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Did I make the right move? Or was I actually in...

Creator: iBradlee August 19, 2011 9:36pm
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iBradlee's Forum Avatar
Aug 11th, 2011
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Mmkay, so I have a question that I would very much like answered :)

Here's the situation I was in (Mid-ish Game):
Blitz and I (Corki) just finished with a small 2v3 fight, near the enemy's jungle. After the small fight, the 2 enemies left retreated back to base. I was at about 3/4 heath, maybe a tad more, and Blitz was about half . We both retreated into the jungle, where Blitz entered the brush. A few seconds after he did, 3 enemies came towards where he was. I stopped where I was going (Still out of the opponent's sight), to try and watch over him, in case they found him, and I could potentially provide some damage output. Well, they found him. He pulled Rammus (who was less than 1/2 health, and a few levels behind), while Ryze and Annie ran forward to attack. I came towards them, and targeted Annie (Reason being, I was laning with Ryze early game, and pretty much dominated him. He was also a few levels behind, and was obviously not all that good.) I drew Annie's fire, and killed her within a few seconds. Then started on Ryze when, inevitably, Blitz died. I Valkyrie'd out afterwards, and went back to base.
Blitz then started saying a bunch of stuff, such as "WTF Corki?!" "You ****ing suck!" blah blah.
I calmly explained, that I did what I could. I took out Annie, and almost Ryze aswell.
He then responds with something along the lines of: "dude are you stupid??? Rammus was the one hitting me!!" blah blah blah. Even though all three of them OBVIOUSLY were attacking him. I left it at that, and continued playing.

So, my question: Did I do the right thing? SHOULD I have targeted Rammus first, instead of Annie?
Now, understand, I'm not asking this to boost my ego or anything, to know that I was right. I don't simply want the satisfaction of being right. I'm absolutely 100% OK with being wrong, if I actually am. I honestly just want to know, so that I can improve. If I made the wrong move, then I want to be able to fix that, and do it right next time.
Dakirokor's Forum Avatar
Aug 17th, 2010
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Deffinatly going for annie was the best idea since she does a lot more damage than ryze. that blitz is just stupid if he really thought you should have gone for rammus who probably wasnt doing that much damage anyway
Kolraider's Forum Avatar
Aug 19th, 2011
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3v2 is stupid. The next time don't fight and back.
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Mar 20th, 2011
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I think he was probably pissed off you didn't kill Ryze as well.

You made the right decision - it would have been useless to target Rammus anyway, as he most likely had Defensive Ball Curl up, and it would have returned damage to you.

If you had Exhaust up, you should have used it on Ryze to lower his damage and get another kill before fleeing.

Unfortunately, the enemy team got the better end of that deal, 2 assists and a kill compared to 1 kill and 1 assist. If you had killed Ryze too (and not died), then it definitely would have been worth it.
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iBradlee's Forum Avatar
Aug 11th, 2011
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Mmkay, thanks for the input guys. Just wanted to make sure :)

@Kolraider Yes, I'm very aware 3v2 is stupid in most circumstances, which is why I didn't plan on initiating whatsoever. BUT, when the enemy started attacking, I knew that if I positioned correctly I could provide some damage, and POSSIBLY kill the two ranged (which I almost did, before Blitz died) while still staying pretty much safe, myself. If played correctly I had almost nothing to lose. So, why not? Valkyrie and Ghost were off CD. I could pop over the wall, and outrun 'em all whenever I decided to.
deathalo44's Forum Avatar
Apr 15th, 2011
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Don't worry, its his fault. Hooking a target in a 2v3 is suicide, expecting one person at least to die is normal.
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Welcome to Free Blitz Week.
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Six Nails's Forum Avatar
Jun 1st, 2011
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best thing to do would be ping away from bush and type b alot. that would be the page from the six nails play book lol
iEatEmoKids's Forum Avatar
Aug 22nd, 2011
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The problem was that two high-damaging AP bursts weren't able to kill you. I personally would've stood behind Blitzcrank, snipe out Rammus, and just exit the fight. But I can't say whether you made the wrong or right decision. I don't know enough about your situation and the build/technique of the enemy champions.

However, you did kill off Annie, the enemy's AP Carry, which is good.
UltimateHavok's Forum Avatar
Aug 4th, 2011
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A few things.

Why did Blitz decide to Rocket Grab Rammus? Or was that an accident? Why did he decide to Rocket grab at all with three people coming while you were at lower health, unless he had no escape route? But if Overdrive wasn't on CD, which it sounds like it probably wasn't I don't see why he stayed, especially if he had flash.

The Blitz sounds like he doesn't know what he's talking about or doing, or he's just one of those people (there's a lot of them in LoL) that get mad at whatever decision anyone makes and blames the team doing bad on everyone else, or at least anyone but themselves. No one seems to want to accept that they suck or ****ed up.

But yea, in a scenario like that, take out the heavy-hitting squishies first, or if one was already really low knock em out quick, but save burst for the hardest hitting squishy or carry.

In this case, it probably was the best idea to take out Annie first since she was the highest leveled and the biggest threat. After that, focus the underleveled Ryze, and save the underleveled tank that is most likely dishing out the least amount of damage for last. If Rammus is hitting harder than Ryze or Annie, than something is seriously wrong here. Although Rammus can dish out some really good damage if played correctly.

But why would you focus the weakest, and probably hardest to kill enemy champion first? That's simply not smart.

It's possible you could have gotten off another kill or two, but without knowing the exact situation (which I couldn't know without have been playing it) it's hard to say. But from what it sounds like, you did good with what you had to work with.
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