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Yasuo Build Guide by Chriyuss

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chriyuss

Yasuo, the Forsaken: A Basic Guide to Yasuo

Chriyuss Last updated on March 29, 2015
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Mid Lane Basics

Mid lane, it is a lane in which Yasuo is mainly called onto. The basics of Yasuo in general are that you start off with your q. Many people may say things like, "Ugh, you start with e. That way you can farm easier!" But that is incorrect. If you farm like that, you put yourself in useless danger. So when you use your q, if they push, and you are next to them hit them with your q. Otherwise, if they stay back, build up your Whirlwind and poke them with ranged skills. If you are afraid that the Whirlwind can't hit because the minions are in the way, it just damaged any entity it hits and passes through, knocking them airborne. The only difficult part of Yasuo is that he can't use his Sweeping Blade to catch up as well as he can in a lane because there aren't minions or monsters to jump to, so only use the Rift Scuttler to move faster, everything else in the jungle will just slow you down.

Also, when in lane, when you have ult, do not be afraid to use it, especially in team fights. Your ult keeps them airborne and if they are in turret range, try using your ult on them. The whirlwind knocks everything in its path airborne, like i said earlier. So that means the ult keeps them ALL airborne. Side note, you cannot use your ult if they are invisible, such as in a bush or camouflaged(TEEMOOOO.) So if you are planning to use your ult, use whirlwind AFTER the enemy engages and comes out of hiding.

TIP: Use ignite while activating ult. It does extra damage plus some side damage

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Top Lane Basics

Top lane is a lane where most champions are tanky or have lots of damage, so Yasuo fits in well. The team comp will decide if you have to go Full DPS or Tanky DPS. In this lane you are going to be pushed towards the idea of poking with Whirlwind. Top lane would be slightly harder to claim than mid lane for only the reason of your builds and spells. Ignite is useful when you use your ult, but you can't take ignite because you need teleport. So be careful. If the enemy is ranged, either engage if you are up to the task, or hug the turret. When someone (like TEEMO) is at top, stay in the bushes that aren't warded, even if he knows you are there. his skills require vision on the enemy target. Without vision, he can't attack you. Though basic in general, it is a great tip, and while you are at it, engage using sweeping blade (your e.)

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KS (Kill secured)

In this case, KS is kill secured. To secure your kills, catch up to enemy champions using Sweeping Blade. Repeat using sweeping blade on minions or the Rift Scuttler. This will help you catch up exponentially! These types of events occur commonly when someone uses Yasuo. He takes no skill whatsoever.

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KS (Kill Steal)

Though his ult is hard to begin activating, it is very strong. That is one reason people take your kills. While they are airborne, they are vulnerable to other skillshots and attacks. Beware in team fights for you may not always get your kill. Such happens very often since teamfights are common and Yasuo's ult has a short cooldown.

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Static Shiv

Since you are supposed to rush static shiv, it is easy to activate, and it does exponential damage. It can activate while using your q or basic attacking. in mid game at around level 14, you may see you cause about half health damage to the adc or support. So if the adc or support aren't fed, you may desire a will to focus on them to get fed.

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Full Build

If you built Full DPS for your build, then you are in luck. Though very squishy, Yasuo deals loads on loads of damage. When you finally achieve your full build, you will be running across the Rift or the Abyss and just kill people within SECONDS. As I also said earlier, Yasuo takes no skill WHATSOEVER. You will desire the will to slay your enemies at full speed!

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Thank you for reading my guide!

I hope you find this useful and got fed at least one game. Full on 45 minute games can get you as fed as you were on Legend of the Poro King. It is basically an ARAM score with Summoners Rift rewards.

GL; HF Summoners,