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Orianna Build Guide by Tr4ce

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tr4ce

You Know You Want To Touch These Balls

Tr4ce Last updated on December 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

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Utility: 21

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Pre-Reading Info

Before you start down-voting my build. I would request the audience[You], to read this build before i get questions or statements that have already been answered. Please and Ty.

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-Putting the following in caps-


Orianna in no case is a support, but let me explain why. :]

A) She needs Ap- as you guys know this requires using money to spend towards yourself.
B) Her "support" skills give a shield and can make you run faster. Giving Speed/Shield isn't worth it.You're going to have to buy AP items, so that your shield can actually protect decent incoming damage.
C) She has her ult- but yet again, it will only stun and do a bit of damage.[Since you need AP]

[Some]Good Support picks are: -A Brief Explanation-

Sona- Can Heal,Speed,Attack, and has a Aoe Stun
Soraka- Can Heal,Give mana,and Aoe Heal
Taric- Can heal,stun, give defense, and Ad.
Janna- Can give a shield that gives Ad,and Ult Aoe Heal.

But what are some other factors?

Warding- You're not going to be able to ward as often. If you think about it, supports usually rush those 5 gold per 10 items, so that they can spam wards. This is great because a map that is warded, increases vision which is AWESOME.
Oracle- Since you are a support, you're going to be forced to buy this to knock off enemy wards.
Healing- She can't really do this, which will cause your partner to waste money on pots. Why stress your partner more?

Ask your-self this question...

You can try, but it won't really work.

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Hey people of Earth and welcome to my Orianna Build.


Can Keep her distance
Great farmer who can make that cs go up high without trying
Her AoE stun is like Annie's but better
Decent to great late game damage
Great Survivability


Hard to get used to at first
Ball can be confusing at times

Can't think of any more right now, I will add more later.

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These can always be changed, it all depends on what you want.
For Example: some people like to start off with Less Cooldown, More Ap, and More mana.

What I use:

Red-Magic Pen
Blue- Ability Power[Per Lvl]
Yellow- Mana[Per lvl]
Purple[Quints]-Ability Power

I Like to have some Magic Pen/Ability power so that I can harass and have decent amount of damage early game. I also take mana[yellows] so that i don't have to rely on blue golem buff; since some junglers depend on them....Like: Mumu,Rammus,skarner,etc.

Again though, This is WHAT I USE.

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This can always be changed, it all depends on what you want.

My Mastery Tree:

the 9 gives me AP/CD and Magic Pen
the 21 gives me Exp/Mana/CDR/SpellVamp/etc.

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Start Off With:

Sapphire Crystal-Allows you to spam skills if needed.
Health Potion[2]- Let's you stay in lane just in case you get hurt.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity- Not much to say here, I get it for the cool-down.
Rod of Ages- Good survivability item that gives hp/mana + ability power + a bonus passive. Overall a great item to start off.
Banshee's Veil- Another great survivability item that gives hp/mana + Magic resistance + a great passive that can save your life. It can take out a WW stun or Annie stun or Anivia stun. It gives you a second chance at correcting your "I ****ed up and I want another chance mistake"
Rabadon's Deathcap- Your first item that gives a lot of AP :].
Void Staff- Gives Magic Pen + Ap.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter- Gives Hp + Ability power but it has a pretty cool passive that slows people down. [when hit with your ball skills]

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Skill Sequence

These can always be changed, it all depends on what you want.

Skill Sequence:

Clockwork Windup- Also Don't forget to auto attack too this great passive deals 20% of your AP + a 15% bonus that stacks up to 3 times.
Command: Attack- First thing to max, your ball is used to harass people 24/7.
Command: Dissonance- Second thing to max. It can Slow Down Enemies/ Make Allies Go faster + It can damage enemies too. It's a great Q + W harras tactic. [Will explain more later]
Command: Protect- Has a good passive + It gives you a shield, but it's the last thing I max due to the fact I like to poke my opponents.
Command: Shockwave-[add on lvl's 6,11,16] Great Aoe that does damage. [It does a lot more, I will explain more later]

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Summoner Spells

These can always be changed, it all depends on what you want.

What I use:

Teleport- You can gank other lanes with this, You can save towers, you can go back and come back without wasting time to farm,etc. [usually 1vs1 fights in the beginning force you to go back, which is why this is a great skill to get.]
Flash- Can help you escape from somebody or it can help you get to somebody faster.

I also suggest:

Ignite- Can take a small portion of your enemies health out which can lead to a kill.
Exhaust- Can Cripple a person which helps you get a kill/gank.
Cleanse- Can now stop both of the above, which is kind of like a 2 for 1 sale. :]

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Summoner Spell: Clarity


This skill is great for early lane phase, but all I have to say is USE YOUR MANA WISELY! That means harass, if you can ACTUALLY GET THE KILL. Don't waste mana using your Command: Protect=E to hit the enemy from the back. IT'S A WASTE OF MANA! That's why people complain about their mana with orianna; It's because they're not RESPONSIBLE.

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Questions you may have:

Command: Attack-Q
Command: Dissonance-W
Command: Protect-E
Command: Shockwave-R

How is Orianna's ult better than Annie's ult? [In some cases]

Let me explain....
Annie's Ult [If she has her passive on (which allows her to stun with teddybear)] does a huge amount of damage to a specific area.
Orianna's Ult is better because It stuns [No passive needed] and grabs people to be squished together which in some cases is great especially if there's a Galio or a Fiddlesticks. Get what I'm saying? So if your able to get their whole team together this can be great for other stunners/taunters. So if you place your-self correctly and you throw that ball right in the middle of all 5 then your guaranteed a victory for that fight.

How can Her Ult Save you Or Help you catch somebody that's running away?

It can save you by putting your q a bit behind your target[That is chasing you] and clicking R. This will make the enemy jump back and be stunned, allowing you to run away like a butterfly with your awesome W. :]
It can help you catch somebody if you put your ball right behind them and click R, making your enemy jump back and then click w, stunning + slowing them so that your allies can catch up and clean that mess up.

Her Q might be hard to use, but why?

well when you shoot out your Q at people you have to realize that the ball is going to be moving from that specific place[which it landed] to the next place from that area. Get it?
-I'll try to get a video to explain this better-

-Will add more in the future-

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Command: Attack-Q
Command: Dissonance-W
Command: Protect-E
Command: Shockwave-R

Her Q and W make a great Harassing tool. Simply Click on where they stand [a little bit behind them] and when the ball gets there hit W. [Does pretty good damage]

Her Q and E make a great Speeding + Armor Tool. If somebody is running away and you have somebody whose in front of all your other allies simply click E on them and then click W to make them move faster and hopefully they can get that kill.

-Will add more in the future-

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For Me:

-Get Videos for Tips + Questions
-Add More Info If Requested Or Suggested

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Updates to My Build :]

Updated: Guide Started 11/27/11
Updated: Sections 11/28/11
Updated: Pre-Intro 11/29/11
Updated: Changed Sorc Boots For Ionian Boots 11/29/11
Updated: Created A Special Section for Clarity 11/29/11
Updated: Crammer 12/8/11

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If this build helped you in any sort of way don't forget to give me some +Rep :]
I hope You Enjoyed what you read and don't forget to Leave a Comment Below.
....Wow I feel like a youtube Vid.....
"Don't forget to click that Like Button and leave a comment below" ~lol
Have A Good Day :]

-Didn't add too much color due to the fact A LOT of people complain. :]

Special Thanks To
Heat- Inspiring me to create a build again.
Blydden- taught me how to add vids [The easy way]
IceCreamy- Grammar Help