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Master Yi Build Guide by Ray-Xetis Hawk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ray-Xetis Hawk

YIsus ****us

Ray-Xetis Hawk Last updated on March 18, 2014
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so welcome and i wish you all a good day
this here is another yi build/set/troll call it what you want
this is an overworked build i made 2012 and so some tiny things changed
it is possible to play all lanes and i mean all lanes so it includes jungle and mid only diference for jungle you need the lizzard upgrade from hunters macheete but in the end same build
after the update yi isnt that dangerous anymore he is slower and easier to hit from skill shots cause he is much bigger and slower, and i mean slower muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccchhhh slower
okay official I HATE DAT SLOW DOWN! but it is no problem for us so lets start with spezific information
good luck and have fun in LoL
Sayonara Au revoir
and we will see us on the battle grounds
Nightknight sith aka. Ray

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Runes Runes Runes
well easy
i prefeer flat mana reg and i got no problem with it cause i can spamm alpha strike in pre-game and thats a powerfull weapon dont underestimated it please
if you got an other opinion or another plan so let us know
If you dont want to use mana reg runes, you better go on armor penetration or dmg runes anything else would be useless at pre and late game

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well i got for yi really much mastery builds find your own style and well, i use a 30-0-0 masterie build on yi wich is working well with the new masterie patch

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okay **** just got real
lets make this short and clear
if you go on a lane there were 2 choices
long sword 3 health pots
long sword 2 health pots + ward
you farm until you have 800 to 1000 gold and buy vampiric scepter and longsword or billigwater for blade of the ruined king
after that you've got a situation choice: next item would be bloodthirster and here comes our situation choice; do you farm enough for bf sword or do you need to go back and buys vampiric scepter?
after these 2 items its really a just a situation game because: if you have tank on your lane or the enemy tank makes your team problems buy black cleaver started with brutalizer if you got squishy little bastards buys yumos ghost blade starting with brutelizer
after these 2 (and you buy these 2, dont know in wich ranking but you do) is the question do you need to be faster? or do you need to deal more dmg? phantom dancer and inf edge are our last friends, why not statik shiv? or hydra?
simple for statik shiv we dont got enough speed and hydra is like bloodthister just lower with range dmg so i dont like both of them
any questions left? wanna discuss`?
give it to me write a comment or just say **** you =D

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Skill Sequence

well its simple
and than just go on q and r if you cant go on q or r just balance w and e