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Talon Build Guide by Yamikaze

Middle Yamikaze's Challenger Talon Guide

Middle Yamikaze's Challenger Talon Guide

Updated on September 20, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yamikaze Build Guide By Yamikaze 6737 154 8,330,857 Views 161 Comments
6737 154 8,330,857 Views 161 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Yamikaze Talon Build Guide By Yamikaze Updated on September 20, 2022
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Runes: Goredrinker Page

1 2
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Taste of Blood
Relentless Hunter

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+65 Base Health


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Champion Build Guide

Yamikaze's Challenger Talon Guide

By Yamikaze
Hi! I'm a multi-season Challenger Talon main. My peak ranks (NA) are rank 30 in Season 8, rank 101 in Season 9, and rank 182 in Season 10. Talon is my favorite champion and this guide should cover everything you need to get started.
Talon is currently most viable with a Conqueror bruiser build. I recommend it over lethality as it minimizes Talon's kit weaknesses and allows you to impact more games. However, I will cover both builds in this guide. We'll simply refer to them as Conqueror (Bruiser) and Electrocute (Lethality 1shot Assassin) Talon.

Quick build rundown:

Conqueror - You play around infinite healing and high ability haste to kill anyone in 3-5 seconds. 1v9s hard when ahead.

Electrocute - You play around fast 1shot (<1 second 1shot vs squishy). Countered hard by any armor and Hourglass. This build 1v9's hard at very high skill level or into specific comps. I've seen talon players better than me (e.g. Decay) 1v9 every game on lethality talon so it's definitely viable but hard to execute.
Conqueror Runes:

Conqueror - 100% necessary in this build. Slightly weaker in certain early fights and in 1shot combo but stronger in any extended fight at any point in the game. Would not recommend electrocute with bruiser build.

Triumph - Better than presence of mind. Recall before important teamfights if your mana is below 50% and you shouldn't have an issue with mana.

Legend: Tenacity - Generally your default rune as most comps have cc. I prefer alactrity as a luxury rune if there's not much cc aside from knockups (Tenacity doesn't remove knockups) to stack conqueror faster.

Last Stand - 100% always better than Coup / Cut Down. Coup is a weak rune in general and cut down is unnecessary with your build.

Taste of Blood - Best laning rune in the game. I personally always run taste but Sudden Impact is fine if you prefer.

Relentless Hunter - Talon's best stat is movespeed and you don't build much of it in this build. I always go Relentless > Ravenous but ravenous is fine if you prefer.

Electrocute Runes:

Electrocute - Best lethality rune for Talon. Can proc it easily with combo but remember ignite also procs this.

Taste of Blood - I always go Taste > Sudden Impact but sudden impact is fine.

Eyeball Collection - Fastest and most AD. Zombie ward is fine in Challenger+.

Relentless Hunter - Best rune on Talon IMO. Ult hunter is good as well especially in lower ranks.

Nimbus Cloak - Can easily force flash early or kill with just ignite. Talon has good early skirmish so nimbus makes you stronger in early spikes.

Absolute Focus - Not sure if this is still good (I don't play much lethality anymore) but it lets you hit W timings on waves. Transcendence should be good as well.

Summoner Spells

Always flash/ignite
Max Order:
Conqueror: I usually take 2 points W and max Q. R>Q>W>E in general. You can take 3 points if you need the waveclear before Ironspike Whip.

Electrocute: Since you're skipping whip, you would max W before Q. R>W>Q>E.

Passive - Easy to proc with your ult. A bit trickier with just W and Q. You can easily guarantee 2nd W with good ranged Q timing to pull 2nd W back midair. I recommend practicing this vs bots or norms. Your goal in teamfights should be to hit 3 stacks on multiple targets while focusing your 1st target.

Q - Ranged: Slow, telegraphed dash ability. Don't use this if enemy is holding skillshot cc. Can time it to pull 2nd W back to guarantee passive proc.

Melee: IMO your most important ability in the game. Auto-MeleeQ-Auto outtrades 98%+ situations especially early. Knowing when you can Q start and walk up to bully is key to winning most melee matchups. Use melee Q over ranged as often as possible. It's way more damage and you get an extra conqueror stack.

W - Primarily for waveclear and passive stack. Do not spam this in lane for poke (read this please). You will almost always lose the trade and the mana cost is pretty bad. Also will mess up your wave.

E - Talon's best ability. Use this to dodge vision / cheat recalls and side waves that other champs can't go for. Can also use this to pull 2nd W back (as shown).

R - Big teamfight / 1shot ability. This doesn't have a cast time, so you can use it while in E or ranged Q. Standard lethality 1shot combo would be W-Q-R-AA (where R is cast mid ranged Q). For Conqueror, try to hold this for as long as you can in teamfights so you can hit as many people as possible and burst / heal to full with Conq/Goredrinker. Try to have conq stacked as high as possible before using this.
Starting Items:

Long Sword - Long sword + refill is good into any matchup (including ranged poke, although you have to play laning well). Talon has good wave management with W and you can force resets easily, which makes refill better than health pots.

Doran's Blade - Good into melee assassins you want to fight early. Run this + melee Q start. Puts your build a little behind but it's worth if you can get a lead / win lane.

First Back:
For Conqueror, try for whip > pickaxe > boots on first recall. For lethality, rush boots > dirk > warhammer.


Core Items:
Goredrinker - 1st item. Good damage / tanky and really broken active. Try to hold this active as long as you can in fights for more healing. Also gives very necessary waveclear.

Ravenous Hydra and Black Cleaver- Build this 2nd and 3rd depending on how tanky the enemy team is. Squishier --> Ravenous. Tankier --> Black Cleaver. Both good tanky items for Conqueror build that let you permaheal and 1v9.

Death's Dance - Broken into AD heavy comps. Can replace Black cleaver if enemy is squishy ad AD heavy.

Maw - Good into very AP heavy comps but I generally recommend sitting on the hexdrinker as the upgrade isn't that big of a powerspike.

Serylda's Grudge - Really good ability haste and damage, but useless slow passive and costs a very high amount. Good if you have the economy to finish the item.

Executioner's - Buy this after 1st or 2nd item into most team comps these days (anything with healing makes this item worth). I hate the upgrade cause it sucks but you can finish the Chempunk upgrade when you're almost full build.

Duskblade / Prowler's - Rush either of these. I don't recommend eclipse because you'd rather play Goredrinker every time. Duskblade is better when ahead and Prowlers is just generally good.

Ghostblade - Good movespeed to go in and out of fight. Don't be scared to pop the active when running to a fight if it's started already.

Edge of Night - Still one of the strongest lethality items. Spell shield is rly op on Talon but the damage is pretty low so you want to build this as a 3rd item.

The Collector - I think this is good when ahead. Haven't tried it much but seems like the crit is a gold dump unless you have the econ to afford it.

Serylda's Grudge - Good when enemy team is stacking armor

Black Cleaver - Good ability haste + armor shred into tanks. Only build this if you're already ahead or you do 0 damage.
Talon's laning phase is harder than most and you can get punished hard for small mistakes (especially in higher elo). All matchups are situational but I'll split the categories into ranged and melee matchups.

Ranged: I personally always start long sword + refill. If you're struggling with poke, doran's shield or 3 pots are fine as well (but definitely sub-optimal). Use W to last hit first 3 minions. It's fine to let the enemy mid auto you once if they're playing up as it'll push the wave towards you (your minions will aggro to him and his minions will keep hitting your minions). Keep the wave on your side and last hit with W. Look for openings to auto minions when possible (step up and back until you have an opportunity to auto without getting poked). You can start trading hp and mana to spam W and look for reset at levels 4-5.

Another thing you can do vs ranged is to immediately contest wave and spam auto + w on the wave and trade hp for a crash lvl 1. This will also guarantee the wave to push back and you can play same as above. Note this is harder / more situational to execute so I don't recommend for newer players.

Finally, NEVER SPAM W FOR POKE. Use w to zone for cs, last hit, and to trade if you can hit 2. Your 1st w does 0 dmg and you will never outtrade a ranged champ with. Also you will perma run out of mana and end up in my twitch chat complaining about talon being useless lol.

Melee: I start long sword refill 80% of the time and dorans the other 20% but I think they're pretty interchangable. Start melee Q if you can outtrade level 1 with aa-meleeQ-aa (you will win this in 98% of situations). Put 2 points in W and always max Q. Aim for auto-meleeQ-auto in every trade. Avoid ranged q in trades as you won't have damage to follow up. You generally want to trade if you have a winning matchup (e.g. Sylas, Yasuo, Katarina) and avoid trading in losing matchups (Akali, Renekton, etc.). This comes with champ knowledge so if you don't know matchups just try trades and see how they feel.
Midgame+ Macro
IMO after laning, playing Talon is more of a general understanding of melee assassin macro than champion specific macro. I'll cover some basic melee assassin macro as well as some Talon specific ideas.

General melee assassin macro: After either 1st turret falls bot lane, you want to swap your bot lane mid and you proceed to lane bot. Bot lane swapping is correct 100% of the time (though there are times where they'd swap top rather than mid but general rule is you will always go bot). If your teammates argue(usually Silver or below), you can show them this guide. Once you're playing side lanes, you want to prioritize shoving waves then rotating towards your team out of enemy vision.

In teamfights, you always want to approach from flanks. Never hit baron/dragon, always sit in a bush to zone or flank. If your teammates flame you, show them this guide. Your job as an assassin is to flank and kill important targets. If you're ahead, you can bait your team a bit so you don't get focused by big cc cooldowns. If you're behind and you have a fed teammate, you can go in earlier to bait cds and to create pressure for them. If your backline is stronger than their backline, you can play front to back and peel for your team instead of diving. Vice versa if the enemy backline is ahead (sac your backline for theirs).

Talon specific macro: Talon's best ability is his E. You can skip lots of steps in macro and build huge leads by properly abusing it. Since your E shortens the distance between a side lane and mid (or objective fight), you can easily catch an extra wave per side lane rotation. Since ~2 waves = 1 kill, you can quickly build a lead throughout a game. Also, since it's hard to catch Talon due to his E, you can take riskier positions in lane and waste the enemy jungler's time chasing you.
My #1 rule of roaming (especially on assassins) is to never flip roam. Flip roaming is when you take a roam that relies on the enemy team not warding or not looking at the map for the roam to succeed. Otherwise, you drop waves and the lane quickly becomes unplayable. The issue with this is that your games will be won/lost off of how the enemy team responds, rather than how you're playing. Which means you'll get hardstuck and get frustrated and somehow end up in my twitch chat complaining that talon is unplayable.

Rather, you want to set up roams with a little bit of thinking. First, think about the lane you want to roam towards a wave or two ahead. This allows you to set up control wards / sweep in the direction you're going to roam before you commit. You can also fkey the lane and look to see if the lane will be gankable soon (or already is). Always try to get the wave shoved before roaming. If you can't, a trick is to force a recall and roam from base. The enemy mid won't ping mia and you'll easily avoid all non-deep ward spots.
I hope this guide helps you learn Talon. Comment if you notice a mistake or out of date part that I missed and I'll usually update within a few days. I play lots of Talon on youtube/twitch so check those out if you want.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yamikaze
Yamikaze Talon Guide
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Yamikaze's Challenger Talon Guide

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