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Featured Guide: IKeepItTaco's Jhin Guide

Creator: PsiGuard March 20, 2020 5:59pm
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Featured Guide


[10.6] IKeepItTaco's GrandMaster Jhin guide

I Keep It Taco is a renowned and experienced Jhin main. He's known for his extensive build analyses on both reddit and MOBAFire and recently he put out a definitive guide to playing Jhin on the current patch! This is a great opportunity for any players looking to learn a new champion in the Bottom lane or to understand Jhin's strengths, weaknesses and build options better. The guide is also beautifully coded by Hoppermh which makes it an easy read. Be sure to check out the super detailed matchups section for tips on how to play the laning phase against a wide variety of opponents.

Check It Out Now!

Thanks to Fatelblade for the sig!
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Oct 19th, 2018
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Congrats @ IKeepItTaco, very well deserved. :)
Thanks to Jovy for the sig!
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Feb 21st, 2017
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Thank you very much guys :D It's an honor

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