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Brand Build Guide by SpecToz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpecToz

Your Brand new Killing machine

SpecToz Last updated on September 9, 2013
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Hey guys SpecToz here, making my first build, for my favourite champion: Brand !

About the guide, understand this is a build suited for my type of game and the way i play Brand. If you downvote the guide, don't do it because you dislike my playstyle, do it for the right reasons ...

Constructive Critics and Suggestions are welcome, i do like to improve my game\build

This is an experiment, if i see there is a huge amount of positive reply i will put an hard effort on making this an in-depth guide about Brand and my playstyle.

I hope you like it, GL & HF on the fields of justice !

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Quick Explanation of the Runes used:

[Ability Power]: Easy thinking, more AP, more damage.

[Mana Regen]: A base of mana sustain.

[Magic Pen]: This Runes + Sorcerer's Shoes + Liandry's Torment are a very good combination, which will let you melt down those MR defenses

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There is nothing much to talk about masteries, just a basic 21\0\9 intended to maximize your damage and some points on utility to give you some extra sustain.

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About the Skillset of Brand, those mighty powers that make Brand the Best mage in-game (of course this is my opinion xD)

Our passive Blaze: There is nothing much to explain, hit your enemys with a skill and they will eat CO2 (becoming ablaze), the ablaze effect its well explained in the Blaze description

Sear The Dragon ball skill, kamehameha your enemy and stun him for 2 seconds(if he is ablaze)

Pillar of Flame Your Main "power", this is such a good skill, AoE with Tons of Base Damage. Put your enemies ablaze before W'ing and they will taste fear !!

Conflagration Well, this skill its more "utility" than anything else (at least for me), i use it to farm or to set my opponents ablaze (i will explain more about this skill later)

The mighty Ultimate: The Pyroclasm !!! A funny (but deadly) ball of fire that bounce between enemy's, use it wisely

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The worse part of this guide, you will need to read (and i will need to write a lot xD)

Has you may have seen, i start the game with 2 wards, 5 reds and 4 blues, this is because i dont feel i need AP or Mana Regen or Mov.Speed in the 1st stage of the game. The way i play its very simple, farm the most possible while harassing your enemy, try to land W's on the minions and enemy champion at the same time whenever possible... how to do that? its easy actually, your enemy will last hit, and when he is about to do it just land your W on him (usually they will be near their "mage" minions which will let you make a "2 in 1" movement)... This way of game will make you very aggressive, you will push your lane(when this happens put your wards on both bushes to prevent ganks, believe me, this two wards will win your lane and most probably your game), your enemy will be "scared", this fear will become into one of two things, Aggressive or Passive playstyle, which are both good for you.

Aggressive: He will be angry because you hit him, he will give you a payback, but he wont be ready for your 5 red potions and he wont be ready to sustain those dmg exchanges, eventually he will run out of mana which will lead to an early base recall (meaning less farm and XP)

Passive: He will run to his tower, so you control your lane and the minions wave, keep him under tower, you wont be ganked (because you have wards and you are aware of your surroundings)... If this happens, keep W him and be carefull with the tower.

(REMEMBER: you have lots of potions meaning you have lots of sustain, so you will be able to always exchange dmg and get your hp back)

Usually i get lvl 6 and my opponent is 50% hp or has base recalled, meaning im "winning" in some aspect, if he is 50%\60% hp , be pacient and when you are ready just do the following combo Conflagration (set him ablaze) -> Sear (stun to hit W) -> Pillar of Flame (tons of dmg) -> Ignite + Pyroclasm , 90% of them champs will die with this combo, just be patient and wait for the right moment to combo.

This is basicly my formula to win, sustain sustain sustain, keep your enemy busy dodging your spells, losing farm and wasting mana, even if he hits his spells you have 5 reds to heal back, and you will have 4 blues to keep the dmg up.

NOTE#1: Liandry's Torment stacks perfectly with your passive
NOTE#2: Zhonya's Hourglass is a must, especially vs fizz and other brusters , you will destroy their combo (+ultimate) and therefore, win the fight.
NOTE#3: I dont get much hp because i think brand has tools to escape\avoid dmg, the stun has long range and well placed wards will prevent ganks
NOTE#4: Rabadon vs Void Staff , go for the void staff has 3 item (go to youtube, search for "lolmath, rabadon vs void staff" its very well explained why in the vid)

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I hope you understood the way i play, has i said before, im just "sketching" up this guide, if i see positive feedback i will rewrite the texts, work on gameplay description, item set, skill usage , etc etc ...

If you have question ask, i will try answer all of them

ps: sorry if i did some language mistakes, my english its a bit rusty