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Vayne Build Guide by NediHere

ADC [10.13] Diamond Vayne

ADC [10.13] Diamond Vayne

Updated on January 17, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NediHere Build Guide By NediHere 29 6 38,801 Views 6 Comments
29 6 38,801 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NediHere Vayne Build Guide By NediHere Updated on January 17, 2022
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1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Bone Plating

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[10.13] Diamond Vayne

By NediHere
Hey! My name is Nedi, atm i'm High Diamond Elo player on EUNE. I'm playing with Vayne for few years, so i decided to share with you my experiance. If you won't agree to something i mentioned about, write it in comment, so we can argue! :)

Advantages and disadvantages of Vayne

+A monster in late game
+Good mobility with her Tumble
+May stun with her Condemn
+May be invisible with her Final Hour
+A LOT of true damage with her Silver Bolts
-Seriously bad early game
-Low ranged
-Requires good farm in her early game
-Takes a lot of time to master her

Build, Runes, Abilities


Starter item

That's actually pretty simple. When you're against poke lane (example: Ezreal and Xerath ), always take Doran's Shield. With this item, best runes you got on a 3rd page of runes. On every other lane than poke lane, the better option is Doran's Blade .


Definitly Blade of the Ruined King - this is our core item.


There are only 3 kind of boots that is worth to build on Vayne:
Berserker's Greaves - Main boots, you should build it if there is 'nothing special' (nothing special means cases in next boots) in enemy team
Mercury's Treads - Build it, when you get on lane AP support and APC / If enemy team has more than 2 AP Champions
Ninja Tabi - For full AD team's (when they are fed, if they're not, you can go with berserker's)


After we build Blade of the Ruined King we should focus on:
Guinsoo's Rageblade - It's the core item you should build. Makes your W stacking faster, also gives you +15 Magic Damage per hit and Attack Speed.
Phantom Dancer - This upgrade of Zeal is so good on Vayne. It gives you a shield that protects you from assasins (atleast for some time). It also gives you 25%crit, AS, MS.

If enemy has a lot of AP Champs you can build Wit's End. You can also build
Rapid Firecannon - This item gives you extra range and electrized attack. Build it only when there's nobody in enemy that can oneshoot you and you're hiper-safe.


Here are some other items:
Infinity Edge - If you're not getting one-shotted by enemy fed guy, this is the best item for you. After building it you're just a murder machine.

Frozen Mallet - If you're getting one-shotted you should build it. You're tankier with this item, what makes you a harder target for enemy assasin.
Mortal Reminder - Build it, when enemies have hard healing champion or 3 tanks (or more). If not, it's not really worth to build it.
Guardian Angel - Building it as 4th item is not a bad idea, but i recommand to build it as last item.
Bloodthirster - You can build it instead of Infinity Edge, but i don't recommand it. If you're feeling strong and you have support, that heals or shields you, you can build it instead of Guardian Angel.
Mercurial Scimitar - Build it on hard enemy CC or if some of champs have a long stun and you can't do too much during it (for example - Lissandra's ult, Malzahars' ult)
Death's Dance - build it when in enemy there's a lot of dealing damage champions - with ninja tabi's your armour (build example 3) will be so big that you will be pretty unkillable.


Best runes in my opinion is:
Press the Attack - 3rd shot gives bonus damage and also next attack are stronger. Something perfect for Vayne. Of course, you can find it above!

It's worth mentioning about:
Hail of Blades - take it only when you have to base on small trades at early game or enemy team is all squishy and really easy to kill.

To every runes take Armour or Magic Resist. It depends on enemies you have.

If you are going to play with Press The Attack, you can choose every kind of 2nd tree.

-Choose Resolve if you have a hard lane or you want to just play safe.

-Choose Domination, if you're sure that you got an easy lane and you will win it for sure.

Night Hunter - Passive. Vayne gains bonus +30 Movement Speed while moving toward nearby enemy champions. There's not too much to talk about.
Tumble - Vayne's Q. Vayne rolls a short distance. Next Auto Attack deals bonus Attack Damage.
If you will use it during ending animation (auto attacks) (I talk here about kiting) you can throw fast 2 shots. It saved me many times, if you haven't tried this yet, practice that on practice tool. Also, if you will make Tumble to a wall, it will cancel animation of Q, which mean you can do 2 shots a little faster.
Silver Bolts - Vayne's W. Every 3rd shot, gives Vayne true damage. This is our main damage. Will talk about it in a next stages.
Condemn - Vayne's E. Vayne shots with a bolt, which knocks back enemies. If enemy will hit a wall, he will get stun. Very useful skill, but unfortunetely it costs a lot of mana and has big CD. I don't recommand to spam it like crazy.
If you will flash during animation of Condemn, the position, where enemy will be knocked to, will be moved, basing on your current position. Practice it on practice tool!
Final Hour - Vayne's Ultimate. Gives Vayne bonus AD, Movement Speed and Invisibility while using Tumble for 1 second. If you want to start 1v1, or any kind of fight, it's good to use R as fast as possible.


Early Game

As the first of all, you have to push first wave and 3 warrior minions to reach level 2. Don't push too much, your minions can't be under enemy tower. You can try to go in, if enemies have still 1st level, if they already reached level 2, let support engage, don't go in alone. Also, before level 2 you can try to poke enemy adc by auto-attacking him, but i would focus on pushing lane and reach 2nd level than enemy bot lane. When enemies will get faster 2nd level than you, you should fall back and avoid battle, if enemies won't try to poke you or go in, you can try to farm minions, but you have to be still careful.
Okay let's get into your combo at early game. It goes like this: Auto-Attack -> Tumble -> Auto-Attack -> Condemn . By this combo you will also get 3 shots, which means Silver Bolts will deal big damage. Since Condemn costs a lot of mana, you can use just Auto-Attack as 3rd shot.

If you're losing a lane
Stay back and farm. Now, that's your main objective to do - farm as much as you can. Don't go in, excluding situations when your jungler ganks you. If enemies won't let you get your farm - stay under tower and try to last hit minions, or just catch some experiance.

If you're winning lane

Try to poke enemies as much as you can, using your Auto-Attacks and Tumble and make pressure around minions. Freeze lane, don't let your enemies catch even experiance - but at the same time don't forget about farming, it's still very important. If your minions are under enemy turret, first of all, ward area and make sure enemy jungler or mid laner is not there. If you already did it, try to poke enemies if it's possible. Remember that Vayne has low range of Auto-Attacks, so sometimes it's hard to poke - when you can't do that, hit the tower. Since it gives you 160 gold for every plating + gives money for First Tower destroyed, it's just worth.

Mid Game

This is the time, when Vayne starts to scale. You can try out some 1v1 or even 1v2 if you're fed (and there will be no problems). Don't try to 1v5, maybe you will kill some of enemies and you can do a Youtube Montage, but i'm not sure is this the best way to win a game. Try to take objectives as much as possible - against Dragons or Baron Nashor Vayne has a lot of damage because of her Silver Bolts. Try to make a pressure around Baron Nashor , if your team is winning for the moment. If you will kill a Baron, recall to base, then push all lanes with your teammates (you could go everyone on 1 lane, but i think going on everylane and avoid battles will be much better idea - enemies won't defense 3 lanes if they are losing. Atleast 1 lane will be pushed). If enemies will get Baron buff and will keep near their minions... well, Vayne does't have great wave-clear, so it will be hard with pushing. Try to catch enemies with your team and kill them!

Late Game

Vayne is OP at this time. If you will get a good positioning, the teamfight should be won. Just remember to stand back and don't fight on front lane. You're doing tons of true damage, don't let anyone stop you. Of course, assasins will try to kill you, so remember to stand near your support. Also, you can buy items like Frozen Mallet or Guardian Angel, which will make you harder to kill.

The End

Thank you for reading! Hoped you enjoyed this and learnt a lot! If you don't agree with something or you wanna discuss about any point of this guide - feel free to comment!

Follow my account - probably I will make soon, another guide for other champion!
League of Legends Build Guide Author NediHere
NediHere Vayne Guide
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