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Senna Build Guide by Keny McCormick

Support gold

{10.12} Carry with Support Senna in Low-loqueue

By Keny McCormick | Updated on June 21, 2020
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Glacial Augment
Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery
Approach Velocity

Presence of Mind
Cut Down

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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Heal the ADC
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Support Role
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Support Role
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

{10.12} Carry with Support Senna in Low-loqueue

By Keny McCormick
*This guide is a work-in-progress. For now I want to cover the basics and will expand in more detail later. Please drop your questions or comments below to help me complete this guide.*

{10.12} Patch update: Let's talk about the new buffs. Since this guide is for support Senna, the buffs don't have quite as big of an effect. This buff to soul drop rate on kill will give you more reason to take CS when your ADC is gone or if you need to wave clear mid to late game. Additionally, the bug fix on the crit windup will help late game and may even allow for an I.E. in your build late even as support. Lastly, the Approach Velocity change should be a buff to support senna and taking it is recommended on this patch. If you hit a long range root from W or a slow and they flash away, you will still got the move-speed bonus towards them outside of 1,000 unit range. This also increases her synergy with ADCs with CC since she gets the 7.5% speed boost towards any CC enemies.

As for the grasp build, I've played it a bunch and found that the cost and decreased damage in lack of lethality really does hurt your carry potential. I would only go grasp if you feel really confident in your ADC or you're playing at an elo where you don't think you can carry / expect to be carried.

Hi, I'm Keny McCormick and welcome to my first Mobafire Build. Over the past few months I've been one-tricking Senna support to a career-high rank. I'm currently Gold 2 with a 60% winrate on Senna with over 160 games this season. OPGG link. I would love your feedback on this build and let me know if you tried it. I want to hear how it went and what you liked!

Why I created this build: I felt that some of the other builds missed out on the opportunities Senna has in low-elo soloqueue. I'll go into it more later, but Senna can be the vision Queen, can carry 1v9, and/or support a fed teammate. This guide is geared more towards players in Iron - Gold, but some of it could apply above that rank (however, I can't say that I've tested it there).

What I like about this build and champ: Vision score is insane. CC is great. Healing, shielding, and damage. All of these things make Senna fun to play and it's not too difficult either. She is a straightforward marksman support. If you enjoy playing ADC or poke APs but want an AA killer -- then Senna is your gal. If you are playing this in a low elo then please, feel free to KS early. If you believe in your ability to carry on a champ like Senna, then don't try and hand off kills to your ADC until you feel like you are fed enough that your ADC needs it. You will become the ADC with a couple kills and not worrying about CS. This is where the low-loqueue carry comes in to play.

Here's what's hidden OP in this build: Zombie Ward. I think this rune is slept on for Senna. You always go first item Umbral Glaive which pairs so well with Zombie Ward. After killing 10 wards, you get 22 AD and the passive of a 2 minute ward left behind which will light up the map like a Christmas tree. Senna abuses Umbral Glaive and its 1-shot passive on wards the best. For my average 30 minute game, I tend to have 40 wards placed and 15-25 wards cleared. However, some of the biggest limiters to this is the fact that not many opposing supports ward very often in low elo. This just means that you will be blacking-out the field for them. This build is one of the best ways to increase your vision dominance and put you above the enemy support.

I also like Cheap Shot on this build. If you combine it with your Glacial Augment procs, it gives you ridiculous amounts of true damage. Being able to deal 400 true damage over the first 15 to 20 minutes of the game is nuts. Just try it!

Lethality: Your main build here focuses on lethality. It pairs well with Senna's passive that does a % of max health. You will find yourself being able to 1v1 the enemy ADC if you get a lead or chunk down their tank in a teamfight. However, if things aren't going your way; it's easy to turn this build into a support build where you can heal and shield with Athene's + another healing item.

Tradeoffs: Being a high-damage dealer, you have to know that you are very prone to being erased quickly. Your mobility is not great, but your E - Absolute Mist can help get you and teammates out of sticky situations sometimes. This is why I prefer to take Barrier, since I find myself making dangerous trades or put in situations where I felt like I could have won the fight if I had a little more health. Your damage early can be great if you can apply it repeatedly, but it takes some time to develop strong damage. She's not exactly a feast or famine champ, but the game goes a lot better when you get a kill or two.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Keny McCormick
Keny McCormick Senna Guide
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