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Yorick Build Guide by MetaAwesome

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MetaAwesome

Yorick Mori? Where to start...

MetaAwesome Last updated on August 15, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Yorick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lee Sin Your early game is better than his, kill him in his jungle. Remember to block his Q with your ghouls.
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Hello there, I'm MetaAwesome, one of the few guys in existence who play Yorick.

The question is-what is a Yorick? Yorick is one of the older champions in league who is rarely touched by the community and Riot itself. In my opinion, Yorick can be played in any lane while others claim that he was meant for top. Let me show you what Yorick can really do.
(Also, if you're waiting for Yorick to become free for the week, it's not gonna happen.)

(Champion match-ups based on personal experience)

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Yorick and his Abilities

Yorick is a fighter/tank champion that is either underrated or unknown to other players. He could be described as AD Malzahar in the form of a Champion but deals damage through the summoning of minions instead of the combat of them. Each ghoul has its own ability but only one can exist at a time. Because Yorick can spawn and burst ghouls from a distance, sustain properly, and use the ghouls to take hits or block skillshots, he is perfectly capable of surviving in any lane.

Meet Yorick, the AD Mage.


Whenever Yorick has a summon out, he gains 5% bonus damage and takes 5% reduced bonus damage, which means in total he can deal 20% more damage while taking 20% less damage when all ghouls are in play. Perfect to win trades or farm jungle creeps as you take no damage while dealing a lot. Ghouls also have 35% of Yorick's AD and Health but will only last 5 seconds regardless.
Ghouls also use armor pen and apply black cleaver stacks just like voidlings.


This ability is maxed last. Upon activating the ability, your next auto-attack will deal bonus damage and will summon a ghoul stronger and faster than the others. While that ghoul is active Yorick gains a slight movement speed bonus. The ability resets auto attacks but the bonus damage cannot be applied to towers. The bonus damage can crit.


This ability is maxed second. The ghoul is a point-and-click insta-summon like Tibbers. it has a 1:1 AP RATIO but it isn't that worth to go full AP for this is his only AP spell. Enemies near the ghoul are slowed and are "perma-slowed in a way as the ghoul will continue chasing the enemy and slowing them. This is Yorick's ranged AOE ability to clear waves or jungle camps plus lane harass. This is also Yorick's ONLY CC ability.


The first ability maxed. To summon this ghoul you must point-and-click on an enemy unit or champion instantly summoning the ghoul. Yorick heals from the damage done initially and while the ghoul attacks. This is Yorick's main source of sustain and ranged harass. The summoning of the ghoul has a 1:1 AD RATIO.


Yorick creates a ghost of an allied champion that last for 10 seconds. This ghost gains 100% of the Ally's health and 75% of its AD. This ability can be used as revenge and turn teamfights around. Say that the enemy focus all their ults on the adc not knowing that Yorick has ulted him/her. The adc has 10 seconds to shred down the enemy team before completely dying. If the ghost dies before the ally dies, the ally will not come back. Yorick can control the ghost by holding the ctrl button.

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Runes are the same for each Yorick build, the 5% CDR is crucial combined with the 5% CDR from Masteries. In total you have 10% CDR at level one which is pretty amazing for Yorick seeing as he can spam ghouls within seconds of their despawn. Also with the bonus AD you gain both harass and sustain.

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In the jungle, Yorick is HEAVY mana dependent, but start at Gromp. Smite and kill Gromp and move onto blue. Use your AOE damage of your W and sustain off your E to deal maximum damage. After blue you can either check on the enemy's red (via blue trinket) or continue your jungle. You should be able to clear without using any health pots if done correctly. To gank, use your W to slow, E for damage, and Q to catch up. I recommend chilling smite so you have another form of CC and movement. (Remember to get Trailblazers if you're doing bad) You can solo a dragon immediately after your first back when you reach level 4. Just remember to to spam too many ghouls as your Tear won't stack if you do. Remember that these guides are just hints in someway, you still have to adapt to the battle.

(You can do this without a leash but I wouldn't recommend it. Doing so increases the time it takes to clear your jungle.)

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I prefer Doran's Ring instead of Flask, simply because you really don't need the health from it. Doran's ring gives a very nice passive that is kinda like Swain's passive which restores a little bit of mana per minion kill. It also gives 15 AP adding 15+ damage to your W. Just do the usual thing, harass, harass, and harass. The main thing about Yorick is he has a killer early game but a horrible late game (According to others). The goal of Yorick is like Shaco's, make sure the enemy never reaches late game. A simple W + E combo on a squishy enemy in mid will take out a chunk of their health. Not so much to a tanky kind of guy in top.

W+E Trades
W+E Combo destroys squishy laners
Most META Midlaners lack sustain while Yorick sustains like crazy.
AD Caster

W+E+Q combo for trades
Naturally tanky thanks to passive
Ranged through abilities.

Yorick turns any lane into a 2v1 (Unless he's supporting, then it's a 3v2) If an enemy jumps on you to go through with a gank, simply Q and W to slow the enemies and speed away. Infact, you can turn the gank around by making another one of yourself (With 75% Dmg) to equal out the fight (for 10 seconds).

(Watch your mana or else you become a target)

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In laning phase, Yorick is known to be the strongest through his harass. Not only that, he can block skillshots without using you or himself. He can also create a clone of you for a limited time that allows you to bring revenge upon death. Perfect for feeding an adc early game. As a support you want to time your Ws correctly, intercepting abilities that would leave adcs dead. Braum/Blitz/Thresh Qs will hit ghouls, Jinx's Zap! will be blocked by it. Ghouls can be used to take Nidalee or Teemo traps. But after laning phase, all that changes. As soon as the adc and Yorick part, Yorick becomes independent until teamfighting begins. He turns into a fighter with his trusty Muramana and a lot of health. With his job done right, both the enemy adc and support are behind, and the ally adc is fed.

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Countering Yorick

How to counter Yorick? Well, if you know his strengths, you know his weaknesses.

Yorick's Passive allows him to do and take less damage when his ghouls are out, so you can focus those.

He's a Champion with lifesteal from his E, so Ignite helps.

Yorick is easily kited when he's on cooldown.

Yorick's W+E spells are magic Damage, Merc Treads
Yorick's Q and ghouls do Physical damage, Ninja Tabi

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Just a reminder

Just remember that you cannot haveand in the same build. As awesome as it would be to have puns of damage and an Iceborn at the same time, the spellblade passives would contradict each other. Try to remember UNIQUE Passives when making decisions.