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Nunu Build Guide by daviusminimus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author daviusminimus

You won't like him when he's angry - support

daviusminimus Last updated on August 3, 2012
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Hi All
Here's another Nunu support guide for you. I have been playing Nunu for quite some time, but began life out in the jungle. It's useful for you to know that I'm not a pro player, I'm simply 1200 elo in soloque.
The purpose of every guide should be to get the reader thinking – this guide will not tell you what you MUST buy and what spells you MUST level, but just give you the thought process behind each of the choices you have available. Please remember, make your character work for you. I personally like high mobility, and so my build reflects that (masteries / items etc), you may not feel that it’s important, so build your Nunu slightly different.

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Tanky for a support
+ Scales well into late game
+ Does what most other supports do!
+ Good movement speed (with W / boots) to be able to ward effectively.


- Takes time and effort to master ult
- No heal for your carry
- Needs at least 2 AD chars in your set up.

That's it!

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Abilities Explained

(Passive) This passive seems pretty useless, and although they have improved it from 7 down to 5 basic attacks, it’s still not what you’d call powerful! However, I would highly recommend auto-attacking minions in your lane when you get the opportunity. It will help you stay in lane. This coupled with Consume means that both your mana and HP levels are within your control – use them wisely.

Tip: Don’t last hit the minions and take the gold. Also advise your lane partner as to what you are doing, so at least you don’t get flamed for pushing your lane too hard!

(Q) This is really useful to help keep you in lane, but does scale poorly as the game goes on. Since you level this last, at level 14+, it doesn’t heal for a significant amount, as you will be running around with at least 2000hp. Although in theory levelling this up sounds like a good idea, it is no where near as powerful as your W or E.
Tip: Consuming the bigger minion in a pack will not kill it. This allows you to regen health without stealing farm from your AD Carry. Again, make your lane partner aware of why you are killing minions (if you are having to).

(W) This is your bread and butter as a support. It's cheap to cast, and beefs up your AD Carry all day long - you can literallly have this active the whole time! But use it when you want to push, because you do need to look after mana a little bit.
Tip: You should know that this will buff your target and yourself, so put it on a minion if there's no-one else around. Also use it after blue-pilling / ressing, you can get to lane quicker!

(E) - Often referred to as Snowball, this is what has defined Nunu in the past. This ability is still useful as a support, as it actually reduces the damage the opposite AD Carry can do (by slowing their Attack Speed). It also helps with harrassing. Early game, this is worth casting as the damage will help out. However, later on it becomes purely a utility spell, that doesn't really scratch the enemy, but really does annoy them!
Tip: This is a high-mana costing spell. If you are going to use your passive [visionary] on anything, this is the most logical spell to use.

(Ultimate) - this is your power-house move. It does big damage in a big area, and also slows movement and attack speeds whilst channeling. If you were building AP, I'd be screaming to get a [Banshee's Vial] so it's harder to interupt. However, the damage you deal generally will mean that you are much less likely to be focused whilst playing a support role. Therefore, their CC and interuptions are going to be aimed at your AD/AP Carries. This move should be easier to pull off as a result.
Tip: The circle around [Nunu] when channeling [absolute zero] is visible to enemies, but ONLY if the enemy can see you. Using your ultimate in the brush is really effective, but you need to be confident that they are going to be in range. If not, you have to wait an age for the ultimate to come back around. If you pull it off though, you are going to win the fight.

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I have listed all possible runes up there. The ones with a "5" are what I run, you may have your own preferences. For me though:
Greater Mark of Magic Penetration - These can really be anything you want. I take these so my snowball is useful early game, and the ulti can pack a (small) punch in mid-late game.
Greater Seal of Armor - You are playing against AD in bot lane, so armor helps a lot! I'd really recommend these. I havent actually run the Gold per 5 seals, because I wouldn't want to feed an AD early in the game.
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist - I prefer this than the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist. You may come across AP supp ( Sona/ Janna etc). All support classes should try to aid damage in early levels, but fade massively from level 6 onwards. The Warding helps you in the early lane. It's all down to preference here though!
Greater Quintessence of Gold - Don't change these! You need the gold.

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These are my preference, and why:
- 1 extra pot isn't really worthwhile!
- I personally enjoy a mobile character, and with the oracles you will buy in the mid game, it really helps you make the most of it
- I actually quite like this, though it's not everyone's preference.
- the only buff you'll ever get is Nashor, and although useful to have it for longer, you are not the 1 who is going to carry your team when you do get it. So, just hurry your team along when the buff turns up! I do consider this surplus to requirements.
- I had a spare point and don't see it going elsewhere. The masteries are much more important early game, and this does help you stay in lane whilst you need to.
- your ulti has a horrid cooldown, as does your consume. Consume helps you in lane, and i dont need to talk about the ulti!

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Skill Sequence

Now that you understand the abilities that are available, you should be able to make informed decisions on how to set up your skill sequence. But for some further guidance, here's what to consider in the very early levels:

Level 1
Are you taking duo golems with your AD Carry? If so, Consume should be considered - it will hinder you up to level 3 though.
Are you invading? If so, iceblast is the way to go!

Level 2:
Did you take Consume at level 1? If so, take W.
If you didn't, now take either iceblast or bloodboil depending on which you didn't take!

Level 3
IF you took Consume at level 1, you now should have all 3 abilities available to you.
If you didn't, Consume is now an option. However, do you need it? How is your HP looking? If it's ok (and it should be, you took 2 pots with you), then go for bloodboil. If it's not ok, Consume is there to help!

Level 4+5
Apply the same logic as Level 3 here, but you want to make sure you take Consume by level 5, because you will take Absolute Zero at level 6 (Obviously)!

Continue the rest of the game by maxing W, then E, then Q. Easy!

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Ok so we want to be running around with the elixir as much as possible.

Starting Items

Faerie Charm 3x sight ward 2x Health Potion

Core Items

philosopher's stone Kage's lucky pick

When you build your philosopher's stone, you need 620g PLUS another 75 per sight ward. Don't go back to base too soon, make sure you have the gold if you can afford to wait in lane.
So clearly I am building Gold per 5 here. Many support classes will only take 2 of these items, I'm currently testing having 2 or 3. My preference at the moment is to build kage's lucky pick before the Heart of Gold simply because it costs less to build, and still benefits Nunu. You may have your own preference here. If you build 3 gold per 5 items, expect to sell kage's lucky pick at some point in the game!
Aegis of the Legion is a favourite of mine. Its cheap to build for the buff if gives the team, and each individual part is cheap to buy.


I buy Boots of Swiftness in any game that is going smoothly, so I can get around the map and stop their support being affective. You can stop Baron/Nashor being warded, allowing your team to grab them. Switch the boots if you need the defensive AP / Tenacity or Armor accordingly. Boots of Mobility are an option too!
When playing, take a peak at the enemy team and their score - has their AP got a lot of kills, or is the threat coming from the AD? Are we rolling them, and therefore don't need to build defensively? If solotop is looking strong, but hasn't bothered you yet, perhaps the right item isn't the Ninja Tabi.

Situation Items

zeke's herald
If your AP is doing well (and if you have a 2nd AP), I would consider Will of the Ancients (or Soul Shroud). It does help you too! Similar to the boots here - look at your own team and see who is doing well. No point buffing up your AD if they are 0/8/4! They'll still be useless!

Finishing off the build

Shurelya's Reverie
Randuin's Omen and Shurelya's Reverie do take some practice to use. Many people don't maximise the use of these items (because completely forget to use it). My recommendation to you is to KEEP BUYING IT! After about 100 games, you'll get fed up of screwing up, and you will remember that it's there! Other guides may tell you to buy something else, but the only way to improve as a player is to practice.

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Summoner Spells

Not long on here people!
is a must, best escape spell in the game, and Nunu is no exception.

Viable Choices

In premade games, I'd recommend Clairvoyance as you should have the communication in your team to be able to gain some good map control. It's much harder when you are typing "please use CV here"!
Heal can be taken if your AD wants to take ignite or exhaust. If they take heal, you take exhaust. Simplesssss

I would not consider any other summoner spells

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Team Setup

Team setups that favour Nunu require AoE damage. Amumu and Galio have a nice stun that allow you to use your ultimate without it getting interrupted.
If your team are playing with an AP Jungler, plus AP top, you are limiting the number of great options for your bloodboil (once team fights break out). As a result, I would recommend encouraging AD chars rather than AP. The more AoE the better!

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Rather than re-writing what someone has already done, please see the guide below for more information:
Many people will place wards in a similar place to this - if you are using an oracle or vision wards, go check these places to be able to destroy enemy wards!

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Thanks for reading this far. I will continue to make improvements, and feel free to comment. Key for any support is to ward the map effectively, and stop the enemy from warding at the same time - anyone can cast the spells in a specific order, or buy items that some guide tells them is right, but supporting your team in the best way takes practice. You need to understand who to aid most in your team, and who to shut down in theirs.

Happy gaming