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How do I create paragraphs in the matchup section?

Creator: AngrySprayer June 9, 2019 1:10pm
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Jun 9th, 2019
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I press enter to create a new paragraph, but it doesn't work; neither does trying to make a list.
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Oct 19th, 2018
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If you're talking about the Matchup/Counter section (meaningly the red and green section before the guide starts), then your not supposed to be able to do that. It all has to be one sentence.
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Jun 26th, 2011
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As Fruxo said, stuff like spacing and BBCode doesn't work in the threats/synergies descriptions. They're meant to be brief overviews of the champion. If you want to make a more in-depth section, you could still do that in the body of the guide if you like.
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