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Guides of the Week! (S9 Week 29)

Creator: PsiGuard July 18, 2019 7:16pm
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Jun 26th, 2011
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A Wholesome Guide for Wholesome Trees [S9] by @ Chromuro
Chromuro's Ivern guide is one of those guides that goes well beyond the standard for a good guide. A quick scan through the guide's contents will demonstrate how much time and effort went into making this guide look great, plus it includes a wide variety of information from varied rune setups to a cleanly organized item build and more.

Ivern is a tricky champion to learn, as his basic jungle clearing mechanics and gank timings are totally different from other junglers. Thankfully, Chromuro has some nicely laid out jungle routes, pathing tips and gank paths which are all key factors in playing Ivern to his highest potential. Also if you're totally new to Ivern and aren't sure how his passive works, Chromuro has a really detailed breakdown in his Skills description section, so be sure to check that out.

Yamikaze's Challenger Katarina Guide by @ Yamikaze
Before I get into the meat of this guide, I've got to take a moment to recognize Hoppermh's work on the coding and graphics here. It's always fun to see guides coded in a really unique way. The guide has a consistent color scheme, nifty images and a pretty fancy flow-chart for the items section that I thought was super cool.

This guide is the combined work of Yamikaze and Chanseul, a former Challenger Katarina main with over 3000 Kat games played. With that expert insight along with Yamikaze's experience in writing great guides, it's no wonder this guide is worth the look. I'd especially recommend checking out the Combos and Team Fights chapters as those are both really important aspects of Katarina play that are both challenging and rewarding to master. If you get your mechanics, positioning and timing down with the help of this guide, you're bound to see success on this Pentakill machine.

[9.14] Embrace Eternity - Thresh Support by @ Jovy
Thresh is one of the most fun supports in the game and his pick rate has always shown in. Even when he's out of meta, he's still one of the most played champions in the game. Thresh has a ton of utility and can fit into just about any team composition, so he's a great champion to learn if you're looking for a reliable support pick that's fun to play. Those interested in learning this versatile champion are in good hands with Jovy's Thresh guide.

Apart from her usual excellent coding and graphics, Jovy's also added some very useful videos and gifs demonstrating various concepts and mechanics you'll be using as a future Thresh master. There's also a ton of gameplay info beyond just the build chapters, which is always great to see in a guide. You'll get a chance to learn about all the key aspects of playing Thresh and the support role in general, from tips to win the early laning phase, to roaming advice, combos, matchups, warding and more!

If you liked any of these guides, be sure to give the authors a vote and comment with your thoughts! See you again next week. :)
Thanks to Lugignaf for the sig!
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Oct 18th, 2015
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Oct 19th, 2018
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It feels like every new featured guide here just get better and better. o.O

Thanks to Jovy for the Sig :)
Exs Xena
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Jun 6th, 2015
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This Ivern guide looks stunning! Thanks a lot @@ Chromuro

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