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A more bruiser-y Jayce

Creator: SpawnOfHell January 29, 2014 1:17am
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Sep 26th, 2011
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Mooninites wrote:

hmm I guess they changed the active, I thought the active was (possibly used to be?) melee only

I'm pretty sure you can also use it while melee, switch to ranged and still enjoy the 6 seconds.
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Jan 8th, 2012
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You can. It's pretty awesome.
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Apr 29th, 2012
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Wow there's been a lot of comments within the time I've been sleeping.

The build I currently run on Jayce is as follows; Mercury's Treads, Youmuu's Ghostblade, Bloodthirster, Last Whisper, Infinity Edge and Guardian Angel

AD caster Jayce (With a splash of crit) is probably the best build for him still. He just doesn't do very much damage without a heavy offensive build and he doesn't have the CC to justify not doing very much damage with a defensive build.

I run CDR boots and Trinity Force rather than Mercs and Ghostblade, but I'll try this out instead.

Muramana is still good if you feel like the game will last forever, or your jungler will never give you blue buff.. but meh...

I mostly play top lane. Mid just doesn't fit with me at all, so I rarely ever get blue buff as a result, unless I take it myself. I suppose if I play mid with a manaless jungler, or hell any jungler since the Spirit changes I could go without it.

utopus wrote:

Yeah OTG's got it right. Defensive boots, Bloodthirster and Last Whisper are core. Jayce CAN be built bruiser i guess, Probably something like Frozen Heart (for defense & CDR & mana), Frozen Mallet, and maybe a Banshee's Veil.

Mallet is bleh. Frozen Heart could work, but I think I would rather Iceborn Gauntlet for the stats since it gives more mana and at least a little bit of damage.

utopus wrote:
The thing is that jayce's spells are just too good to take advantage of. For instance, his Hyper Charge has such good scaling with AD, that not taking advantage of that would frankly be ludicrious.

Yeah I know this, but it's not like I'm trying to shoehorn Jayce into the meta SFC/SV/Randuin's build or anything. I just need to figure out how I can fit tankiness into his build especially since everyone and their mother is running Kha'Zix jungle right now where I play leaving our only real tank to be our support.

luizdeh wrote:

Jayce is fun to play right now because he is underrated. He doesn't have the BEASTLY poke he used to have, but he does still have good poke. Those mana problems though...

Odd. I get the mana issues, but looking at his patch notes I don't see any actual nerfs to his poke damage, other than the one cooldown nerf to Acceleration Gate. Is there some indirect factor I missed?

luizdeh wrote:
20 arp does more for poke than Cleaver would. Also the active is great when you go all-in.

I never liked Black Cleaver on Jayce tbh. Funnily enough I never considered Ghostblade even though I've been running it on Pantheon and Wukong for a while. Got to try this.

So far it looks like I should be sticking to his standard core, then maybe if the situation really demands I build tanky I'll go Randuin's Omen/ Maw of Malmortius/ Spirit Visage for defenses.
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