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Ahri Build Guide by Kenewbie

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kenewbie

Your Personal Support Ahri (S4)

Kenewbie Last updated on January 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ahri is a pretty fun champion to play, expecially (Even if underrated) as a support, has high burst, agility and that bit of utility who gives your ADC the opportunity to take a kill!

This Ahri build is pretty straightforward, you aim to high mobility to lure enemies, stop them with your Charm (E) and burst them with a W+Q combo.
You may prefer to play with Ignite instead of Exaust depending on your lane partner/opponents.

Frost Queen's Claim should definitely the first item to complete because of the 50% slow active, you should start with the Spellthief's Edge and then get a Chalice of Harmony to increase your mana regen and spam more your main poke (Q).

Boots are also a nice item to have to get more mobility and kiting.

Her mobility is just too good, you can double cast R, activate your Frost Queen's Claim to slow targets and stop your target with your combo, easly setting up a kill to your ADC or Mid laner.

Buy wards as spare, don't rush the Sightstone. Get a Ruby Crystal if you are against an aggressive lane early on. After finishing your main set up (Frost Queen's Claim, Boots of Speed and Chalice of Harmony) get the Sightstone (And maybe the Ruby Sightstone too to have a little HP more) and switch to the Sweeping Lens (The Red Trinket) to gain more map control.

A good option is closing the boots ASAP, I often complete them before even the sightstone, Mobility Boots are just so good combined with the R+Frost Queen's Claim+E Combo, and well, mobility is always good.
Mercury's Treads are also good if you start having problems or have many cc against you.

If you are against hard CC/tanky get the Mikael's Crucible to protect your ADC, if you are against squishy champions get your Morellonomicon ASAP, it gives you CDR, stops opponent's adc's lifesteal and 75 AP.

Late game you should consider completing your Liandry's Torment (HP, AP and Magic Penetration combined with buffed DPS, I'm in!) and a Rabadon's Deathcap or a Deathfire Grasp depending on your team composition.
Remember to get your Distortion boost too, Flash is one of the most important engage/disengage tool with Ahri combined with her R.

I hope you like this build and try it out! See you on the field of justice!

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Lane Partners

Your best partner choices would be Champions like Jinx, Caytlin, Varus or Ashe (every adc who offers cc to compensate)

Let's see some combos!

Jinx - Jinx's Chompers (E) make a great combo with Charm(E)+Orb(Q)bursting an out of position opponent and setting up early kills. Also a well placed triple Rush (R) and a well placed Charm (E) allows Jinx to catch up to distant targets with her Death Rocket(R)and be sure to get them even if she isn't in lane.

Caytlin - Caytlin's Snap Traps (W) are great if placed right in between Ahri and an enemy champion to immobilize him for enough time to kill him.
Ahri's Charm (E) denies enemy saviors wannabe to jump to save their companions from Caytlin's Ace (R) luring them to you.

Ashe, Varus, etc. - Everyone who slows gives pretty much a nice advantage to Ahri, thanks to her high mobility the enemy will stay in range for the adc for so much time giving the opportunity to win a trade or posisbly take a kill