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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Zed General Guide by Imisscheese

Zed the Tanky Assassin Guide

Zed the Tanky Assassin Guide

Updated on September 7, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Imisscheese Build Guide By Imisscheese 1,949 Views 0 Comments
1,949 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Imisscheese Zed Build Guide By Imisscheese Updated on September 7, 2015
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Hello everyone. Kuradal here with my first guide to Zed the Master of Shadows
I've been playing Zed for over a year now so, Lets get started
This guide is basically an idea I had during the tank meta. You just couldn't get to the ADC or APC because everyone is tanky and either deals damage or CC Which is ********.. (Or both ;-;)
So I thought of making a new build with the new items so.. yeah lets check it out.
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The most important part and the reason of this guide, Items and your final build
I know what you're thinking but it's worth a try. But why did I pick these items above?

Time goes by. Players get better and CC starts to be a problem for every Zed player. Even if you try to outplay someone or get him offguard. He/she will probably use Mercurial Scimitar DIS **** OVERTHERE < .. Or Zhonya's Hourglass DAT **** OVERHERE <

Hopefully this comes to an end. As the enemy squishy has your Death Mark Ultimate off. The rest of the team will jump on you like you're a piece of candy covered with chocolate.. yum

The point is. Having 3.6k HP and over 100 defensive stats is the way to survie those 2.Goddam5 Seconds
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If you're a big boi who's looking for High champion stats to compare it with others. This is how to goes without baron
And 560 AD with baron
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How to assassinate someone with this Build

Basically you have 500 AD your items has some damage effects (Hover with mouse over items to see stats)
Titanic Hydra The activate makes your next AA deal around 360 Bonus damage with this build. You should always do an AA right after R-E combo, So activate it before or Mid-air ult

Trinity Force Somewhere near the hydra activate. Its Spellblade passive will trigger with Titanic Hydra's active. Adding up more damage

Dead Man's Plate Oh god. Movement speed after sacrifice boots, and you discharge all stacks on next AA to deal EVEN MORE DMG?

Not much about Youmuu's Ghostblade I mean, you sold boots. You can use it for movement/attack speed. Also with a small chance of crit+Triforce. You get 25% critchance which is nice if you crit after Death Mark

As you see. you will probably kill the target before the ult damage if you land your hits succesfully. I managed to destroy Braum (For fun purposes) from Full to 0 HP in 3.4 seconds

I've done my combo on Ashe and the Death Mark dealt 1806 Damage on hit.
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Why should you try this build?

Mainly for fun. Like Full AD Lifesteal Fiora Or Full Tank Ekko, It could also be helpful for your games and I'll probably give it a try in rankeds soon.
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How effective is it?

Not gonna lie to you. You might feel weak early game because you're not building FULL TANK or FULL AD. But it's temporary because you retrieve back your damage after buying Titanic Hydra and completion of Black Cleaver and The Brutalizer

Feeling like you got cheated in the damage part? Well a full AD would always do more damage but you have pretty nice stats. You're that fed Nidalee that kills anyone near her and impossible to burst down because of your Rylai's Crystal Scepter And high level
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Do I have to change my gameplay?

Not really, Your mission is still assassinating ADC and APC, But there's also potential to engage a fight by simply staying there after using Death Mark on their Backline and your team will end the job

Probably because the enemy will be confused. Do I hit Tanky zed or Stun that Zac charging Elastic Slingshot, The descion making will be like a second or two. And it's possible that they don't have time to react. Pew Pew won Teamfight ( Always if your position is right =D )
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Is it possible for jungle?

I'd say it's possible even through I tried it only one time (20 mins game)
You just have to follow the same build. What you want to do is.

Upgrade to Stalker's Blade, You could either Enchant it to Cinderhulk if you need to tank early (Which is boring -.-)

Or you could leave it at Stalker's Blade and then go usual build. Remove Youmuu's Ghostblade And replace with Cinderhulk Enchantment

Or you go more AD and only replace Youmuu's Ghostblade with Warrior Enchantment
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Finishing, About me (Important info)

And my first guide comes to an end. I hope you try it and enjoy the enemy raging in chat

I did not include any Pros / Cons, matchups or Death Mark Combo guide. This guide was for the build. If you want to know Mechanics, You better learn it from someone who's better than me


Note: I might do more guides but I'm new to that. so I need some help if possible contact me, Comment/discus if you have any questions or suggestions.
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