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League of Legends Build Guide Author Themagikz

You're So Vayne (Take 2)

Themagikz Last updated on May 18, 2011
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Team 1

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

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Defense: 0

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 9

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Thanks to the INCESSANT amount of fail trolls who attempted to BUTCHER, my last build, I have reformed the build due to common complaints, and archived the old one. Perhaps maybe we'll get a few less Aristocratic Vayne skins (Fame Monsters (Lady Gaga reference for you cave dwellers)) who think downvoting other builds will increase the views on theirs, too bad people will turn around and do it back to them. Oh well, learned my lesson, and here we go again, TAKE 2, ACTION!

Welcome to my first, and probably only build I am going to create here for MOBAFIRE. Most people credit me for having some unusual builds and playing extremely offensively, but I consistently provide alternatives for the defensive player. I understand Vayne is a new champion, but the guides must make progress somewhere, and I decided, since I have not yet seen a decent build (not trying to sound conceited here), that I would put up one worth trying. After dominating relentlessly in 5's, stabbing other Vaynes in the chest, and especially after hunting down Warwicks, I found my build and play style to be so effective, I just had to write it down and share it with everyone! So let's get down to the knitty gritty and show you exactly why I'm so Vayne!

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Alright, here's where the controversy, bad-mouthing, and overall QQing is going to begin. First of all, "WHY NO ARMOR PEN MARKS?!", Long story short, Vayne doesn't need them! Let's say you're one of those jerks who figures the only way to win is stack pure Armor Pen and murder your lane as Garen at level 1. Go play Garen and stop reading my guide, because this is not a champion you can spin to win with. *Looks around for more trolls, prepping silver bolts in the crossbow* Ok I think it's safe to continue. Did you notice what I just said there about Silver Bolts.... TRUE DAMAGE. Holy shnikes! Did he really just say that? That's right folks, you don't need Penetration! The more your Silver Bolts skill procs on it's third attack, the more damage you're going to put out in the long run. So, take the best of both worlds, Armor Pen quints, AS Marks, what a combo!

So let's chat about those seals, heh, I know I know! Dodge Seals!? I'm completely nuts, I'll give you that, but when someone like Xin Zhao gets up in your grill, you'll be thanking me, because when you dodge that 3rd hit, instead of him knocking you up, you can tumble backwards, AND KNOCK HIM INTO THE BLOODY WALL! I rest my case here. Vayne tumbles forward sometimes into some rough melee terrain, having these as a backup are more than necessary if you want to, not only chase, but also be able to escape some rather tricky situations.

:Ok I know, you're still thinking that these runes are horrendously placed, but trust me, 10% CDR, combined with blue buff, jeeze oh pete! You'll be tumbling more than a circus actor! NO JOKE! It effectively gets you very close to your CDR cap and lets you use final hour much more often. WHO DOESN'T LIKE WHIPPING OUT THE MASSIVE CROSSBOW OF GET SOME!?


Switch Up! (Builds 2 and 3)

As much as people want to play Vayne rather Tanky, she still needs to dole out the hot stick everytime she comes into the fight, since common demand screams for more tank, the only option is to go higher AD and less AS. So, to keep the critics happy, we've given more attack speed through seals, and since the two build are more AD heavy, I've incorporated Armor Penetration Marks instead of the Alacrity ones seen in Build 1.

Greater Mark Of Desolation: Basically, here's where we make up for the Armor Penetration you need early game to dominate through your opponent's armor, allowing for to hit them like a Mack Truck going down the speedway at 60 mph.

: Since we still want some AS in the build to facilitate , we need to use some seals here to make up for what we don't get in the build.

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Masteries are straight forward, to be quite honest, if you want to dole out the giant bolts of hard wood, this is the way you want to go. Max attack speed, some decent cool down, there's some extra armor penetration in there, simply everything you would want, with your quick respawn, exp-gain and a nice monster buff addition. Your goal here is to maximize DPS, not staying alive (Your skills and map awareness should do this, you shouldn't have to rely on your masteries).

IMPORTANT! I have the masteries currently setup to use exhaust/ignite combo, as I state later in my summoner spells section, but if you want to use Ghost/Flash, go ahead and swap the point from Preservation to Haste and move the point from Cripple into Archmage's Savvy.

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Items (Straight DPS, No Vaseline) (Build 1)

The book begins here, so please close your eyes and just go .jpeg by .jpeg with me alright? If you've played Twisted Fate, you may recognize this build, because... oh wait, IT IS THE TF DPS BUILD! What are the odds?! Surprisingly enough, with attack speed, and modest damage, this build works better on Vayne than it does for TF, simply because Vayne can not only do more damage than TF, but she can also get away and avoid getting singled out far better than TF. Sword of the Divine procs immediately after, if not sometimes with Silver Bolts, providing a very powerful punch, and with the active, combined with the quints, you receive some amazing armor penetration, especially when they cannot escape a shot of silver bolts and destroy the 3-hit combo. Plus, the attack speed is tremendous for such an item, and allows vayne to, in virtually 2 seconds, proc silver bolts, the sword of divine, and almost do it again in one more second. If you want to get really geeky, pull out a calculator and do the math.

Let's do a quick summary of why each item really contributes to Vayne's success:

: Good attack speed boost at the start, and since the passive gives 40% Movement speed increase chasing a target, Boots of Swiftness are just an overkill.

: Very powerful passive and active when coupled with Silver Bolts (Similar to Twisted Fate's Stacked Deck however, this does true damage).

: Still stacking the Attack Speed early on, due to the fact that most of your damage will not be mitigated very early, combined with the passives of Silver Bolts and Sword of the Divine, plus the crit chance that you now receive more than exemplify the need for this item.

: What respectable, critting, ranged, boomstick would refuse to purchase one of these? Insane crit damage, 80 attack damage, 25% crit chance? Think I need a small break after that!

: You've waited this long in your build for some life-steal, here you go, now your days of recalling are over, BEGIN THE HUNT SOLDIER!

: Tell Mundo and any other Warmog wielding behemoth that their days are numbered and go explain to them why. (2.44 Attack Speed when fully crafted at the end of the build, GG).

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Items (Alternates for Build 1)

By popular demand, I've been asked to offer a few item changes to the current build. So I'll post a few Ifs, ands, and buts, as to what I figure, and have tried with good results as optional items. In effort to save my build's integrity, I have these items listed to build in this order, simply removing and placing one of these at the end of the build. (You can place these in any order you see fit).

First on the chopping block is Frozen Mallet.
: Is literally an amazing item for Vayne, and easily has far more health than it's counterpart of Trinity Force. If you seem to be getting singled out a lot, or feeling that you are way too squishy against the team you're fighting, I generally would advise this before Bloodthirster and or Infinity Edge, or to go extreme and replace Madred's with this item. It not only slows, but it's health increase really lets you take an extra beating.

Second, we'll be looking into Trinity Force.
: Is an item I personally love on Vayne, using in conjunction with the passive on Trinity makes you pack a powerful punch, especially for harassing and last-hitting. I would advise this taking place of Madred's or some other attack speed item. Possibly due to a major dislike of it.

Third, Banshee's Veil
Who doesn't love the health and extra spellshield that this beast comes with? Easy swap out for Madred's.

If you've found any items that work even better, please comment below or send me a message so I can add them!

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Items (The Best Of Both Worlds) (Build 2)

You wanted less AS and more AD, but you still wanted to be awesome, well I personally hate this build, but to be quite honest, It works >.<

Let's get a little more in-depth with the items shall we? Alright!

: Yes they are awesome and give you Attack Speed, no, you will not use any other boots, your passive covers this criteria!

: This little enchanted dagger of epicness will make enemies flee with true terror when you Tumble towards them and this makes your bolt lunge into their chest with the might of a rhino drinking redbull. (Yes I know, your mind is currently blown).

: Early on, this will give you some survivability and make minion farming a breeze so you can rush into Black Cleaver and make that screwball Mordekasier cry because you're opening him a new one.

: Will make tanks cry, case closed.

: Finish it off from what you've built so far, time to really bring out the big stick and start whacking people! AS AND AD! LET THE FUN BEGIN!

: This just in! YOUR TUMBLE NOW HITS LIKE A TRAIN (Fully Loaded). Hahahahahaha!

: Now we're getting some lifesteal, god aren't you OP enough already? Apparently not! Farm those minions hardcore now and rack up the passive. You should now be feared by each member of the opposing team.

: Didn't I say before that every respectable, critting, ranged, boomstick, should at least have one of these? HAVE FUN!

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Items (Alternates for Build 2)

A work in progress. Check back soon!

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Items (A Touch of Tank with some Spank) (Build 3)

So you want to get right up in some grills, take some hits, and pop it into full gear huh? Well I've found an amazing solution!

To start off...

: It's attack speed necessary for the build to deal modest damage.

: Here's where you become a pain in the aft end, and you annoy virtually everyone you attack, not only are you stacking , but you are also slowing them and using your passive to chase them down and dominate them!

: Since you're going to be building a nice split between AD and AS, this item gives you the best of both worlds by providing some highly necessary armor penetration as well as attack speed.

: At this point, coupled with Silver Bolts, and your ability to take a hit, the passive and attack speed from this item will allow you to get in some impressive hits on the opposing teams tanky champions and do some real damage.

: The spellshield will help you avoid any heavy hitting damage, assuming you keep a well practiced distance in group fights, and the extra health and mana is a very nice bonus on your way to being very tanky.

: This will not only give you the crit you need for your AD portion, but it will also give you tons of AS for your Silver Bolts to proc more often. It's a beautiful finisher for this hybrid build.

Guide Top

Item (Alternates for Build 3)

More work in Progress, Check back soon!

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Skill Sequence

Maxxing out and is a must. The whole item build will center around these two skills, with proper use of . is typically used when you're hunting on the sides in a lane, or for escape, and if you want to harass decently, you need to focus on the two skills which allow you to do that the most. Following the Twisted Fate ideology of Stacked Deck, building attack speed with Silver Bolts is sheer domination that cannot be matched. The combination of Tumble and Silver Bolts will do tremendous damage to opposing lane champions and keep them at bay, opening a position in which you can DENY those poor souls their exp from minions.

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Simple, you're a hunter, not a chaser, THAT'S WHAT YOUR PASSIVE IS FOR, IT'S A FREE GHOST! Think about it...

: Stop them from running, tumble towards them, send em back to oblivion. (Also helps getting lined up to Condemn them to life inside a wall :D ).

: I don't like people using potions to live with 5 HP after I combo the brains out of them. This fixes the problem. (Also, since Morde's shield is a beast to take on as Vayne, Ignite drops it off rather fast).

is honestly again, overkill in my opinion, but I'm not going to say it isn't a viable spell to take, because when tumble is down, and you have no alternative, it's an amazing escape method. is also another spell I'm sketchy on, I personally never use it, but a lot of people will say it's useful for, once again not only escape, but positioning and getting in front of an enemy champion to them back into their team.

These are really based on play style, because all four are beneficial, it just depends on what you want to do with this champion, and the build still makes all these options viable choices.

This is where I feel I'm going to get down-rated, so unless you want to down the whole build because of your personal opinion on summoner spells, don't vote at all. Thanks.

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Pros / Cons

-Insane DPS
-Good Harass/Escape Ability
-Can solo virtually any other champion 1v1
-Great Ambusher
-Amazing chaser
-Tank Obliterator
-Can carry a team with ease

-Typically focused
-Weak against stuns

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I will continue to update, revise, and edit this build as I see fit. I am not as vayne as most people would think, and I enjoy suggestions and new ideas that would be helpful and beneficial to my build. Any thoughts or ideas should be placed in a comment and I'll review them as soon as possible. Player contribution will help this build!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read my build, and I look forward to seeing you on the Fields Of Justice!

I typically chill out in the Mobafire Channel on League, so if you have any questions, I'm usually on a lot during the week, so feel free to chat it up!

IGN: Themagikz
Main(s): Vayne/Karthus/Singed

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Due to Mobafire having a severe case of chronic death by interwebz, I cannot update the build as much as I'd like, however, this will not stop me from making multiple changes/additions.

(May 16,2011) As much as I despise the downvotes, there are several good points brought up about having a few items crafted far too late, different options, etc., but I'm going to currently be working on an alternate item build, I'm also going to feature a few other builds I've seen work effectively and try to make this an all-around guide to Vayne, so if you are wanting to down-vote, please give me some time to make a few changes and check back later this week. Thanks Again! ~Themagikz

(May 17,2011) Both of my main computers have undergone an extreme root virus error/crash. The remainder of the builds/discussions/alternatives has been typed up and is waiting to be posted. Thank you for your patience and understand! ~Themagikz

(May 18,2011) Posted the item discussion for build 3. Alternatives will be up later tomorrow or Friday night, Thanks again for your patience!