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Zed Build Guide by MickeyHD

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MickeyHD

Zed Ain't Dead Baby, Look Behind You

MickeyHD Last updated on January 3, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey there my name is MickeyHD and welcome to my build. I've been playing League for 6 months or so and even though I don't know every secret of LoL, I know my fair share. When I saw that Zed had come out I took my chance to make an account and create a build so that all of you could more easily understand him. I would greatly appreciate all efforts and tips you all can provide so that I can make this build even better!

Zed is a very fun, high burst damage champion with a high difficulty that will take the average person 3 games to start to understand how to play him correctly. 5 or so to be a threatening Zed and you get my point. Once he is a valid champion in your arsenal, get ready to wreck some kids. He cost 6300 ip or 975 rp. Zed was released to the american servers on November 10, 2012.

Zed is, in my eye, an ad carry, assassain, bruiser, or maybe all three depending on how you build him. I like to build him between a bruiser and an ad carry where he is not as bulky as Renekton or Olaf but can deal more damage than Wukong or Riven. Kinda like an Irelia but WAY more damage.

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Greater Mark of Strength This Rune is good because it gives the early bonus of more damage to minions, champions, etc.

Greater Rune of Resilience This Rune helps with the loss of armor in the item build.

Greater Glyph of Focus These runes are REALLY great. I got the idea from a friend. Zed
has a really good W but the problem is the cooldown. At level 1 it has an 18 second cooldown. Fortunately, the masteries and these runes with start you off with -9.85% Cooldown!

Greater Quintessence of Strength These runes really help even more with the early on damage.

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21/9/0 is the standard mastery for a lot of offensive champions even in the new patch for those that are carries. Now, since this is the Season 3 patch I don't know everything or a lot but these are good masteries.

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Summoner Spells

Ignite This is the spell that I would recommend for our first spell not only because it is a good way to finish a champion off (Sometimes -_-) but also because of our mastery. We put in one point into Summoner's Wrath which means that we gain 5 additional ap and ad during the cooldown of ignite. So here we get a mini bonus on top of having ignite. Winning

Exhaust This is another viable option for our first spell since it slows the target, making it easier to kill, and because of our Summoner's Wrath Mastery. With it, the enemy has lowered Armor and Magic Resist by 10 making it again, easier to kill. This is another possible option and it really depends on how you like it personally.

Flash This is always a great option when **** gets out of hand and when your W is on cooldown. This spell simply distances or closes in on the enemy to make a kill or survival more possible. It can also be done over walls to get dragon, baron, etc.

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Skill Sequence

This Skill Sequence is for when you want to get in and get out.
Razor Shuriken > Death Mark > Shadow Slash > Living Shadow
Use the last skill to get out.

This sequence is for when you can or want to stay in and fight, making use of your passive when auto attacking after the skills.
Death Mark > Shadow Slash > Razor Shuriken > Living Shadow > Repeat

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Tips and Tricks

If you are being harassed in lane while farming, or just don't want to take the risk of losing any damage, use your Living Shadow. Living Shadow is your best friend. It lets you use your skills twice at the same time and can be a teleportation device.

A simple trick is to Living Shadow towards a group of minions or an enemy champion, and Shadow Slash to last-hit minions with no fear of getting damaged.

A poking trick is to use your Living Shadow to your right or left and use your Razor Shuriken on a group of minions or enemy champion to get twice as much area and damage.

When following a low health enemy who may or may not be going closer to their team, use your Living Shadow and Death Mark into the enemy. Use ignite quickly to get the ignite damage off and the extra damage given in our mastery page when ignite is on cooldown, and then burst away with your damage. If the enemy team is there, quickly Living Shadow back to your clone and run if you can't take them on even though you know you can cuz your *********IN ZED. Use Flash if necessary.

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Thanks so much for reading my build. I hope you got everything you needed and that you understand Zed a little bit better now. Please notify me if I've made any mistakes or if you have an idea that can help this build. Please don't hesitate. I will continually making this build longer, better, and flashier so don't worry. And remember, you can't lose because This Unit is a Flippin" Ninja.