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Ziggs Build Guide by SVK2705

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SVK2705

Ziggs - The Bomber Lunatic

SVK2705 Last updated on June 7, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Greetings summoners, and thank you for coming to SVK2705's Ziggs ! Ziggs is an incredible burst mage who does massive area damage. If you want a champ who can eat a whole team alive in 5 seconds, snipe people from across the map, or simply create chaos and mayhem, then Ziggs is your man! Still not convinced? Watch this.
Now that you are rocking out and ecstatic about playing Ziggs, let's go over what runes, masteries, and items we need to PURIFY THE WOR - I mean... play Ziggs.

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Skill Expalation

Now to talk about his spells. They are all rather unique and it's rather important to understand thier function and why you max what first. Also, if you don't fell like reading all of this info just watch this:

Short Fuse (passive)
This passive is great, it scales off AP and it gives you your only "reliable" damage. Every 12 seconds Ziggs's hands will glow red. When this happens your right click will hit harder. The amount of time it takes to charge up can be cut by 4 seconds every time you cast a spell. With this your right click will hit for the enough damage for it to actually hurt when you hit the enemy with it. Also very nice for farming those high HP minons early on.

Bouncing Bomb (Q)
This spell is Ziggs bread and butter, thus it should be maxed first. It has A LOT of kick *** little bits to it.
#1: It bounces 3 times before exploding, the distance getting cut by about 1/4 for each bounce, i.e. if it goes 10 yards, it will go 2.5 yards, then .625 yards.
#2: It explodes when it comes in contact with any impassable object or enemy(minons, champion, walls, turrets, ETC)
#3: Totally spammable, on a 3 second cool-down with relatively low mana cost.
The hexexplosion is wider than the detination range, meaning that you can cast it at minions, walls, towers, and still have it explode to hit a champ.

Satchel Charge (W)
This spell gives Ziggs his epic ability to be completely unpredictable. If an enemy stands on it, it will knock them in a direction about a few paces. However, if you stand on it, it sends you around half the cast range of your q. This spell should be maxed last due to the fact it is for utility. A few things about your spell:
Great cast range (the best you have besides your R)
You can jump walls with it. Do note that it's harder to get over a pit then it is down it. (Ergo jumping the wall INTO the enemy base is a lot harder to do then jumping OUT of it.
Reveals brush area.
The direction you jump in is based on where you are standing on it, and it is rather sensitive on your position. Fail jumps will happen, so get ready to be mad.
You can cast skills while mid flight! This means that you can pull some epic mid flight casts. Personally, I don't find this aspect of the spell to be overwhelmingly helpfull, but it still can be fun =D
Channeling spells ( Nunu's ultimate for example) can be interupted with this spell. Make an enemy mad when you interupt that pant ult, the nunu ult, or the fiddlesticks casting crowstorm!

Hexplosive Minefield (E)
This spell is what(in my opinion) makes Ziggs as strong as he is. Even with the fact that the damage is cut in half for every extra mine they hit, it does insane damage. If some fool decides to charge you, you can drop mines in front of them and deal around 20% of their health or more. With this damage you can also use it as a zone controller. This means that you can actually seal off exits, forcing them to take one path. When they do this and are low, the only place they can go is the other path, meaning its relatively easy to land your R. You should max this second as it isn't your bread and butter but it's not utility. It's a lot of damage and some utility.

Mega Inferno Bomb (R)
This ultiis crazy for so many reasons, let me list a few reasons why
The AP ratio is .9
Its range is insane, about the range of Pantheons ult or better.
It has a pretty nice sized hit box.
He screams something hilarious every time he uses it!
Now here is why his ulti is not the most OP thing since bread...
It gives off a warning before it lands (about 1.5 seconds)
To do full damage they have to stand in the center, which even the worst of players would try and move out of that
It takes a while to land after it is shot, around 2 seconds if you cast it on yourself. (it's longer the farther you punt it)
Enemies can dodge it if they are not slowed or stunned, meaning that long ranged snipes are rather difficult to land.
Can be dodged or survived due to flash, ghost, jumps, heals, shields, passives, potions, Jesus, team mates pulling them out of your ult, endless rage, hourglassing, and Chuck Norris randomly eating it mid flight.