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Yasuo Build Guide by Dalaranda

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dalaranda

Yasuo the agressive support (The very long book edition)

Dalaranda Last updated on March 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Wait what?/Strengths and Weaknesses

First off this is not a complete troll build. I have played a number of Yasuo bot games where i have supported a friend playing a verity of Adc's and yes playing this requires practice and patience and a good understanding of how supporting bot lane works but when it comes down to it Yasuo's kit can out preform any stranded bot lane paring. So here we go.

His Strengths

*He is durable due to his passive giving him a strong early game shield that proc's off damage
*He has a very high starting ad ratio giving him an edge in trades against the standard Adc's
*He is mobile giving him very good openings to poke the opposing team
*He has a MEGA FLIPPING OP Wind wall which will block all standard Adc's Auto attacks and many of their ability's
*He has no mana or energy costs so spam away
*His q is both a short range poke which when combined with his Wind wall allows Yasuo to trade damage for free and a semi unreliable stun that can be used to zone

His Weaknesses

*His cc is quite unreliable and varies on your team composition
*His ult is relatively useless unless your opponents are not careful
*Building Yasuo this aggressively early can lead to getting badly ganked by the jungler at low levels
*He is a melee champion in a world where every one is ranged apart from Taric and Blitz and other waklings
*You will have to let people take your kills for the good of winning the game

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The game plan (In depth as Heck)

Ok after all the jabbering time to get to the fun bit of actually playing Yasuo support. when you first start the game you want to start normally as you would any support on purple or blue side with one exception. you want to be in lane with your Adc when the minions meet you want to be in your bush and thinking of totem warding the opposing bush but dont enter it.

At this point the minions meet and their Adc will be agressivly farming to get lane advantage as will your Adc at this point a normal support would start looking for ways to poke the other team down or flat out engage them. but as Yasuo we want to hit either the support or preferably Adc with our q without taking much damage a single q will be enough to worry your opponent Adc but landing these q's on champions is not necessary building up your stun will also be vary useful.

In a short while once you ding 2 you want to be a lot more aggressive using your e on a minion to get in range of the Adc to q her this will deal a lot of damage with your dorrans blade and runes/masteries then using your e to run away again your adc can back up you with damage so you don't get destroyed. repeat this to lower their health down low enough that they are worried all the while your Adc will have free farm in the lane.

Now is the time to worry about the Jungler as you will be very vulnerable to ganks you will have to do your best to ward with your totem while also keeping pressure on the lane asking your Jungler to be close while you are pushed up so far might be a good idea. During this time you will have your Wind wall which you will use to block skill shots and support pulls try doing this as you e in to deal damage the Adc will turn to punish you anticipating the damage but your wall will stop that allowing you free trades always try to juke out their skill shots if unable to deal damage and Wind wall to Laugh right in their stupid faces.

Continue this laning rhythm buying sight wards as often as possible to stay safe in lane but don't neglect your damage items as this is your main purpose in lane.
Soon you should be in team fight stage and if all has gone well you your Adc or Jungler will have a few kills or even a turret advantage. Now is the time to go mid use your high damage to try and gank the mid or build up a stun to try and engage or at least force the turret.

In the later stages of the game you will be less useful than you were but your damage is still high enough to chase down squishy targets and with a well aimed q you can stun and ult all the major targets in their team at once then use your mobility to finish them off.

If all else fails and you and your carry's are far far behind use your totem ward to place a beautiful flower on the bodies of your friends. Remember the soul purpose of this build is that playing support gets really really really boring at times so deal tons of damage and have fun.

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The Ruby Sight stone/Triforce

Ruby Sight Stone
I do not like this item the only reason i would even consider it in the build is because you cant really keep buying wards when your buying high cost Ad items like Ie and Bloodthurster.
But if you trust in your ability to use totem wards and your with a fully constructed team you could replace it with something like last whisper or an omen

This item is very very greedy to buy but does give a lot of useful stats for Yasuo another (probably more useful) item would be omen or even a Frozen Mallet to be more useful later on.

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The power after you master this build

A strength of this build is that you can play more interesting lane comps a friend and i have done Adc Twisted fate Yasuo support with surprising success even though we did not win the game we won our lane by a large margin.

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And finally

Enjoy trying this build out and see if it works for you please leave a comment on any changes you personally feel make this build stronger or if you have found any powerful compositions for this build have fun :)