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Ziggs Build Guide by Simmooo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Simmooo

Ziggs: Deadly squirrel!

Simmooo Last updated on July 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to my ziggs guide. In this guide im going to show you how i play ziggs and maybe you learn something about ziggs too :3. I personally find ziggs so much fun to play, he's skills are all skillshots so it makes ziggs a bit challenging too.

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Ziggs Lore

Ziggs was born with a talent for tinkering, but his chaotic, hyperactive nature was unusual among yordle scientists. Aspiring to be a revered inventor like Heimerdinger, he rattled through ambitious projects with manic zeal, emboldened by both his explosive failures and his unprecedented discoveries. Word of Ziggs’ volatile experimentation reached the famed Yordle Academy in Piltover and its esteemed professors invited him to demonstrate his craft. His characteristic disregard for safety brought the presentation to an early conclusion, however, when the hextech engine Ziggs was demonstrating overheated and exploded, blowing a huge hole in the wall of the Academy. The professors dusted themselves off and sternly motioned for him to leave. Devastated, Ziggs prepared to return to Bandle City in shame. However, before he could leave, a group of Zaunite agents infiltrated the Academy and kidnapped the professors. The Piltover military tracked the captives to a Zaunite prison, but their weapons were incapable of destroying the fortified walls. Determined to outdo them, Ziggs began experimenting on a new kind of armament, and quickly realized that he could harness his accidental gift for demolition to save the captured yordles.

Before long, Ziggs had created a line of powerful bombs he lovingly dubbed “hexplosives.” With his new creations ready for their first trial, Ziggs traveled to Zaun and sneaked into the prison compound. He launched a gigantic bomb at the prison and watched with glee as the explosion tore through the reinforced wall. Once the smoke had cleared, Ziggs scuttled into the facility, sending guards running with a hail of bombs. He rushed to the cell, blew the door off its hinges, and led the captive yordles to freedom. Upon returning to the Academy, the humbled professors recognized Ziggs with an honorary title - Dean of Demolitions - and proposed that he demonstrate this new form of yordle ingenuity in the League of Legends. Vindicated at last, Ziggs accepted the proposal, eager to bring his ever-expanding range of hexplosives to the greatest testing grounds in the world: the Fields of Justice.

“Ziggs? Unpredictable, dangerous, yes yes. But quite brilliant!” – Heimerdinger

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Pros / Cons

Pros +
+ Amazingly good Farming
+ all skills are aoe damaging
+ awesome damage on ganks
+ Long range
+ Bomberman :3

Cons -
- a bit squishy (not so if you build like i do)
- Mana problem on early game
- cooldown on satchel charge
- if u miss your skills no dmg at all
+/- insane :D

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Many people may be asking: Why you pick 9/21/0 on Ziggs moron? Well i first played Ziggs as 21/0/9 but i accidentally did choose my other mastery page and my games started to go so much better! As Ziggs you must play agressive and with defensive masteries you can play it more better than offensive, since you dont die so easily. So before you start complaining about these masteries try it out ;). Why i pick these masteries and why are they good:

these masteries basicaly add you some survivality and these are very good on early game. So you can play more agressive at start.

This will give you some max health so you won't die so easily.

This gives you good amount of health at beginning of the game. Makes you less squishy.

This gives you small amount of health regen. You can stay on your lane longer.

Now this is the best mastery on this page! This makes your agressive playing more easy, since you are faster and you can run to enemy and avoid enemies aoe dmg.

This gives you good amount of cd reduction, so you can cast your spells more. Good for reducing ulti's cd.

This gives you decent health BUT this gives you 10% reduced disables what is totally awesome! It means that all stuns,silence's, slows and suppress lasts 10% lower. Great talent!

This gives pretty good ap at start, reason why i put only 3 points in it is that i put 1 point to becouse this gives you 5 ap when ignite is on cd.

gives you good amount of cd reduction combined with defensive mastery cd reduction talent.

This is very good talent for dealing more dmg. Good counter for magic resist tanks.

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Ziggs is mage and all skills scale on ap. If enemy starts buy mr items these runes will counter that .

You can find yourself out of mana quite of times on early game but just dont waste your abilities and use these runes it shouldn't be a problem anymore .

As glyphs i just find these runes best since you are ap like ive said few times before :3.

Quintences will be since 15ap on lvl 1 will add you much dmg.

Other optional runes: pick this if you dont have any problem's with mana.

You can also take flat ability power runes, its good on early game but on mid/late game ability power per lvl is better.

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Summoner Spells

i pick you can use this spell many ways. You can get away from gank with it or gank someone with it. Very good spell highly recommend! Other spell will be . This will finish off the enemy if its getting away. Also good healing counter.
Other usable Summoner spells:
if you find yourself out of mana all the time, not the best but not the worst.
other good spell on running away/catching an enemy.
if your teammates doesn't pick any of exhaust, you should. good counter to ad carries.
if you solo top by some reason or want to get back to lane quickly pick tele.

All other summoner spells are pointless. dont recommend to pick!

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Starting items: i take . It gives you good health on start and also pretty good ap/mana regen. Those all help you on start to not go out of mana or out of health :3
Other optional starting items are: and with boots 3 of .
you can also take and 2


i take these items normally: and and why i pick these:

This gives you good amount of spell penetration, so higher dmg

This item is usefull to ziggs in many ways: first off this gives you 630 health so it makes you less squishy. Secondly it also gives 725 mana so you won't run out of mana so easily. And the last but the most this also gives 80 ability power! What more can you ask from a single item.

Now this is my favourite item on Ziggs. First off this item give you 500 health and 80 ability power what is totally awesome BUT look at it's passive: Slow on all spells! And when Ziggs all spells are aoe damaging you will get so good cc even though the slow amount is only 15%. Very good item!

This is very basic item on all mages, since it gives you so high amount of ability power. it does give you 140 ap but the unique passive is even better: 30% more ap!

Now when you have good amount of ap you will begin to think: why i dont hit so well? Well the answer is simple: MAGIC RESIST! That nasty little thing does block your magic damage and make you hit low. Now this is why we have Void staff! This item gives you decent amount of ap but here comes the best one: 40% Magic penetration, and puff magic resist is no longer a problem to you!

Now last but the most, This item is very good on many ways. first off: This gives 80 ap so more dmg. Second: some magic resist so not so squishy. Third: gives you movemet speed! So you can be more agressive or get away from gank. And the last: passive is very good when you combine it with ziggs own passive Short fuse, add's very much auto-attack dmg!

if enemy build's much magic resist you can replace to . But if you do replace rod of ages change order of items like this:

other optional items:
This is good if your mana goes fast. But with my build it shouldn't :p

This is good if enemy's ad carry does focus you. REMEMBER TO USE ACTIVE (and not only with this item but with all your items what has active effect!)

This item is great if enemy mages focusing you. Remember to look if items passive is on cd.

Well basically, this item gives you very good amount of health when using ziggs spells, since they are all aoe damaging spells. Anyway i dont use this couse on my build you won't be so squishy. Anyways pretty good item.

This is also great items for Ziggs. Does give you good amount of mana regen and we all know that ziggs is pretty mana hungry. Also gives 75ap but best part is: 20% cooldown reduction, what's very good on lowering cd's on ziggs abilites and ecpecially on ziggs ultimate!

Tip for lich bane: Try to get your passive and lich banes effect at the same time for even more auto-attack dmg ;)

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Playing as Ziggs

ZIggs abilities are 100% aoe damaging and they all can be casted whenever you want and where you want. Ziggs minefield also can show stealthed champions location, since if they walk on it theyll blow up and you know that some stealthed champ is around!

Your range is your deadliest weapon. You can deal massive damage from a far away with your .

Your passive is your best friend on early game, on lvl 1 try to throw your and after that hit with your for good auto-attack dmg. Example:
When your going toward your enemy throw your between enemy turret and enemy to make sure he cant escape to turret from you! Example:
If some jungler is trying to gank you throw your , run to it and blow it and you will be on save distance from ganker. Example:
Ziggs ulti can be great on teamfights but its also very good on kill securing. example: You hit your enemy and hes low on health but he gets to turret and you cant turret dive him, throw your and puff! enemy is dead and you didnt have to waste your own life by turret diving him. Example:
tip: Ask your jungler for blue buff as many times he can spare it. It makes your mana problems go and you can use your ulti more.

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This will be the end of line. Hope this guide was helpfull to you and if you have any questions just comment and ill answer as soon as i can. Thank you for watching and dont forget to vote ;).
Special thanks to my friend Bootinn for being part of my example videos. All the videos are just example of the skills, so its just acting!
//Changelog: Added why i use this item build on item section. Also added some colours ^^
/// Added other item/mastery build page. Also added morello's evil tome to optional item section.