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Zilean Build Guide by ThatGamerDan

AP Carry zil gonna give it to ya

AP Carry zil gonna give it to ya

Updated on July 1, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThatGamerDan Build Guide By ThatGamerDan 2,353 Views 0 Comments
2,353 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ThatGamerDan Zilean Build Guide By ThatGamerDan Updated on July 1, 2016
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zilean is a hit or miss for most people. they either love him, or they hate him. and this is what you need to know for learning to play one of the strongest champions in league.
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now, lets go quickly over the runes, and lets start with the truth- they are a pain in the *rse. they give you absolutly 0 defences, and they start to be effective post-lvl-11. but what you need to understand about zil is that you cant go "ham" with him. he is an entirly poke-based champion. he has only 2 things that scale off ap, one of them is a heal. the runes need to be effective in the mid-late game, because zilean is a fantastic team-fighter, and you need to stay with him in the back-line. and before rabadons, the ap you have is hovering only around the 300 zone.
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the masteries focus mainly on sustaining your mana in lane and dealing some extra poke here and there. that is very important, since zil runs out of mana very quickly. theres nothing too deep here, just know when to stop poking and when to continue.
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now, this is where it gets wierd. zil uses a bit off-meta build, but it helps him the most because of his late-game insane burst damage. the ap he gets off the combination of the runes and the seraph's+rabadons is ridiculous. and dont forget that his bombs scale with 90% AP!
now, the other build they i put there may do a bit more damage, but your trading it in with utility and cdr. zil is very cdr-relient, and the lack of it hurts him a lot.
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Team Work

teamwork is the key to success with zilean. you requiere a surprising amount of early ganks, so its best your jungler wiuld be someone like a shaco, anyone who can deny jungle farm for a long time.
in the mid-late game, zilean is one of the biggest play makers, along-side janna and leona. the ability to stun a 5-man groupd up team is insane, and shouldn't be taken lightly. his stun is also wider than leonas ult, and unlike leona, the scalings on the stun + 2nd bomb combo is, in fact, insane.
another thing that should be taken into account is how strong your ult is. it can, at rank 2 and 3, almost refill a tanks healt bar. one of the biggest issues with the tank meta is that usually in-game there are only 1+1/2 tanks- the jungler+top-laner who builds bruiser, or the top-laner+jungler who builds bruiser, and from time to time the support is tanky, as well(but those are a rare exception).
if the jungler is someone tanky, for example, volibear,who deals stupidly high damage, the ability to refill his health bar and throw him again and the enemy team is insane.
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Pros / Cons

-high utility
-low cd insane burst damage
-a fantastic wave clear post 6
-an insane back-line team-fighter
-in the current tank meta, the abilty to almost completly fill a tanks health after death is overpowerd af.

-no mobilty at all, with the exception of flash
-an insane amount of counters
-early ganks will desroy your game and will snowball your team to oblivion
-the lack of early ganks leaves you open too much, unlike other mid-laners
-if the enmy team gets ahead, with only some rare exception zilean cannot catch up whatsoever
-almost no outplay potential
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zilean is a hit or miss. the play-style that i showd in this guide is not for everyone, and not a lot of people are gonna enjoy it. but if you can utilize zileans burst and team-fighting ability, he is a hidden op. if your not against your counters, and you communicate with your jungler, your options in the game are endless.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ThatGamerDan
ThatGamerDan Zilean Guide
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zil gonna give it to ya

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