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Ziggs Build Guide by Marsdreamer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Marsdreamer

Ziggs *The Hexplosive Anti-Mid, Mid.

Marsdreamer Last updated on February 14, 2012
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This is my first build, but it is a method to playing Ziggs I have yet to see and have had some pretty good success with in the current meta. Please take a look at how it's set up and at least try it out a couple times before you vote. Thanks for reading and I hope this guide serves you as well as it has me.

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Pros / Cons


+Insanely high damage output
+Very strong harass capabilities
+Very long spell range (Especially his ult)
+Very strong mid game
+All spells are AOE
+Dat crazy laugh

-Spells are skill shots, and easy to avoid
-Very mana hungry early and mid game
-Very, very squishy
-Very item dependent
-MR can shut him down completely

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The Standard Items

The Items are so far a big part of how this build is relatively different than the top Ziggs builds I have seen. I start off with a Doran's Ring, which is pretty standard for any AP Carry. After that, if I'm getting harassed a lot I'll B, buy another Doran's and then tele back into Mid in order to not lose out on any XP. If you're NOT being harassed badly, then don't get the 2nd Doran's and go straight into Boots and a Amplifying Tomb.

After Amplifying Tomb build into Kage's Lucky Pick. For me this is a must have. Despite the fact that Ziggs is an amazing farmer, an extra gold per 5 is still a very valuable item even if you are winning your lane -- It will allow you to widen the gap between your enemies and yours' farm. With this gold item giving you quite an early bursty benefit and extra income, it's an easy pick.

After Kage's build into Rabadan's Deathcap as quickly as possible. At this point you should be able to farm creep waves extremely effectively. After the laning phase just throw your Hexplosive Minefield and your Bouncing Bomb on a creep wave, you'll obliterate the mage creeps and leave the warriors at very low health, easy for farm.

After Rabadan's things can diverge quite quickly from the above item sequence (Which is just a "standard"). You always need to focus on what the enemy is building. If you see a lot of MR, quickly buy into a Void Staff to mitigate that. However what I like to do is build into Deathfire's Grasp right after Rabadan's. This will make you insanely damage crazy and more bursty than your opponents realize. Openning with your Deathfire spell, and then a Bouncing Bomb will probly take any champions health down from 100% to near around 40% depending on who you're hitting.

After this, the rest of the items are pretty self explanatory. Will of the Ancients is an amazing team fight item that will help you out immensely in prolonged battles, Rylai's Crystal Scepter will give you some extra needed HP as well as some nice slowing, allowing you to escape and/or chase your opponents.

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Alternative Items

-- This item pretty situational, but a good trick to have if you find you're getting focused in teamfights often. If you can time it right the enemies AD or AP carries will blow their spells on you before they realize you're invulnerable, and then you can smash them right back.

-- I like this item a lot, and especially on Ziggs, but despite the fact that it gives you AP + AP scaling off your mana, you do lose more AP than if you're buying other items in the standard build. However this item does hold its weight if you're facing a relatively tanky character in lane. Sometimes, if you find your harassment is falling short due to lack of mana it's a good idea to pick up Tear of the Goddess and build it into Archangel's Staff later on.

-- This is another one of my favorite situational items because it just works so synergistic with AP carry builds. The added MR, Ability Power, and -Ability Power Aura is amazing if you're up against a fairly AP heavy team with MR.

-- This item right here is a game changer and a must have if your enemy has either really fed AP champs or characters like Lux , Blitzcrank, and Annie. Negating the first spell on you is paramount to teamfights and often lets you get out of a stun or slow which would otherwise kill you.

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Masteries are pretty self explanatory. A standard Ranged AP Carry build, nothing really fancy here.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells, The good and the bad.

The Good.

-- A must have for most champions. Helps you get out of sticky situations and/or tower dive your opponents if need be (although with Ziggs' range, that shouldn't be needed often).

-- I like taking Teleport on Ziggs more than Ignite because I find myself needing to get around the map quickly as well as it's substantial help to my early laning phase. Teleport allows me to go B and get back to lane before any experience is lost.. Or ya know. My tower.

-- I am not a huge fan of Ignite, but it has it's uses and if no one else on your team has it, then you should probly take it. It is invaluable for shutting down Warwick and Mundo as their regen is insane. What people use this skill more for these days is adding extra damage to a combo, which in itself is not a bad idea, but with Ziggs, I find his range is so long that I rarely have the opportunity to get close enough to use Ignite effectively.

The So-So

-- I haven't toyed with Surge on Ziggs, but a lot of people have good success with this Summoner Spell. If you like it and have use with it, it isn't a terrible choice as the buff to your Ability Power is pretty significant.

-- Ghost in general is a good Summoner Spell, however it is just more useful on other champions. I don't really recommend it for Ziggs, but it can allow you to chase or escape more effectively.

-- Clarity is another one I toyed with and it can be helpful in a pinch, especially because Ziggs has serious mana issues throughout early and mid game, however I find having Teleport mitigates this issue a little more and is more versatile. If you have an entire team of mana users and no one taking clarity though, it might not be a bad choice.

The Bad.

-- Heal is awful for Ziggs, best left for the support characters. If you're caught out of placement then you're going to die as Ziggs is almost as squishy as Lux. So Heal wont save you and without a strong support on your team (who should already have some sort of heal) it won't change the tide of the fight too readily.

-- Pretty Self Explanatory, if you're caught, you're dead. Plain and simple.

All the others ;)

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The Runes are what make this build "The Anti-Mid". With the new Meta, you'll pretty much always see some sort of Ranged AP champion going mid. We can use this to our advantage by slotting in some MR Glyphs. This is a pretty effective way to counter your enemies mid lane as they will by default be doing less damage to you and allow you to trade/harass more effectively.

Marks: For marks you'll definitely want Greater Mark of Insight and nothing else. These give you the most Magic Pen for any of the Runes and Magic Pen is what you want and need.

Seals: For Seals I like to use per level AP. These would be Greater Seal of Force. I like the scaling ones better because roughly by the time you've maxed your Q, these runes are already doing more than flats, however using flat AP runes would give you a significant boost in your early game and would help you win your lane better. All in all it's your preference, I just prefer per levels.

Glyphs: As stated before we want MR glyphs. For these I prefer flats ( Greater Glyph of Warding) simply because the 1.49 MR is going to give you +14 MR to start off with, which is a serious advantage if you're laning against another AP champion. I haven't tried per level MR Glyphs in this build yet, but they could also be a viable option as by the time spells really start doing damage, your Greater Glyphs of Shielding will be paying off better. In the end it's all up to you, but I find the extra starting MR gives you a good early game boost.

Quints: For Quints you really only want Greater Quintessence of Potency. This will give you an extra 15 AP at the start, which is a significant boost to all your spells and your passive.

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Undoubtedly the skills are what make this champion so much fun to play. All his abilities are useful, effective, and have a unique feel to them that makes Ziggs, well, Ziggs.

-- Ziggs' passive is rather amazing and it is what makes him such a great lane harasser. Don't underestimate this ability, it will win you your lane. Like it states, you're adding 13 + (7 x your level) + 35% of AP to your autoattacks every 12 seconds (or less). Right off the bat at level one your auto attacks should be hitting at around 90 damage! This is more than some champions level 1 abilities.

-- Ziggs' bread and butter is this spell. scaling off of 65% of AP and dealing a substantial amount of damage at any point in the game (Early, mid, or late) this ability will destroy your opponents. That is if you can hit with it. Only use this spell for harassment early on, it doesn't do enough damage to creeps early game to be a useful farming ability and since Ziggs is very mana hungry, you don't want to be throwing your spells around willy-nilly.

-- Essentially a utility and soft crowd control spell, this ability, if used correctly, can be extremely effective. Careful though, you might end up killing yourself or your allies with it if used incorrectly. All in all, it isn't a great damage dealer, so level it last, what we really want is the escape potential. If a jungler pops out of the brush, throw down your Hexplosive Minefield to slow him and then drop your satchel in a place where it will bounce him away from you and propel you back towards your tower. If he still is hanging around after that failed gank; Hit him with your passive and a Bouncing Bomb for good measure ;)

-- This is an amazing spell all around and has many uses. One single mine doesn't do too much damage, but if you get someone trapped in the middle, they'll take quite a lot of hits before they can get out. Use this spell to take out someone's escape route during a harass so they take even more damage (potentially killing them) if they run away. Alternatively (as stated above) you can drop these down when you are trying to escape to slow down any would-be chasers. Lastly you can use this ability to close out a lane during combat. If you're taking Dragon or Baron, throw this down where your enemies might approach from. Not only will they be delayed, but they'll take a good amount of damage, allowing your team mates to either pounce and take a kill or escape Scott free.

-- Ziggs ultimate is insane. It covers roughly half the map (range 5300) allowing you easy access to any champions escaping or if a teamfight is shaping up without you there, drop your inferno bomb down for your 'explosive' entrance to the battle. Unfortunately this ability has a rather length CD so don't spam it left and right. Try to save it for teamfights or as a last hit when your enemy is somewhere around 35% HP to finish them off.

(as a Sidenote to Mega Inferno Bomb if you're teamed up with a Lux, try and work together with your ults. Both combined can shave about 70% life off of any champion, and if you line it up so you're hitting every (or close to every) enemy in a team fight it is a wicked deadly combo.

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Skill Sequence

>>> >>>

The skill sequence here is pretty self evident, but I'll go over it in small detail. You always want to open your Auto Attack Short Fuse, then hit with your Bouncing Bomb almost simultaneously. If you've closed the distance or they've come closer, shut off their escape with Hexplosive Minefield.

Your Satchel Charge can be used for two different functions now, either to propel yourself towards them and chase or if you can instead knock them backwards towards you. Now your Short Fuse will be off CD so hit them again with your Auto Attack and then hit them again with another Bouncing Bomb (Which should also be off CD). If they're still alive, give them some credit.... But blast them with Mega Inferno Bomb anyway.

As a side note -- In early game harassment should consist of jabbing with Short Fuse and then a Bouncing Bomb whenever they get too close. You will do an extraordinary amount of damage (probly more than they can trade back) and after 3 or more of those, they'll have to b.
For a more heavy harassment, do the same, but drop your Hexplosive Minefield behind them and hit them with a second Short Fuse for the added damage. After every trade you should always follow it up with your auto attack when your passive is off CD, I can't tell you how many kills I've netted just by last hitting my enemy with Short Fuse as they run back towards their tower.

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All in all, Ziggs is an amazing AP carry if used correctly. His ult can readily change the turnout of any team fight and he has an insane amount of bursty damage that can take down anyone silly enough to not purchase MR. That being said Ziggs is a very finesse based champion to play, landing his skill shots are paramount to success and learning where to be in teamfights as well as when to blow your Hexplosive Minefield and Satchel Charge separates the good Ziggs, from the bad.

Well, thanks for reading, please remember to comment and vote, but please try out the build before you do!

>>Mars out.

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Edit Log

Nothing as of yet, but let me know of any ideas you have or typos you find! Thanks!