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Alistar Build Guide by trvrttt

You Can't Milk Those !!

By trvrttt | Updated on March 31, 2018

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Why Play Alistar ?

You are most likely thinking ' Why should i play Alistar ? ', well Alistar is very different to other tank supports. He has an excellent engage in 2v2 situations and team fights with his W-Q combo, followed up with his E. Alistar is also great for playing offensive and defensive. He has great ability to peel for your ADC and teammates especially with locket and redemption up ready. Alistar currently has a 50.81% win rate witch is pretty good at the moment so be sure to abuse Alistar before riot minor nerfs him.
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About me !

Hello Summoners! My IGN is trvrttt , ( OCEANA server ) but you can call me Dallas which is my Real name. I'm currently in Silver 3 ( peaked s2 91LP ) and a support main. Iv'e been playing League Of Legends since mid Season 5, i have over 3,000 games played within those years and about half of those games i have been playing support. Mainly playing Alistar, Sona, Leona and Lulu. This is my first ever mobafire guide so please leave some feedback as it will help me a lot in future builds and guides. If you want to ask any questions feel free to hit me up on social media , Snapchat : dallaskog14 , Instagram : Dallas.kog_
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Warding and peeling for team !

Warding is essential in every game, you want to be warding pretty much when your trinket comes off cooldown. But once you purchase eye of aspect you will have more wards to place down ( don't forget to purchase Control wards ! ) . at lvl 9-11 upgrade your starter trinket to sweeping lends and try to eliminate enemy wards.

Spots To Place Wards !

Assuming you will be playing support in the bot lane so ye, you want to be placing wards in tri-bush , Red buff, Dragon pit, River bush, River, Mid lane bush, Blue buff, Baron pit, enemy and ally camps.
Peeling !

As Alistar or any support you need to peel for your ADC throughout early - mid game and teamates throughout the game. You can accomplish this by standing in front of fights or when enemy pokes, always be the last one behind, make sure you do anything to save your ADC and teamates. Use you ITEMS !!!, you don't buy items with passives and actives included with them for nothing, SO USE THEM.
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Thank you !

Thank you guys for reading this guide, i hope this helped you a lot and will help you improve as Alistar. Please leave back feedback and glhf out in the rift summoners ;)
League of Legends Build Guide Author trvrttt
trvrttt Alistar Guide

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You Can't Milk Those !!
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