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Swain Build Guide by buddhistbjorne


You can't kill the Swain main

By buddhistbjorne | Updated on July 1, 2017
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Hello, I am buddhistbjörne from EUNE. I reached platinum season 6 with swain and this is my guide on how I did it.
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Ranked Play

Swain is a really good champ to master and take into solo/duo que. When Swain get fed and strong he is really easy to carry with, he can take on very much punishment and at the same time dish out loads of damage. Swain is a great frontliner with decent CC and high sustain from his ult Ravenous Flock combined with Spirit Visage and Rod of Ages. When you are falling low in a teamfight try to bring out your combo Q+W+E on someone you want to kill and right after use Zhonya's Hourglass. You will burst out of damage even from your ult that keeps on going on everyone around you and you keep getting healed while Zhonya's Hourglass is on.
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  • : Im going to start explain why I use Tear of the Goddess. Ever since they nerfed Swains ult and pretty much doubled the CD on Ravenous Flock you cant just turn on and of the ult in teamfights. The CD is too long now and the longer you got your ult activated the more mana its going to drain. Hextech GLP-800 is not enough anymore so buying only Tear of the Goddess and never upgrade it helps you alot to keep your ult going
  • : Rod of AgesRod of ages is just an excellent core item with Swain that helps you get tanky early on and help you out with mana and ability power. Swain is a tanky mage and Rod of Ages is an obvius pick in that situation.
  • : Ionian Boots of Lucidity Helps you cap the CDR that Swain needs. Specualy now wwith the long CD on ult
  • : Swain is by far the greatest champ for Zhonya's Hourglass beacuse Swains ult keep on going and healling him when he stands in the middle of the teamfights and usually comes out much more healthy then when he used it.
  • : Spirit Visage is obviusly great beacuse of its passive making swains sustain even greater but if there is lack of ap in the enemy team you can pick Frozen Heart instead
  • : Archangel's Staff Is not the greatest item on Swain. But in my opinion you really need the mana it gives you. So if the game makes it this far get the Archangel's Staff and you should have it instantly fully stacked so remember to use the shield too.
  • : Rylai's Crystal Scepter is great item for Swain aswell as it helps you glue on to your enemies at the same time it giving you great stats.
  • If the enemy team does not have so much AP damage you can switch away Spirit Visage and pick Liandry's Torment for example. It is a great item on Swain and will make your DOT's hurt even more. If you want to make even more damage you can go ahead and pick Rabadon's Deathcap or Void Staff. If you want to be more tanky you can pick Frozen Heart instead.
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Pros / Cons

+constantly AOE and DOT damage
+Naturaly tanky
+Great to climb with
+Good frontline
+Good snowball potential

-Low mobility
-Weak early game
-Mana hungry
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This passive is nice in laning. It basically gives you mana when ever you kill an enemy minion or champion
  • You can use Decrepify and Nevermove as a minion wave clear and still get back a good amount of mana thanks to this passive
  • You want to always try to use your Ravenous Flock close to enemy minions when you fight for two reasons the first one for giving you back mana when you kill a minion with Ravenous Flock, and the other for for healing you alot more when fighting 1v1 or 1v2 when close to enemy minions
  • with Doran's Ring you can have some healthy mana sustain in lane while farming and poking with Decrepify
Send away Swains crow beatrice to slow and damage an enemy
  • Max this first. You can use it to harass and farm easy in lane
  • The crow beatrice will target champions if in range before minions. Use this to harass when your oponent are at thier minions and when they move out it will damage an minion instead
  • Use Decrepify to easier land your Nevermove
After a breif moment snare and damage all enemies within a small area of a targeted location
  • Max this second as it makes good damage and good minion wave clear togheter with Decrepify
  • If you land your Decrepify followed up by Nevermove cast your Torment as fast as possible and use Ravenous Flock too.
  • Dont use this to harass in lane. Only use this if you are going all in for a kill or hard harass. You want to have this of CD when you are getting ganked since its your only way out of a gank.
Damage over time spell that also makes the target take 20% more damage from all sorces for 4 seconds
  • In lane you can harass with this and try to get some auto atacks on them aswell then as it makes your autos a bit more stronger on then while afflected.
  • Great high damage spell in late game. Do NOT underestimate it.
Transform into a giant crow and sending out three smaller crows at a time to nerby targets dealing damage and healing swain
  • This spell is what makes Swain so hard to kill and yet dish out tons of damage
  • High CD, try to keep the ult on as long as possible when you are in teamfight. You can no longer toggle it on and off in a teamfight. Thats why we buy tear of goddess so we can keep our ultimate on much longer
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swain got some few combo's that it good to know and how to act in early game and in late game teamfights.
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Final goodbye

Thanks for reading my guide. This was my first one ever made so I would appreciate it you leaved a comment on what you though about the guide and what I could inprove. As for a final I will give you a little fun fact about Swain.

The tyrant Swain skin should be the ordinary skin for Swain beacuse thats how he looks like right now. He gained is armor when he became leader of noxus and there for the regular skin should be "pre tyrant Swain" or something like that. Thanks for reading
League of Legends Build Guide Author buddhistbjorne
buddhistbjorne Swain Guide
You can't kill the Swain main
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