higher damage output, I would still rather forgo it for the better single target CC available.

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Early Game Phase - Laning

Take a point in and go for a dual lane. If you have a jungler you can choose to solo, but I would not recommend this as Xin Zhao really needs an early kill to set the pace for the rest of the game. It would of course be better if you had a stun/snare partner, this will help ensure the early kill.

There are 2 scenarios here -

You didn't manage to get 1st blood

It doesn't matter, if you can't kill at level 1, wait until level 3 when you have your combos available. Until then stick to last hitting minions, fill your health with

You got the 1st blood

This makes your life a whole lot easier, as now you have bonus 400 gold. If you managed to kill 2 champions odds are you have 700 gold now, farm up 300 gold, port back and get , and then go back to lane, getting the Lizard and Golem buffs when possible.

In other words, Xin Zhao's early game has to revolve around killing champs. This is due to your APR that you have, and the amazing damage of . Play aggressively, because your early game power is huge compared to other late game carries like because of , this allows you to control your lane efficiently.

In other words, be aggressive. You won't regret it late game.

Soloing Dragon on Summoner's Rift

Soloing the Dragon on Summoner's Rift now is not possible anymore because of the attack speed debuff, but it is still possible to do it at level 6.

First, you need both the Golem and Lizard buffs. Make sure is ready and be sure to have at least and .

Second, make sure all enemy champions are accounted for, especially junglers. You don't want a to pop out suddenly and you, or even worse, your Dragon and take the kill.

All done? Great, lets go for it.

When engaging the Dragon, immediately and then . Then, proc and , and keep pounding him down to ensure the kill.

The Dragon rewards are substantial - 190 gold(extra 25 gold for you, the killer) to the entire team, and also a big XP boost. Be sure to kill it whenever possible.\

Recommended items to have -

OR Madred's Bloodrazors

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Mid Game Phase - Ganks Galore!

Mid game starts once your or Madred's Bloodrazors is complete, depending on which you have opted for 1st. You can initiate fights in this phase, considering how and hurts so much. Unless you have a tank like or , it is better that you initiate the fight.


After the fight starts, to their squishy carry, activate Battle Cry and Three Talon Strike, and focus him. Your tank and other teammates should be busy with other champs. Your target, in any gank and teamfights, is always the enemy carry, which is why this guide is called To Tame A Carry.

This is important, DO NOT waste time killing other people, your target is the carry and you should never divert from it.

While not ganking, you should farm up items and continue to assert your control over the jungle buffs, as well as killing dragon. Killing the dragon is very important! It gives your team a huge gold boost, and as far as possible try to ward it, and prevent your enemies from killing it.

Xin Zhao is also a good turret killer, just like ,but what he lacks is a GTFO skill like , therefore, do not overextend yourself in killing turrets alone, your mates need you, because you are one of the games best anticarries.

Meanwhile, you have to decide if you need to go a little tanky or just go pure dps in this phase, depending on the enemy team. In my opinion, I highly suggest you get at least 1 defensive item to at least provide a tanky approach, because you are likely going to get focused because you focused the enemy carry.

Rotation -
(opening skill)> > > to the enemy carry> and pound the **** out of him.