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Tryndamere General Guide by Tryn or afk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tryn or afk


Tryn or afk Last updated on August 1, 2015
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Hi guys,

im a League Player from Germany.
I play Tryndamere as my main Champion since Season 3.
I reached the Diamond Elo mostly playing Tryndamere.
I have alot of experience with that Champion and I want to share it with you.

Atm im Ranked 30.000 on EUW, thats the Top 1,5% of all Players.
Lolskill listed me as the ~Rank 130 Tryndamere in the World, and Top 40 on EUW.

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About this guide

This is a guide for the advanced players.
I will not talk about what splitpushing is, lasthitting, orbwalking etc.

If you are new to the game and want to learn the basics, there are tons of beginner guides or videos on youtube wich will help you.

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Why Tryndamere? Isnt he a noob champ?

Tryndamere is a very special Champ and hes very fun to play.

Many people say Tryndamere is a noob champ and you can win only with "rightclicking".
This might be true, but only in very low Elo, like Bronze+Silver.
People have no clue how to play against Tryndamere and you can just rightclick them do death.

However, this is not true in Platin or even Diamond, where Im at the moment.
People are very good on this Elo. They know Tryndamere, they know how to play against him.

On very high Level of Skill, Tryndamere is actually very hard to play effectively.
He is not a noob Champ, he is a Champ for the advanced Players.


-He is a very mechanical Champ (Orbwalking etc), you only have Autoattacks to kill your enemys, you need to stay close (=in Danger) all the time to do any damage

-His Ult is very hard to use effectively. You cant just activate it and go fight (like for example Jax), you need to wait till youre low enough to get the full effect.
Especially against burst Champs this Ult is hard to use. If you use it too early, you die, if you use it too late, you die. (Sorry no mana)
Guides dont help you with this, you need alot of experience about other Champions Damage Outputs etc, to use this effectively.

-He has a lot of annoying Counterpicks or lanes that are generally annoying and hard

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Flash+Ignite is the best.

Trust me, I played many games with Ghost and/or teleport, but my Winrate is the highest with Ignite+Flash

Flash is better than Ghost because its just perfect for escaping a dangerous spot or secure a kill. And its a second Escape over the wall if your E is on Cooldown.

The only situation Ghost is better is when you chase a fleeing Enemy.
However, you have E+W for this Situation.

Ignite is the best Spell to make sure you win your lane.
Id rather kill my enemy with Ignite Firstblood, snowball the lane and carry the game, then running teleport and just get killed and waste teleport to go back to lane and then I cant help my team anyway.

Teleport is made for the afk Top farmers like Nasus, Maokai, etc.
Tryndamere is built to snowball, rape people and carry the Game.

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I use full attack speed runes+scaling health and I think this is the best build possible for tryndamere.

A: No. Scaling health is the best yellow rune by far. It will outscale the flat 9 Armor at lvl 6. You are vulnerable in the first 3-4 levels, but get used to it and its no problem. You get a much tankier Mid+Late Trynda. Theres a guy called "Apdo Dog2" aka Incarnation, he was the Rank #1 on EUW SoloQ and he also uses scaling health. For a reason.

A: Yes. AD Runes are not needed on Tryndamere because you get +5AD with every level of your Q and were building heavy AD Items like IE+LW anyway. There is really no need for AD Runes.
Tryndamere scales with attackspeed. Faster attacks = more crits.

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EASY: Anything melee, where you can farm+trade in melee range.
Champs: Jax, Irelia, Nasus, Riven, Darius, Renekton, Trundle etc.

HARD: Ranged Pokers with some escape and/or CC
Champs: Gnar, Rumble, Vladimir, Kayle, Ryze etc.

COUNTERS: Champs with a Kit that just destroys Tryndamere
Champs: Teemo, Quinn, Swain

However, this 3 champs are rarely picked, so you dont have to worry too much about them.
Tryndamere can win those matchups if he is just more skilled, but on the same Skill level these matchups are very hard, close to impossible to win without Jungler.

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I really think this is the best possible way to build Tryndamere.
Ive reached Diamond Elo with this build, and im still winning games and gaining Elo.

If you want to spectate my games or just ask a question, feel free to add me ingame.
Summoner name: sp1

Thanks for reading my guide.


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