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League of Legends (LoL) Question: Irelia Season 3 Itemization

Posted in Items | Tags: Irelia Sunfire Cape Trinity Force Wit's End 5,370

  • Ashyia

    Irelia Season 3 Itemization

    Hi guys, since the release of Irelia I always had a kind of bond made between her and myself, even if not playing her constantly I had a very high win rate on Top lane and was able to dominate and carry a game in almost every match. Sadly when preseason of S3 patch appeared I had a lot of issues with playing Irelia as I find it very hard to switch my head to the "Warmog Meta" which is detrimental to overall Assassins such as Akali, Leblanc or Talon. While I understand that certain items were introduced or rebalanced to allow champions marked as assassins I for the most part had a hard time finding the correct balance for Irelia in terms of Damage vs Survivability.

    In Season Two I ran the following Ruenset:

    The logic behind those being

    Reds: I found attack speed working out better than flat damage, despite not being able to clear whole wave with ult at level 6(but at level 8 out of ad per level) I was winning trades with AA's and being able to destroy champions like Udyr and Darius who are considered to be strong coutnerpicks to Irelia.

    Yellows: In order to be able to maintain winning trades on top I am required to have resistance to physical damage which 90% of picks on top lane will deal, those are flat as I need it immediately not for the lategame where I can spec further into from itemization depending if the circumstances require me to.

    Blues: While I understand that there is a possibility of my top enemy on top lane being magic damage based(Nidalee, Elise, Rumble) it is not so likely, and by the time that the game reaches point of teamfights, the per level mr outscales flat mr leaving me with stronger lategame.

    Quintessences: I use orb walking(Sorry for using DotA term, if you don't know what orb walking is, it is a technique used to allow to reposition yourself while attacking constantly without loosing dps from auto attacks) unconsciously when playing Irelia, being able to start with 405 movement speed was winning me most of matchups for example vs Garen I could freely run away from his Q avoiding all the damage, it also made no hard cc junglers useless versus me and made my painter a flourishing whirlwind of 460 movement speed death.(if you got the reference you're awesome)

    And Following Masteries:

    In short focusing on movement speed, late game dmg, and strong laning due to the regeneration adding to her built in sustain.

    My standard build order consisted of the following, and last two spots were varied depending on the enemy team.

    Skill order R>W>Q>E,(Lvl1 Q E W W)
    Since we have my S2 out of the way here comes the question itself... How can I itemize my Irelia in Season 3. With the way that current meta is shaping I find it hard for myself to find the correct build for Irelia.

    At the moment I was thinking of cloth/potions or potions with wards into shoes with Phage, into Sunfire Aegis into Wit’s End into Trinity Force then sell everything and get 6 warmogs since ****allbaylifewarmogmeta? On more serious note I feel too squishy compared to other top laners, and when I get the overly extensive amount of health I have a lot of trouble being this anti carry goddess that Irelia is

    As far as rune changes in S3 go I think of changing the movement speed quintessences into Attack Damage flats since with changes to utility masteries(movement speed being further down in the tree) and increase in base movement speed of champions those don’t give you that much of an advantage anymore when laning and for that matter trading and picking your trades.

    If there is anything major I have missed I will gladly update the post.
  • Answers (2)

    Pluckin Penguin (117) | February 18, 2013 2:02pm
    I don't really like the Phage rush on Irelia right now as the cost has gone up by quite a bit, but it is still a good item later on. I have done will with rushing a Stinger into a Sunfire Aegis or Warmog's Armor. Late game builds for me have looked something like this Ninja Tabi + Zephyr + Warmog's Armor + Trinity Force + Randuin's Omen + Maw of Malmortius
    Ashyia (1) | February 19, 2013 5:09pm
    I found time for one match tonight, went for Crystalline Flask into Boots and Sunfire Aegis into Phage into Zephyr followed by Ninja Tabi and Zeal at this point the game finished with me having 13/0. I still am not happy with it, and need some further theorycrafting, if anything comes into your mind all input is greatly appriciated, I really want to be omnitop once again.
    Ashyia (1) | February 18, 2013 11:58pm
    My overall problem with Zephyr is that it doesent't provide me with any magic dmg on hit(like Wit's end), ability to deal 100 phsycial dmg, 75 true damage and 40magic damage (yet still gives attack speed)with every hit feels to be mandratory to feel the anti carry position.

    I really appricaite the input and see positive sides of the build, it seems that the movement speed on zephyr could easily make up for change in runeset, as well as provide with some cdr which while not mandratory helps a lot during prolonged teamfights. Come to think of it, Ninja Tabi into Zephyr into Sunfire Aegis should allow the player to get the magic damage by other means(ew. AoE damage aura that is activate when you orb walk an run!). Which could potentially make up for the Wit's end in a lot of cases, and even be better than it when you can't run or need to relocate providing you with a steady source of dps without the need to steadily deal damage from auto attacks.

    I surely will give your build a shoot and thanks for the feedback.
    Meiyjhe (539) | February 18, 2013 6:56am
    This is more an answer than a question :P
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