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Yasuo Build Guide by YogurtCheddar

Middle Yasuo Mid Guide

By YogurtCheddar | Updated on August 13, 2019
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Runes: Normal

1 2 3 4
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Normal Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Ranked #48 in
Middle Lane
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

Yasuo Mid Guide

By YogurtCheddar


Hello, everyone, I would just like to let you know that this guide is a work in progress and was mainly made for personal use, I plan on adding as many matchups as possible in as much detail as possible. although it is for personal use I still hope it is helpful but I advise you to go to Yamikaze's Yasuo guide if you want a helpful Yasuo guide :)


Starting Items:

Is the normal starting item as it has damage and lifesteal

Good in matchups where they have a strong laning phase as it gives you a good amount of sustain

Gives decent sustain in the very early game but will be traded out for a refillable later, can be sold when buying Refillable Potion if not used and you will only lose 20 gold

First back Items:

Good first back item as it is decent price and offers movement speed which helps to charge up Way of the Wanderer as well as giving 15% crit chance which becomes 30% on Yasuo and 15% attack speed which decreases the cooldown on Steel Tempest, can be built into Statikk Shiv or Phantom Dancer depending on the enemies team comp

A great first back item on Yasuo as it helps amazingly with survivability against Ap assassins such as LeBlanc, Fizz and Katarina due to the magic resist and the lifeline passive

berserkers greaves
Can be taken on first back, some people rush this but I generally take this after I have first item and B. F. Sword

Allows for cheaper sustain than the normal Health Potion and can stay with you for a majority of the game, it is very money efficient and can help a lot especially during laning phase

Core Items:

Super useful and will be the first item built if you take zeal on your first back, it improves on everything from Zeal giving you 25% crit chance which becomes 50% on Yasuo and also improves upon the attack speed while also offering the lifeline passive which gives you a shield which scales with your level whenever you take damage that will put you below 30% health and the spectral waltz passive giving you 7% movement speed boost for 2 seconds after basic attacking an enemy

A great item against squishes that I generally rush after getting Hexdrinker as it gives you a 25% crit chance that becomes 50% on Yasuo, 40% attack speed and 5% movement speed as well as giving wave clear with its energizing passive which does 50 magic damage which diversifies the damage you deal, the downside about this item is actual the waveclear as it may kill minions that you plan to Sweeping Blade to

This is a massive power spike on Yasuo as the 25% crit chance will get hi, to 100% crit chance and also compensates for the downside of his passive which is that his crits only deal 80% attack damage because of its passive which means that with Infinity Edge his crits will deal 102.5% bonus attack damage

Due to Yasuo being squishy Bloodthirster is great on him as it gives 80 attack damage and 20% lifesteal as well as overhealing you in the form of a shield, once you get this you will get another massive power spike allowing you to be more confident with your engages as it can save you from a lot


Berserker's Greaves: Gives attack speed which helps to lower the cooldown of Steel Tempest

Mercury's Treads: Helps against and against ap assassins and cc, I take this if I don't have Quicksilver Sash or Cleanse and they have decent cc, also take if the ap assassin is fed as it and Hexdrinker should help to make you survive

Ninja Tabi: Take if the enemy ADC is fed or focusing you, will help a lot with the damage

Situational Items:

can be built as an upgrade to Hexdrinker as it improves upon it and also gives cdr, make sure to not make it to early as although it is very useful Hexdrinker should be sufficient protection against ap assassins and an upgrade should only be necessary towards the end of the game

Extremely useful against high mobility champions as it allows you to chase them and gives Yasuo a bit more cc, very useful when building tanky due to the added health as well as giving attack damage

great if you are on the frontline during team fights as it allows you to be more confident in your engages while also giving useful stats such as armour and attack damage

very useful against heavy cc users such as Malzahar if you don't have Cleanse or Mercury's Treads, generally I will buy Quicksilver Sash earlier in the game and upgrade it to Mercurial Scimitar
later on in the game for the added attack damage, magic resist, and the lifesteal

Great item for tanky Yasuo due to the magic resist, cdr, health, health regen and its passive which makes lifesteal 30% more effective which works well with Bloodthirster, overall it is very good if you are building tanky

very useful due to its armour pen and cdr, also works well when tanky and is great at shredding through enemies who have built armour as well as giving chase potential due to its second passive which is similar to Phantom Dancer spectral waltz passive

This item is amazing on tank Yasuo or if you are doing well and want massive damage, it should be taken when building tanky and when Hexdrinker was not taken first, it gives great health and helps massively with its lifeline passive and giant strength passive

This is a good item to build if the enemy has multiple ap threats lile mages or an ap assasin, it can be built along with Maw of Malmortius if they have an assasin and another ap threat

All Metioned Items:

Item Sequence

Doran's Blade 450
Doran's Shield 450
Health Potion 50
Zeal 1400
Hexdrinker 1300
Refillable Potion 150
Phantom Dancer 2600
Statikk Shiv 2600
Infinity Edge 3400
Bloodthirster 3500
Berserker's Greaves 1100
Mercury's Treads 1100
Ninja Tabi 1100
Maw of Malmortius 3250
Frozen Mallet 3100
Guardian Angel 2800
Mercurial Scimitar 3500
Quicksilver Sash 1300
Spirit Visage 2800
Black Cleaver 3000
Sterak's Gage 3200
Wit's End 2900

All Abilities:

Yasuo doubles his Critical strike chance from all other sources, but his Critical strike damage deals only 80% AD Attack damage bonus physical damage.

This passive helps to make Yasuo a good scaling champion as with only two final items which have crit chance you can get 100% crit chance and with the passive on Infinity Edge your crits will instead deal 102.5% bonus damage

Yasuo generates flow for every 59 / 52.5 / 46 units he travels by any means. At 100 stacks and upon taking champion or monster damage, Yasuo consumes Flow resource all Flow to Hybrid resistances icon shield himself for 100 − 510 (based on level) for up to 1 second.

This part of Way of the Wanderer can help a lot with winning trades as it can be filled very fast and absorbs a decent amount of damage

FIRST CAST After a 0.4 − 0.133 (based on bonus attack speed) second-delay, Yasuo thrusts his sword to deal physical damage to all enemies in the target direction, applying on-hit effects to the first target hit. Casting Steel Tempest while dashing with Sweeping Blade will instead affect enemies around Yasuo at the end of the dash. Steel Tempest can critically strike for 60% bonus attack damage (80% bonus with Infinity Edge). If Steel Tempest hits an enemy, he gains a Gathering Storm stack for 6 seconds to which he's able to cast Steel Wind Rising.

Steel Wind Rising
SECOND CAST: Yasuo casts Steel Tempest. If it hits an enemy, Yasuo can gain another Gathering Storm stack to which he can cast Gathering Storm.

Gathering Storm
THIRD CAST : Yasuo unleashes a whirlwind that travels in the target direction, dealing the same damage and Airborne icon knocking up all enemies hit. The whirlwind is not released when casting during Sweeping Blade, but Gathering Storm still gains the Airborne icon knock up.

Steel tempest works amazingly with Way of the Wanderer as it can deal crit damage because it is counted as a basic attack, it works well with attack speed as it decreases its wind uptime causing the ability to happen faster, the knock up is also good as it is Yasuo's only for of cc and allows him to Last Breath off of it

ACTIVE: Yasuo creates a gust of wind that travels in the target direction over 0.25 seconds to form a wall in front of him. The wall slowly drifts forward 50 units over 3.75 seconds, blocking all enemy projectiles except turret attacks.

This abilities use can determine what team wins a team fight, it is extremely useful and should be used only to block high damage abilities and should not be used to block a couple of auto attacks

ACTIVE: Yasuo Dash dashes a fixed distance toward a target enemy, dealing magic damage. Each Sweeping Blade cast increases the next dash's base damage by 25% for 5 seconds, up to 50%. Yasuo cannot dash to the same target more than once every few seconds.

This ability makes Yasuo extremely mobile, because of this ability it is best to fight around minions, if Steel Tempest is cast during the dash it will deal damage in a circle, due to its stacking damage it is advised to dash onto minions many times before dashing onto the enemy champ, because the dash is a fixed distance advanced wall hops can be done by dashing from raptors and gromp to get surprise kills

ACTIVE: Yasuo blinks to the other side of a visible airborne enemy champion nearest to the cursor, instantly generating maximum flow while resetting Steel Tempest's stacks.

Upon arrival, he suspends all nearby airborne enemies around the target for 1 second, dealing physical damage thereafter. For the next 15 seconds, Yasuo's critical strikes gain 50% bonus armour penetration.

If Yasuo would be placed inside a turret's attack range upon blinking, he will instead attempt to position himself outside it (

This is one of Yasuo's forms of engage but can also be used to finish off escaping enemies, it is a great ability in team fights as it can hit all five enemies at once, after making the enemy airborne from your third Steel Tempest try to leave the enemy airborne for as long as possible before using Last Breath to maximize the time the enemy is cc'ed


League of Legends Build Guide Author YogurtCheddar
YogurtCheddar Yasuo Guide
Yasuo Mid Guide