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Fizz Build Guide by jusdorange

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jusdorange


jusdorange Last updated on August 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This build is short, concise, and to the point, I won't be babbling on my many adventures with Fizz. I also won't be adding fancy pictures, only colors, cause they're pretty. This is guide to Fizz, not a page to entertain you.

Do not refer to this build if you plan on using Fizz for the first time. You will die. Quickly. Guaranteed.

This build is for semi-advanced to expert Fizz players looking for some major killing potential. Adding additional information to this build will be considered if requested.

I am aware that the build only includes 5 items, the last item is of your choice. It is rare that you will get to the point of a complete build, 50% of games finish with boots, lich and rabs Consider the last slot as a place for situational items.

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Pros / Cons


- Incredible Burst Damage
- Troll Poll OP
- Sure kill everytime the jungler comes (*cough cough*, junglers)


- Dies almost instantaneously (if you play foolishly,I will give tips on how to avoid death)
- Feels rather useless post burst in team fights
- Bad early game farm

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How to play Fizz:.

*GOLDEN RULE*: Never use Tidal/Trickster when not needed. This will allows you to escape quickly when ganked. Your ability to not use this ability will determine Fizz's death count while playing.

- The build (CDR) and skill ordering is crafted for constant poke (W/Q, escape with troll poll). By leveling up Q and W at a roughly equal intervals, your W/Q combo will be constantly hurting the enemy whilst allowing clean escape through Playful/Trickster to the point where farming will be a risky task. This poke allows Fizz to have an "easier" time farming.

- Fizz can escape almost any situation with careful analysis of the current situation. The key here is PATIENCE. The reason there is very little armor is due to Fizz's short period of enemy proximity time. IOW, you should make Fizz a hard character to aim at.

- Deal with the AP / Squishy types first. They usually hang out in back and are easily killed with Fizz. Your amount of magic resist should allow you to survive and get the kill. In this rare occasion, you should trickster to hop OVER the line of tank champion and ideally land ON the squishy target. Once on that champion, W/Q yourself AWAY from the bulk and ult towards the champion while walking away. This takes a lot of time and patience to master, but it is a game changer late game.

- Minions are your friends, surround yourself by them. Fizz’s passive allows him to neglect minions and walk through them noclip style. This works amazingly against champion’s whose ability is first come first hit. Not so good against skills that have penetrating damage (eg. Caitlyn’s Q).

- Spam Urchin Strike (Q) like there's no tomorrow. Playing top, super easy, either pop out of bush with urchin and walk away (trickster if needed) or strike INTO the bush, thus the enemy champion wont be able to attack you saving you a trickster. This harassment will grant you lane domination, and let you get minion kills more efficiently.

- Don’t start attacking until level 3 ( aka you have Q,W,E up ). Focus on getting to lvl 3 as fast as you can through minion kills).

- Did I mention to only Trickster when necessary?

- Press W right before Q’ing onto a champion, W’s magic stacks up with Q’s base magic damage, thus dealing an important blow with poison over time. Do this often to a single champion and something special will happen after a while (5-6 times in a row): whenever you will press W, the enemy champion will unconsciously back away upon hearing it activate, even though you had no intention of attacking. Use this to your advantage; your W now repels Champions!

- Your R is the most precious thing you have after Trickster, use it wisely. It is most effective when proper anticipation has been practiced. Try and predict where champion will go to and shoot it there. Even if you miss, it’s not so bad, late game cool down is ~40 seconds, (~35 sec w blue).

- Sometimes you must use your ult to slow enemy champion and not solely as an attacking mechanism. If you see a teammate being chased, aim your ult directly at the friendly champion. By the time it reaches the spot, it will be a direct hit with the trailing enemy champion.

- Timing is everything with Fizz, practice the timing with E. Spam W/Q, and burst R/W/Q/E or W/Q/R/E/Q/W late game for an insta–kill.

- When using the W/Q combo, ALWAYS get a basic attack right after striking them. If trickster is up, and you have Nashor's, get a second one in there and immediately E to fall in front of the running champion, Q back to your initial position and you're out of there safely.

- Late game, Fizz should target a single champion and stick to that champion ONLY. Fizz can rarely kill multiple champions at once. Therefore concentrate on the squishiest opposing champion and constantly trickster out, heal, and repeat. Save your ult for final blows, or for slowing.

- Late game, Zhonya’s hourglass, becomes your best friend. Learn to use this item.

- Fizz is a OK tower pusher, even with lich bane (as you can only use it on w and e against a tower, and you must save e for escapes). Push at your own risk. If a champion comes to gank, trickster out. Repeat.

- Remember, dying with Fizz with this build is a product of lack of concentration, map awareness, and lack of patience. Do NOT engage if your heart tells you not too, you WILL die. However 1v1's and 1v2's are easily manageable. Anticipation and quick reflexes are key with Fizz.

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Items Order/Explanation

Start out with flask, 2 health, and 1 mana (mana pot is useful in case you had to E more than you expected in lane...Buy pots throughout the game, usually when shopping and you have ~70-80 gold left, spend the rest on health pots, and get into the habit of using them)

Make sure you have over 1200 when backing for the first time. Depending on the gameplay:
- Good beginning, a kill or two --> Sheen
- Getting zoned, low cs --> Kage's Lucky Pick
- Bleh beginning, no kills --> Try for Sheen, or Amp Tomb + Situational

Finish lich ASAP. I usually finish Lich Bane without any boots. It just give you so much free damage to help harrass, and farm.

Lich bane is an expensive item, although its Passive is what makes it worth the money. Fizz's Q proc's on hit effects. Therefore whenever you Urchin Strike onto champion (or activate W) Fizz’s rod will glow momentarily, indicating that Fizz’s next basic attack will deal additional magic damage equal to a percentage of his AP (75% + 50 base) To prove its efficiency, here's a run down of the damage it deals late game:


Assume 400 AP & level 18:

Q Total Damage : 370
W Total Damage (Without counting the bonus %dmg based on opponents missing health): 380
Basic Attack Damage : 107
Lich Proc : 350
Total damage for a single dash : 1207 + 8% of opponents missing health over 3 seconds.

Assume 700 AP & Level 18 :
Total damage : 1822 (this amount is just ridiculous, but very true)

This has cost you almost nothing in mana, and you have dealt 1200 damage in less than 1 second. Furthermore, you can do it all over in less than 4 seconds :) Now that's harass.

DeathFire's Grasp This item lost its burst awesomeness in S3. Well, I find. The burst it gave made you really really dangerous. Now that the active barely deals damage (15% targets max health), you must really on it's other passive, the 20% increased damage. The reason this item is great on fizz is it offers you CDR, but also a good amount of AP. Another aspect I love about this item is how easy it is to cast with Fizz.


1. Ult onto enemy
2. Cast deathfire's while running towards enemy, before the shark pop's up
3. W/Q/E

Since the landing of the fish doesn't deal damage (it doesn't, trust me, to test it out cast it on somebody's who recalling) and only when the shark pops up, it gives you time to cast deathfires. Deathfire's Grasp fits very very well with Fizz's skillset. I guarantee you 95% of the time you will have killed your enemy, especially if you ignite while troll polling on top of the affected enemy.

Rabadon's Deathcap This item needs no introducation. Simply put, the more AP Fizz has, the more damage he does (due to lich, q/w combo)

Void Staff Since S3, percentage magic penetration is now applied before straight magic pen. It's an amazing item that steadies your damage late game.

Seraph's Embrace On Fizz this is a huge waste of $. Fizz isn't mana hungry mid to late game, it's the biggest waste of $ ever, I think Fizz is better off buying a Nashor's Tooth rather than Seraph's.

Abyssal Scepter GREAT ITEM. I love it. I love coming back to lane with a negatron and knowing the oppenent is frustrated. It gives you that confidence and additional AP. There ARE better items like the void staff that I would rather build. But if you're against an AP heavy or pokey champion mid lane, this item is great!

Athene's Unholy Grail ****, useless, unless you're having the worst game of your life and you're spamming your skills?

Morellonomicon Absolute **** on Fizz, duplicate passives, wut?

Rod of Ages/Rylai's Crystal Scepter SLAP on the forehead. Fizz does NOT need health, he needs AP. Rod of ages isn't viable since it requires early completion for it to become effective. You'll have a hard time farming with only a catalyst and your trades won't deal enough damage for Fizz to have a impact. Since Fizz needs that lich early to deal damage, it's a waste. Rylai's, a great item, isn't so great on Fizz. Fizz's Q target's a single person, plus you're already to close to him...His E and his R already slow the champion down. He doesn't need this item.

Zhonya's Hourglass Is expensive, but like Lich Bane, it helps you to either build AP (needless) or tanky (seekers against ad mids, great against Talon) while building it. Its Active is a crucial aspect of playing fizz and can help you stay alive during late game, where Fizz tends to melt away in team fights.