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Mentor Thread

Creator: PsiGuard May 7, 2016 12:57pm
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Jun 26th, 2011
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This is a thread for experienced players to help newer players learn the game through some one-on-one communication. If you're looking to learn, check out the mentor list and contact the mentor that would suit your needs best using the information provided. Please do not send friend requests to mentors unless they mention the in-game client as a way to contact them. Be sure to pay attention to each mentor's area of expertise!

If you'd like to simply ask an open question, feel free to do so in this thread and one of the mentors will likely respond.

Want to be a Mentor?

If you'd like to be added to the list as a mentor, please send me a private message with the following information:

Summoner name:
Main role(s):
Main champion(s):
Preferred contact method:
Other information:

Mentor List

If you are a listed mentor and would like to be removed from the list, just PM me to let me know.

Summoner name: PsiGuard
Server: NA
Rank: Season 4/5/6/7 Diamond
Main role: Jungle
Main champions: Nocturne, Rek'Sai, Warwick, Cho'Gath, Evelynn
Contact method: In-thread questions or PM
Other information: I really like perfecting builds (items, runes, skill orders). Don't have time for replay analysis or live coaching for free but I'm happy to answer questions.
Summoner name: SaltyChocobo
Server: EUW
Rank: Diamond V
Main roles: Mid/Jungle
Main champions: Malzahar, Swain, Lux, Evelynn, Jax, Shyvana
Contact method: In-thread questions or PM
Other information: I think PsiGuard's voice is sexy.
Summoner name: Hibitane
Server: EUW
Rank: Diamond 5
Main role: Jack of all Trades
Main champions: Tryndamere, Jinx, Yasuo, Dr. Mundo, Soraka, Draven
Contact method: Add me in league
Other information: You can ask me any basic stuff. or things you would like to know! :)
Thanks to Jovy for the sig!
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Mar 20th, 2011
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Perhaps this could be linked in the Discord channel ala Coaches?
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Aug 10th, 2017
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I need a mentor((((
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Dec 8th, 2015
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Hey guys, i'm not really new to this site, but this is the first time i've used the forums. I've played league since around the ending of the '13 season and a little bit after the start of '14 season. I've struggled a lot with my elo and have been up and down with my skills in game. There have been times when I have taken long breaks and came back and felt like i've forgotten everything and it seems my mechanics have just degraded every time I have taken a long break. I guess what i'm saying is I would like to know if there would be a mentor willing to communicate with me and guide me through my mistakes. I guess you could say i'm looking for coaching and i'm not sure if this is the right thread for this. If so I totally understand and would appreciate a re-direct. I'm open to any role and i'm willing to keep a positive outlook and stay focused and open to criticism (just be nice please :])
Thank you in advance.
Summoner: Hailbringer2
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Nov 14th, 2017
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well that is pretty interesting

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