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Why i cant find my guide ?

Creator: XxPlayHardxX July 25, 2019 6:56am
XxPlayHardxX's Forum Avatar
Nov 6th, 2018
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I just made a beautiful guide and published it but I don't find it anywhere, not even on my profile,in guides, :((((
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Oct 19th, 2018
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Do you have a link to your guide? Like when it was in the making or if you still have it opened etc. Maybe you published it on accident as a guest, or maybe it wasn't published at all. Maybe you archived it? You'll have to be a bit more specific otherwise the staff won't be able to help you my guy.
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Jun 26th, 2011
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It doesn't look like there are any guides attached to your account. Try searching for the guide by its title or the champion you made it for. If you published it as a Guest and can find the guide, I can assign it to your account.
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