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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by wallobear53

Top [10.18] The TOXIC Doctor | a Diamond Dr Mundo Guide

Top [10.18] The TOXIC Doctor | a Diamond Dr Mundo Guide

Updated on September 9, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wallobear53 Build Guide By wallobear53 29 0 53,506 Views 3 Comments
29 0 53,506 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author wallobear53 Dr. Mundo Build Guide By wallobear53 Updated on September 9, 2020
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Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating

Magical Footwear
Approach Velocity

+8 ability haste
+8 Magic Resist
+8 Magic Resist


Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[10.18] The TOXIC Doctor | a Diamond Dr Mundo Guide

By wallobear53
About Me
Hello and welcome to my guide!!! This is my first ever Mobafire guide and I would love for any feedback on how I could improve it. I have been playing League of Legends and using Mobafire for a very long time, and I thought that it was time to give back to the community and help.

I have been playing League of Legends for multiple years and I play a lot of Dr. Mundo, so I thought I would try and help you guys get better at Dr. Mundo so you can play him before Riot reworks him.

Dr. Mundo has a simple kit, but players sometimes struggle to take over the game when playing him and they may fall behind. But in this guide, I will try to help you get ahead and stay ahead when playing Dr. Mundo!

I have used a lot of inspiration from other guides our awesome community has created, and if you think I can improve it in any way, please make suggestions!!!
Summoner Spells
✦ You should always take Flash when Playing as Dr. Mundo because it allows you to escape from sticky scenarios that could overwise leave you for dead. It can also come in handy and be satisfying to Flash Infected Bonesaw someone to finish them off! ✦

✦ The next summoner spell you should take is Teleport. This spell gives you tons of map pressure and allows you to help your side lanes. It can also help you in case you die in lane as you can quickly Teleport back to lane and catch back up. ✦

Taking an offensive summoner spell like Ignite or taking a defensive spell like Exhaust or Barrier will not be very beneficial Dr. Mundo. This is why I recommend Flash and Teleport.
Grasp of the Undying
Grasp of the Undying allows you to deal more damage when trading with the enemy. It is good on Dr. Mundo as it increases his healing in lane, increases his damage output and gives him a little bit more health.

This is a good rune on Dr. Mundo as it allows him to take towers in a more timely fashion when pushing. As Dr. Mundo will be split pushing when there are no team fights happening, you can take towers fast.

Second Wind
After trading, this rune will give Dr. Mundo some health back. This will help him survive in lane. It will also help you in matchups where the enemy has a lot of kill pressure so you don’t have to recall early and fall behind in XP and CS. Alternatively, you could take Overgrowth to get extra defensive stats. Or you could go for Bone Plating if the enemy likes to go for extended trades.

Overgrowth will make you tankier as the game goes along. The more minions that die in lane, the more health you’ll get. Once 120 minions have died near you, your max health will also increase. This is good for Dr. Mundo as he needs lots of health to be the tanky monster everyone fears.

Magical Footwear
Magical Footwear is a good rune if you are in an even matchup. It gives you a free pair of boots which save you some gold in the long run. However, you may wish to change this rune if you’re against a ranged champion so you can opt for an early Ninja Tabi. In those cases, something like Biscuit Delivery would be good.

Approach Velocity
This rune is helpful as it allows you to chase down and kill enemies who have impaired movements. As your Infected Bonesaw will slow an enemy, having this rune will help you get on to the enemy and kill them.

Depending on the matchup, you can take any variation of the final set of runes. For the most part, you’ll always take cooldown reduction, but if you’re against an AD champion, you could go for double armor. If you’re against an AP champion, you can go double magic resist. Or if you’re in an even matchup, you could go for armor and health. Give each of them a try and see what suits you best.

Alternative Runes

Some players might like to take Conqueror over Grasp of the Undying. This is an okay option and will increase your trading power in lane. If you do wish to take this page, make sure you’re in a good matchup and can outtrade the enemy. Here are the remaining runes you can take if you decide to go with this page.

Triumph will restore some of your missing health after getting a kill. This will help with your sustain in lane and in team fights. Legend: Alacrity will provide you with extra attack speed which will help you when trading. Alternatively, you could go Legend: Tenacity to give you more tenacity and escape CC. If the enemy has lots of CC champions, take this one instead! The final rune is Last Stand which will help you deal more damage when you’re lower than 60% health.
Key things to take away from Dr. Mundo’s kit. He has a very simple kit which is easy to master. He has one skill shot on his Infected Bonesaw, an AOE burn with his Heart Zapper, an auto-attack reset on his Blunt Force Trauma and massive healing from his Maximum Dosage. Each of his abilities cost health not mana or energy. Keep this in mind when fighting the enemy and always try to keep these costs in mind.

Adrenaline Rush
Regenerate missing health every 5 seconds. Not much else to say about this one.

Infected Cleaver
Dr. Mundo throws a cleaver in a target direction dealaing damage to the first enemy hit while also slowing them briefly. If Infected Bonesaw hits the target, Dr. Mundo heals for 40% of the cost and 80% of the cost if it hits an enemy champion.

If you’re in a tough matchup or in a matchup where the enemy has higher kill pressure than you, you can result to using your Infected Bonesaw to farm with so you do not fall behind in CS and XP. If the enemy has the range advantage, you will need to do this so you don’t get poked down when you walk up to farm.

Burning Agony
Dr. Mundo can toggle and set himself on fire while gaining tenacity. Enemies that are near him will take magic damage.

If the enemy has CC, activate your Heart Zapper to reduce the time spent locked down. You can also use this ability to fast push and trade with the enemy. Standing in the middle of the wave will help you push faster. Once you have warmogs armor, you can keep this ability active as you’ll have over 3000 health. Before you get this item, you’ll need to be picky when using it.

Passive: Taking magic damage or paying a health cost increases Dr. Mundo’s magic resistance.
Active: Dr. Mundo gains bonus attack damage and empowers his next auto-attack. This ability increases his range and is an auto-attack reset.

To get the most from your Blunt Force Trauma, make sure you auto-attack before activating your Blunt Force Trauma to deal extra damage to the enemy when trading. Your Blunt Force Trauma can be used on towers as an auto-attack reset, but it doesn’t deal extra damage.

Once activated, Dr. Mundo will regenerate lots of health over 12 seconds and gain bonus movement speed throughout the duration.

Active Maximum Dosage as soon as you think you’re in for the long run. It’s important that you activate it early so you can make use of the heal. If you use it too late, you will probably die before you get the health back. You can use your Ultimate to fight the enemy and go for kills. If you are stronger than the enemy, you can bait them into a trade and then activate your Ultimate to kill them.

Here’s a break down on the items that Dr. Mundo can build. I would like to make it clear that he has 2 core items that will need to be built every game which are Sunfire Aegis and Spirit Visage. Depending on the matchup, you can build which one you wish first. In some matchups, you may even want to go Bami's Cinder for the AOE damage and then Spirit Visage. All in all, his build path is pretty diverse and you can build pretty much any tank item on him after you’ve got these two items.

Doran's Shield
Always start with Doran's Shield as it gives you extra protection in lane. This will help you in a variety of ways and will help you survive the toughest of matchups. Take this in conjunction with Health Potion and you’ll be set.

Sunfire Cape
Sunfire Aegis is a really good item on Dr. Mundo as it gives him armor, health and consistent damage when trading with the enemy. Getting this item on Dr. Mundo will offer you lots of protection and also help you push easier. As Dr. Mundo will struggle trading and fighting champions like Renekton or Fiora, this item helps him trade back and make trades more even in lane.

Spirate Visage
Spirit Visage is a good item on Dr. Mundo as it increases your healing and your health. It also gives magic resistance which will help you against AP champions like Vladimir or Lissandra. It also gives Dr. Mundo cooldown reduction which will come in handy.

Mercury's Treads
If the enemy has lots of AP damage or lots of CC, get Mercury's Treads as it will offer you movement speed, magic resistance and reduce the effect of stuns, slows, taunts, silences and general immobilisation.

Ninja Tabi
If you’re against a ranged champion like Quinn or Vayne, getting a first item Ninja Tabi isn’t a bad option as it offers you extra protection in lane. Take note that you cannot get this item early if you’ve taken Magical Footwear. This item offers armor, movement speed and will protect you from basic attacks. Take this item when you’re against a heavy AD team or a ranged laner.

Warmog's Armor
Building a Warmog's Armor is a necessity on Dr. Mundo. As you will be buying items that give you lots of defensive stats, picking up a Warmog's Armor synergises incredibly well with what you want to do and what you need to survive. As Dr. Mundo will get over 3000 health easily, you will make good use of this items passive.

Gargoyle Stoneplate
Gargoyle Stoneplate will offer Dr. Mundo armor and magic resistance which will make him really tanky. You will buy this item for the active which increases your health and overall tackiness. This will make Dr. Mundo be the ultimate tank in a team fight.

Adaptive Helm
If the enemy has damage over time abilities like Rumble, Cassiopeia, Karthus etc or anyone who has tons of magic damage, this item could solve a lot of your issues as it reduces damage taken over time. It is useful against repetitive magical damage. It also gives lots of health regen, 350 bonus health, 10% extra cooldown reduction and 55 magic resistance.

Dead Mans Plate
When you’re against a team with a lot of AD, this is a good item as it gives armor and lots of health. It does have a good passive that will help with trading, but you would get this item for the stats it provides rather than the passive.

Randuin's Omen
When against a team with full AD, this is a good item as it gives armor and health. The Passive is also helpful as it reduces the enemies critical damage to you. Furthermore, the active is also good at helping you stick to enemies that are incredibly mobile.

Example full builds for Dr. Mundo

Vs FULL AD TEAM (In no specific order)

Ninja Tabi, Sunfire Aegis, Spirit Visage, Thornmail, Dead Man's Plate, Warmog's Armor

Ninja Tabi, Sunfire Aegis, Spirit Visage, Dead Man's Plate, Warmog's Armor, Gargoyle Stoneplate

Vs FULL AP TEAM (In no specific order)

Mercury's Treads, Sunfire Aegis, Spirit Visage, Adaptive Helm, Warmog's Armor, Gargoyle Stoneplate

Mercury's Treads, Sunfire Aegis, Spirit Visage, Adaptive Helm, Warmog's Armor, Locket of the Iron Solari.

Situational items:

Here are some situational items that Dr. Mundo can take. I’ll try to break down some of them as we go along. Although, I won’t go into too much detail with these.

Guardian Angel
A good item if you're ahead as it forces the enemy to not only kill you once, but twice. It's a good item in mid and late game team fights.

Trinity Force
A good item if you’re ahead in the early game and it will help you with trading. But, you’re going to delay your core item power spike if you get it first.

Titanic Hydra
Good item if you’re ahead, but again you’ll delay your core item spike.

Wits End
Not a bad option against enemies who are full AP. You could get this against AP laners too.

Boots of Swiftness
Gives you lots of movement speed and reduces slowing effects. Good against enemies with lots of slows/ disengage.
Early Game
The early game for Dr. Mundo consists of surviving, poking and trading. In the early game, it’s important that you do not let the enemy poke you down or force you to recall. If the enemy does poke you down, you’ll start to fall behind.

Once you get to lane, make sure you hit level 2 before or at the same time as the enemy laner. You can do this by getting the first minion wave and 1 melee minion on the second wave. Getting this before the enemy can allow you to either look for a trade or prevent a trade.

When laning against someone with the range advantage, you have to be somewhat passive early on so you do not get poked down or killed. Be prepared to sacrifice some CS for XP and health so the enemy doesn’t poke you down with the range advantage. In particular, you may need to sacrifice a little CS when you’re against Vayne or Quinn.

However, you do not have to sacrifice too much when you’re in a tough matchup. Dr. Mundo is one of the few champions who can use his Infected Bonesaw to farm with from afar so you can still get gold. While you will lack some lane pressure, it is not a bad option when you’re at a disadvantage.
When laning against champions with strong all-in potential. It’s a good idea if you keep the minion wave closer to your side of the map. This will reduce their all-in potential, make it safer for you to farm and it should make the laning phase a lot easier.

From levels 1-4, you should try to play safer and avoid fighting. Once you’re level 4, you can look to play more aggressive and go for kills. Up until that stage though, you should be picky about fighting. You do not have to fight when you’re in a tough matchup.

Once you have your first item (or the first part for your first item), you can start looking to trade with the enemy. In particular, if you’re going Sunfire Aegis first, you can start to trade with the enemy thanks to Bami's Cinder.
Mid and Late Game
During the mid-game, you should be split pushing and/or grouping with your team. While no team fights are happening, put yourself in a side lane with Teleport and try to siege an objective to open up the map further. If somebody matches you, you could try to fight them, or force a play in an alternative lane.

If the Baron is up, you could split push the bottom side of the map if you have Teleport available, if not you might need to split on the top side so you can rotate to the Baron in case your team starts to take it. The same method exists for the Dragon too.

If your team is looking to siege or fight, make sure you’re with them. Especially if you’re stronger in a team fight. When you do group with your team, make sure you’re always to the front of your team so you can be the frontline for your team. This will also give Dr. Mundo the potential to catch someone out of position and all-in them with your Infected Bonesaw.

When there are no objectives to take, make sure you’re sticking with your team so they can fight and siege together. It’s important that you stick with your team in the later stages of the game as the enemy may try to pick your team off or engage as soon as you are away from them.

The mid and late game is very similar to lots of champions and after you’ve played Dr. Mundo a handful of times, you’ll get the hang of what you need to do.
Team Fights
Team fighting for Dr. Mundo is very simple. All you do is run at the enemy right?! Well, not exactly. Dr. Mundo is a tank so he will need to be in the frontline whenever his team is sieging or looking to fight. If Dr. Mundo is in the backline, the enemy will engage on to his carries which will result in his team losing the team fight. This is why it’s important that whenever you’re playing as Dr. Mundo, you’re in the frontline.

When a team fight occurs, you have 2 choices on who to focus.
    • You can run towards the enemy backline and focus the enemy carries.
    • Peel and protection your team from the enemy engage
If you have an assassin mid laner or somebody who can get on to the backline with you, focusing the enemy backline will force them to focus you which will provide your team with time to kill the frontline and move on to the backline.

If your team doesn’t have assassins or anyone who is strong, you could still focus the backline if you’re ahead, but if the enemy is ahead, you might not be able to this. Especially if the enemy frontline is ahead.

Team fighting may be difficult for Dr. Mundo, so there are some things you can do to make it easier for you to get on to the enemy backline. First off, you can attack and flank from the side. This isn’t a bad option as it gives the enemy less time to react and disengage. Alternatively, you can use your Infected Bonesaw to slow them down, activate your Maximum Dosage and then run towards them.

Whenever the enemy frontline is ahead, you shouldn’t be focusing the enemy backline. Instead, you should be peeling for your team and protecting them against the enemy frontline. This will give them time in a team fight to reposition, dish out damage and hopefully survive. As Dr. Mundo can either peel or go headfirst into the enemy, you should default to peeling if you’re behind.

To conclude, team fighting for Dr. Mundo depends on the situation at hand. If the enemy isn’t ahead, you can run face-first into the backline with your allies. However, if you’re team as a whole is behind, you will need to peel and protect your allies.
Matchup Advice
PLEASE NOTE: I have rated the matchups depending on how much of a threat they're to you during the early game. You may disagree with some of the ranking's I have given the champions, but this is based on my personal experience laning against them. Also, the advice listed ma not always be suitable for Dr. Mundo in every game as this advice is mostly general matchup advice I've created and given in the past.
Stay behind minions or ensure there is one minion between you and him at all times so it is impossible for him to land his W on you which is usually how he will start a trade. By standing behind a minion at all times, it will be impossible for him to land it. Before initiating a trade with Aatrox, make sure his Passive is down. If you trade when his Passive is up, he will deal a lot of extra damage in a trade. Wait for him to consume it on a minion before initiating a trade. Try and stay out of his Q sweet spots by moving out of range of them. On the first Q, move closer to him. On the second Q, move to the side and on his third Q, run away.

Try and ensure that you’re always behind at least 1 minion at all times. If there is always a minion between the two of you, it will be impossible for her to land her E on you and engage. Akali is very prone to poke. Try to poke her down as much as you can to make it much harder for her to look to trade with you. Play around Akali’s Shroud W. Once it’s down, you should look to trade with her. If she activates it mid-fight, back off until it’s down. The invisibility it provides can make it hard for you to kill her, so playing around it will ensure you come out ahead.

Camille is an excellent duelist but doesn’t do that well against poke based champs. Try to poke her whenever possible as it will allow you to get a lead over her. Best time to do so is when she is trying to farm. Try to stay in the middle of the lane as it will help you dodge Camille’s E easily. It is her main engage tool and she should be punished if she happens to miss it or use it carelessly. Camille’s Ultimate is obnoxious and limits the area which can be used to kite away from her and dodge her abilities. Try not to get cornered in her Ultimate and use any displacement spell possible to take her out of her Ultimate’s boundaries.

Cho’Gath is weakest during the early game when he doesn’t have a stacked Passive. He is very immobile so you should work with your team to poke him and kill him quickly. His knock-up is his main CC tool and needs to be avoided at all costs. If you have any mobility spell on you, use it to dodge it as getting hit by it will allow him to use his Ultimate on you and possibly kill you. Keep a track on Cho’Gath’s whereabouts on the map. If he leaves lane, he may be helping his Jungler do a Neutral Objective. Scout around and see if you can kill him before he can use his Ultimate on the Objective.

His healing mostly comes from the edge of his Q so moving into his champion model or away from him stops him from getting the heal on the edge. Darius' Passive stacks up over time through his Auto-attacks or his Q. Be cautious to not let it keep stacking as it will build up to a lot of damage and will be a good way to finish you off in an extended fight. He has a strong early game skirmishing potential, so be careful as he can do a surprising amount of damage, as well as sustain himself. You may want to consider investing in Grievous Wounds to counter his sustainability.

Fiora excels at duelling and will win fights if you let her proc her Passive ‘Vitals’. Do your best to prevent her from doing so, and punish her if she uses her Q to dash in and secure her Passive. Fiora’s W is not to be underestimated in the lane as she can counter-CC you if you use it improperly. Try to poke her down first and then you can go for an all-in once her W is down. Baiting her W is very important so make sure you do that first. She excels at 1 v 1’s so make sure you stick with your team and help them when possible. Don’t let her get access to your backline and try not to get picked off before a major fight happens.

His Q allows him to close the distance between him and you so do your best to space properly or his Q can catch you off guard which will allow him to go for a short burst trade with the rest of his abilities. Once he gets his Ultimate R, it is important to dodge his Ultimate sideways as the range if the Ultimate is quite long. Getting hit by it at long range basically means death so try to use your mobility spell to get out of its path. Fizz’s E allows him to escape sticky situations with ease. Baiting it out will expose him to ganks and will also allow you to all-in him easily. It has a long Cooldown and he should be punished for using it carelessly when possible.

Galio will be looking to both CS as well as poke you with his Q so you will need to stay out of the minion wave for the most part which will force him to choose between Q’ing the wave or you. Space properly when fighting Galio as his E>W combo can be devastating for you and can deal a lot of damage in a very short duration. It can also expose you to ganks and follow up damage so make sure you sidestep his E. His Ultimate R allows him to impact team fights all around the map so if he leaves the lane for even a bit then make sure that you let everyone on the map know that Galio is missing and shove in the wave. Don’t let his roams go unpunished.

In the laning phase, his combo is quite obvious as he has no gap closers. When he begins to run at you, moving away will stop him from getting his damage off. Just focus on kiting him and damaging him with your ranged abilities while he is charging at you. Garen’s W gives him a shield, so make sure to save your damaging abilities until after the shield runs out so that the shield does not absorb the damage or worse, an ability’s damage. Garen has a lot of in-built healing from his Passive, but the healing stops when he has taken damage recently. Regular trades can reduce his Passive healing drastically.

Your spacing should be really well against him in this lane so that you have ample time to get out of his Q slow before he can reach you. Since he will be going AP, his Q will form the major part of his damage so make sure you dodge it at all costs. Build up a big wave before pushing in to prevent Gragas from being able to directly engage on your with his E. Otherwise, he can W>E>Q you and then finish you off with his Ultimate R quite easily. If he uses his W or Q to clear the minion wave, look to trade with him as he will have no reliable follow up damage to his E. Be wary of the enemy Jungler as Gragas can set-up ganks quite easily.

He relies heavily on his Q to dish out consistent DPS during the early game so make sure you don’t let him do that and walk out of his Q range as quickly as you can. If you have any form of CC, use it on him while you move away from him. Overextending is not advised, unless you have a big minion wave built up. Hecarim can easily close the gap between him and you with his E and then displace you while dealing a lot of damage to you. You don’t want this to happen, especially if you’re immobile. Once Hecarim gets his Ultimate R, he can pull off really effective roams and can get leads elsewhere on the map. Warn your team whenever that happens and punish Hecarim by shoving in the wave and taking tower plates.

Heimerdinger will attempt to shove you in while simultaneously trying to poke you. Destroy his Q with your AOE abilities while simultaneously clearing the wave. This will help you match his pushing power and will keep you even in the lane. Avoiding Heimerdinger’s E should be your top priority, no matter which lane you belong to. That ability when paired with his Q turrets can destroy your health bar and kill you immediately if you don’t have resistances. While CS’ing, make sure you don’t get hit by his W as it will give him a push as well as a trade advantage. Make sure you don’t let him shove you into your tower, or else he will just siege you under his tower or roam around the map and get leads elsewhere.

Jarvan IV
Avoiding his E>Q combo in the lane should be your top priority as getting knocked up by this combo will allow him to CC you, and also allow him to deal extra damage to you due to him being close to his E. Keep a track of the enemy Jungler in this matchup as you may be a prime gank target. This is because of the plethora of CC and gank setup abilities that Jarvan has in his kit. Play safe and only push up after taking the location of the enemy Jungler into account. Take a look at which build Jarvan opts for in this matchup. If he goes for the full AD Bruiser build, try to take him down first because he will be relatively squishy. You can also try to pick him off in a side lane if either his E or Q is on Cooldown.

Jax will try to scale into late game and split push for most of the mid game. Try to pick up fights with his team during that time in order to get an advantage over him and win the game easily. If you see Jax charging up his E, back off and wait for it to run out. It is his most powerful basic spell and he can use that in combination with his Q to CC you and then kill you easily due to how his Passive works. Jax is vulnerable to CC and can be killed easily if you manage to chain CC on him. His Auto-Attacks are his main power and CC counters that. Killing him while he is split pushing will allow you to have a number advantage on his team and you will also be able to secure Objectives quite easily.

Always make sure that you dodge Jayce’s charged up poke as it can deal a lot of damage depending on his build. Once his Q is on Cooldown, you can easily try to trade with him as he won’t be able to burst you down easily. Don’t waste a lot of time chasing Jayce as his E and W allow him to disengage quite easily. Only try to all-in him when his W is down as Jayce won’t be able to get you off of him easily and you can do whatever you want to him for a while. Jayce’s E provides him with a lot of utility and buffs his abilities as well as his team. Try to avoid skirmishing with him while it is up as his team will be able to catch up to you quickly and Jayce will be able to blow the squishies in your team with his Q.

Her W is the ability which you want to play around in this lane. It is the main reason which makes her so obnoxious and you can’t fight her as long as she has her W. Do your best to bait it out before all-in’ing her. Invest in some Grievous Wounds items in order to cut her healing during the early laning phase. This can help you win the laning phase quite easily as long as you don’t get hit by her Q and get slowed down. Try to set up ganks on her when her E is down. Make sure you try to keep the wave near your tower so that she has to over extend and then call your Jungler for help. If you are the Jungler then you should keep an eye out for such a setup from your top laner.

Harass her as much as possible with any ranged ability and Auto-Attack pre-six. She doesn’t have ranged Autos at that point and can easily be killed by the means of ganks and all-ins. Her Q will be the main source of harass for her in this lane so avoid it at all times. Remember that it can go through minions for a short distance so don’t stand behind them directly and take free damage. Constant ganks are needed to shut her down and prevent her from scaling. Freeze the wave near your tower and keep ganking her till she is scared to play too far forward. At that point, you can just zone her out with your presence.

Use the minions as cover to dodge his Q damage. Make sure that you don’t get tagged by his Auto-Attack while doing so though as he will be able to activate his W to deal damage to you. Try to go for short poke trades to whittle down his Health bar. Once that is done, you can go for an all-in and kill him quickly. Just make sure that you don’t get CC’d by his Passive while doing this. Look to fight him whenever his Energy level (Resource) is low as he relies a lot on his abilities and won’t be able to skirmish you easily without his abilities. You can do the same if his E is on cooldown.

Kled’s Q needs to be avoided at all times as it is a skill shot and does a lot of damage (along with soft CC) if he manages to land it on you. If you have any mobility spells, use it after he Q’s you to have a chance at breaking his Q tether. Kled’s E is his main mobility tool and he will use his Q in combination with it to all-in you. Use the minion wave to block his Q so that you can escape easily. If you have some displacement ability on you, you can try to use it on Kled after his E animation ends. Be careful about staying too low under your tower as Kled can easily tower dive you due to how his Passive (Skaarl) works. Back off as quickly as you can and get a reset, or else you’ll just end up getting doved by Kled and his Jungler.

Lucian will try to go for short burst trades against you so make sure you space properly and avoid his Q damage. He is quite short-ranged so it should be an easy task for you. Dodge Lucian’s W when he tries to tag you with it as the ability will give him Movement Speed towards you and will let him catch up to you with ease. It forms a major part of his follow-up damage combo so dodging it should be your top priority. Use your CC or all-in spell on Lucian after he uses his E. This is especially true if your CC ability is a skill shot. His E is on a long Cooldown early on so work with your Jungler to gank him after he uses it.

Malphite is actually very weak in the early game. Although his abilities (mainly his Q) deal a lot of damage, they consume a lot of mana relative to his mana pool in those levels. You can afford to take some damage in this matchup since you will have an easy time in it after he uses up his mana. In this lane, you should prioritize taking farm by last-hitting the wave, so you can stack it up and crash it on his tower. Don’t forget to poke him constantly while he tries to CS. Malphite's trading patterns are to either poke with his Q when necessary or use all of his abilities and run away, and when he has Ultimate R, he will only use it if he can guarantee a kill. Unless you are low, you should extend the trade a bit longer after he uses his abilities to get some damage onto him.

Maokai will plant his E saplings in the lane brushes and the river brushes both as a way to provide vision as well as allow him to avoid gank due to the E slow. Be careful about them and let your Jungler know about their location beforehand. Maokai can tank up a lot of damage and then heal it back up with his Passive. Rely on your Auto-Attacks for damage and make sure you go for short trades and don’t give him enough time to heal a lot of health with his Passive. After his first back, take a good look at which item he has taken as it can allow him to win extended skirmishes with ease. If he all-ins you, CC him immediately and then back off after landing whatever amount of return damage which you can possibly land.

His main damaging abilities are quite linear, so dodging side to side rather than directly forward or backwards can help you avoid them easily. Just make sure you react in time else he will be able to get you close to him and kill you. He has a lot of AoE damage, however, he needs to hit some of his abilities or Auto-attacks before his Passive can proc. Once the Passive is activated, it can be a large source of damage, so try to avoid extended fights. His Resource bar allows you to know how much shielding he will get from his W. Keep an eye on this and avoid trading or fighting him if that bar is more than half-filled as it’ll give him a massive shield as well as a heal.

Don’t let Nasus free-farm under any circumstance as he will scale into a monster if you allow him to do so. Even if you roam, make sure that you shove the wave into his tower and come back to the lane quickly. Poking Nasus is very important so that he can’t just straight up all-in you once he hits level six. This will help you zone him off the wave and you may even be able to all-in him if he overextends for his stacks. Nasus will try to not join team fights early on due to his Q stacking mechanism. You can use this to gain lane priority and then ask your Jungler to get the Rift Herald or any other Objective as you will have the lane priority.

If you are standing in or behind the minion wave, her E root goes further through the minions. Standing away from the wave cuts her effective root distance down while also giving you ample time to react. Neeko has a lot of AoE damage and CC in her kit, so she is especially potent during team fights. Watch out for her Passive-Ultimate R combo as she can charge it up and do a lot of damage before you realize that she is using her Ultimate. She has high burst damage due to her E and Q but long cooldowns, so try to fight her when one of her abilities is down as it will not be up for a while, which will give you a good trading window.

Dodge his stray Qs in the lane when you can, otherwise, he will be able to chase you down easily and will force you off the wave which will set you back early on. Invest in some Grievous Wounds early on to reduce his healing during trades. This will give you more of an even footing while trading with him, especially when he is on low health. Once he gets his Ultimate, he can easily set up ganks with his Ultimate and Q. Try not to overextend in this lane without knowing where the enemy Jungler is, or you will simply get run down in this lane, and you don’t want Olaf to get a lead early on.

Avoid casting damage abilities when Pantheon puts his E shield up as it negates all incoming damage from that direction. If you have a gap closer up, you can use it to go behind Pantheon as you can do damage from behind his E. Push in Pantheon after level six as he will attempt to roam and pick up kills with his Ultimate R. If he does use his Ultimate R from the base itself, then shove the wave in and make him miss as much Experience and Gold as you possibly can.
Avoid standing near the minion wave as Pantheon's Q tap does full damage through all targets. However, be careful when staying out of the minion wave as Pantheon's ranged Q will do reduced damage when hitting multiple targets. You will need to keep an eye out on which kind of Q he is going for and react accordingly.

She can stop dashes with her W, so try to get as close to her as you can while trading with her and use your dash only when her W is down. Just make sure you don’t position near a wall or it will be really bad for you. The Passive buckler she drops will give her a shield if she steps on it, but you can do the same to get rid of it. She will be relying on it to win early trades so make sure you step on it to avoid her from getting her shield. After her quick burst, she has no damage aside from her Auto-Attacks, meaning that taking extended trades (where you don’t get pinned against a wall) will reduce the effectiveness of her burst and give you an advantage over her.

Always try to fight her when she has used one enchantment and is transitioning from one to another. She won’t be able to apply any special effects during that time and that will be your best bet to fight her. Once she gets her Ultimate, you will want to play in the middle of the lane while actively avoiding being near terrain. Otherwise, she can all-in you quite easily, and escaping will become impossible if her Jungler is coming for a gank. If you see Qiyana roaming into your Jungle or some other lane, don’t follow her unless you have vision on her. She may use the roam as a bait and will immediately burst you down if she is hiding in a brush and you happen to walk near it.

Quinn is very strong early game, especially if she is verses a melee champion. However, that strength mostly lies on her abilities and being able to combo her Passive proc with them. The ideal situation to trade is when both her Q and E are on Cooldown since then she won't have any disengage or trade potential. Note that at level six, most champions will surpass Quinn in power, since her Ultimate R doesn't offer anything to her playstyle, other than being able to return to lane faster. So if you are thinking about all-in’ing her, this would be the best timeframe. Quinn has a very bad time clearing huge waves, so trying to shove the early waves at her becomes a viable strategy, and that also guarantees you get levels faster than she does, but be careful to not get poked out while pushing the wave.

Renekton's resource bar shows when he can use empowered abilities. Play around it and avoid fighting him when it is red or close to being full. Wait for it to run out before you do anything. He has strong abilities, however, they have long Cooldowns. When he doesn’t use them successfully or just wastes them, you can use that to engage and force a fight. When he uses his Ultimate R, Renekton gains a lot more fighting power through more health and fury generation to empower his abilities. Be very careful as he is much stronger when his Ultimate is active and hence you should avoid trading with him.

Avoid the lane brushes early on as abusing them is the main way that Rengar gets a lead in this lane. You may want to place a ward in the nearest brush and farm from the opposite side of the lane when possible. If you have any form of point and click CC, use it on him as soon as he uses the brush to jump on you. He most probably won’t have his empowered W if he tries to all-in you with an empty resource bar, so do your best to displace him away from the brush and to your tower. Once Rengar hits level six, he will try to roam with his Ultimate and secure kills in the other lanes. Let your laners know as soon as he leaves the lane and make sure you have a Control Ward somewhere around your lane to detect where he is going.

Keep a track of her Q charge count as the third one is the most dangerous for you and will CC you if she manages to hit you with it. She can easily extend the duration of her CC with her W, so make sure you dodge her third Q charge. Don’t get too close to her in the lane as she can easily E onto you and the W you to CC you immediately, followed by dishing out a ton of damage with her Q and Auto-Attacks. Once she gets her Ultimate, her dueling potential skyrockets and you don’t want to be fighting her while you are too low on health and lack some form of mobility or damage mitigation. Fighting her when her Ultimate is down will give you a much better chance of winning a duel.

While laning, keep a close look at his Resource bar and try not to fight him when it is half-filled. He will be trying to keep it within the half-filled mark so see if you can make him overheat so that he isn’t able to cast some spells for a while. Use the lane minions to avoid Rumble’s E slow as that is the main way he can get close to you pre-six. When combined with his W and Q, he can do a lot of burst damage in a very short time so be careful about this. Rumble’s level six is his major power spike as he will now be able to cut your escape routes and evade/set up ganks quite easily. Make it a point to maintain your distance from him and just poke him from range if possible. Keeping a track on the enemy Jungler is important as well.

Ryze's abilities gain additional properties when you have his E on you, marked by a visual cue around your character. Fighting him with his E on you can lead to you being CC’d by his W and taking increased damage due to his Q. Ryze is quite weak during the early game as he has high mana costs. Bullying him early can give you an advantage and allow you to capitalize on him during his weaker early game.
He can hit the minion wave while also attacking you with his AoE abilities, standing away from the wave can stop him from bouncing his abilities from the minions to you. Just watch out for his E on your minions and stay away from them. In team fights, Ryze can do a lot of damage through your team with his abilities, as they can bounce between targets. Also, keep an eye out on your flanks as he can easily reposition his team with his Ultimate R and get the jump on you.

Position safely when laning against him as you don’t want him to CC you with his E and then W you after he lands his Passive empowered Auto-Attacks on you. It is very hard to escape if he is able to get his hands on you so be careful. Always opt for short burst trades against him as going for extended trades during the early stages of the game will most definitely result in a loss if he manages to get his W True damage part off on you. Once he gets his Ultimate R, he will become a menace to deal with as he will be calling his Jungler to gank you repeatedly. Proper warding should help you avoid this. Also, investing in Grievous Wounds can allow you to even out fights enduring the early game.

Position properly and don’t let Shen’s Q pass through you as it will allow him to deal a lot more damage and will allow him to win the trade quite easily. Always kite away from him if he tries to fight you. Trade with him every time his E is down. It is his main form of mobility and without it he is quite an easy target to kill during a gank. Once he gets his Ultimate, he will be able to make cross map plays and ruin gank attempts on other lanes. Try to save your CC for such moments and if he manages to Teleport successfully, just look to shove in the wave and make sure you get some Tower Plates.

Proper warding is necessary in this lane as he can easily set up ganks with his E and can kill you if you are not careful enough. Don’t let him get a lead early on or he will become a huge annoyance for you and your team. Make sure you are positioned properly in this lane and not very close to his tower. Otherwise, he will just W>E you into his tower, make you take tower shots and then easily kill you. Once he gets his Ultimate, he will be more annoying to deal with. Make sure you ward properly and don’t let him get too close to you as it will allow him to easily kill you due to the boosted stats that he will get.

Avoid the lane brushes during the early stages of the game and keep the warded to avoid getting knocked up and CC’d by Sion’s Q. This also applies to the side brush at the river entrance. Always try to trade with him if he is mispositioned or when you have a minion advantage on him. He won’t be able to retaliate effectively and will have to give up CS in order to return damage to you. While farming, make it a point to avoid his E as he can easily slow you and set a gank for his Jungler with his Ultimate and Q. You will need to set some deep wards if you happen to be an immobile champion as Sion’s CC is quite hard to avoid once you get hit by his E.

While trading with him, always try to drop vision in the brushes when he blinds you. Staying in vision will simply allow him to pelt you with more auto-attacks while you try to disengage. Consider buying a Sweeper once he hits level six as you will need to clear his Ultimate mushrooms on a regular basis. Make sure you keep the gank routes and the river entrances free off those traps before a gank. Before a gank, try to bait out Teemo’s blind so that your Jungler can land their CC and consistently damage Teemo with their attacks. Let the wave push in as well so that you have more space to chase him down.

Short trades are the way to go in this lane as Trundle can easily win early game trades due to his Q and W. It will give him a huge dueling advantage so try to maintain your distance and avoid fighting him. Positioning is very important in this lane, especially when you’re trying to ward the river entrance or hugging a wall. You don’t want to get cornered by him with his E unless you have a mobility spell in your kit. Trundle’s Passive allows him to get a lot of free sustain in the lane so make sure you invest in Grievous Wounds early on to even out the trades. Trade on a regular basis and only go for short trades.

At any stage of the game, try pressuring Tryndamere off the wave so he cannot stack his rage (Resource bar) effectively. This will reduce his Q healing by a lot and will allow you to go for regular short burst trades. Avoid fighting Tryndamere when his rage bar is fully charged up as it grants him bonus stats and heals him massively with his Q. Let his rage run out first, or use your abilities to keep poking him which will, in turn, force him to use his Q to heal himself. When skirmishing Tryndamere, avoid turning your back to him as his W taunt will slow you if you are not facing him. If you have any kind of mobility spell, it would be better to use it after you get slowed by his W.

He is quite a slow champion with telegraphed abilities. Plus, dodging without his E is quite hard for him so aim to poke him out of the lane. Best time to poke will be when he is locked in Auto-Attack animation. Urgot's empowered Auto-Attacks (due to his Passive) will hit those closest to him, or those recently hit with his abilities. Fighting in the minion wave can prevent some of his damage. Just make sure you don’t get hit by multiple such attacks by using the terrain to your advantage. Due to his empowered Auto-Attacks and range, he wants to take extended trades, so forcing short fights can give you the advantage. Always opt for small poke or burst trades and then go back to farming.

Maintain your distance from him so that you have ample time to evade him if he decides to use his Q and chase you down. He will try to get you to overextend and then may ask his Jungler to gank you. Be prepared to Flash if he uses his Flash. Don’t take extended fights against him as his Passive will allow him to deal more damage to you. He is quite weak during levels one and two so you should do your best to poke him as much as you can during this time. Once he hits level three, he will be able to trade freely and can easily all-in you. He is strong once he gets access to all his abilities so do your best to keep him at a hand’s distance and invest in some Grievous Wounds in order to cut his healing.

Wukong excels when it comes to extended team fights due to how his Q, E and Auto-Attacks work. Consider going for short burst trades against him in your minion wave in order to win the laning phase. Wukong can’t really roam very effectively pre-six. If he leaves the lane, let your team know beforehand as he can still kill over extended laners with ease. Try to ward the river if you manage to shove the wave in so as to avoid such scenarios. Once Wukong gets his Ultimate, his all-in potential becomes deadly along with his roaming ability as well. Try to poke him consistently so that he can’t leave the lane easily and if he does leave the lane, make sure you shove the wave to his tower and force him to lose gold and experience.

Yasuo is extremely agile and will be using the minion wave to his advantage to dodge you skillshot abilities. Do your best to CC him when possible, especially when his W is down as he won’t be able to block your abilities easily. Make sure you dodge his tornadoes whenever you can. It makes up for a lot of poke damage as well as allows him to reach you quickly while you’re knocked up. The last thing you want in this lane is facing a Yasuo in melee range. Always break his Passive shield with your ranged abilities and Auto-Attacks whenever possible. It mitigates a deceptively high amount of damage and you don’t want your damage to get absorbed by his Passive when you manage to CC him.

Always keep a track of how many graves are around you in the lane. He can easily activate them and get some of his Ghouls to help you which will deal a lot of damage to you and will force you to recall abruptly if you’re careless in this lane. Yorick’s E needs to be side-stepped when possible as it will not only slow you, but will also allow Yorick’s Ghouls to all-in you immediately, dealing a lot of damage to you. Do not fight him while his Ultimate is up. Combined with his graves and his E slow, he will practically one-shot you from out of nowhere and then just push your lane in with his superior waveclear and push potential.
Pros and Cons

Very tanky champion. Thanks to his kit and the items he will get, he will be very tanky overall.
Has decent wave clear with Sunfire Aegis. Having this item in conjunction with his Heart Zapper will allow him to push pretty easily.
Can last hit with Infected Bonesaw. When you’re in tough matchups, you can use your Infected Bonesaw to secure minions so you don’t fall behind.
Good sustain thanks to his Maximum Dosage and the items he buys. This will make him a mega tank and harder to deal with in team fights.
Diverse build path. Can build many different items in whatever order he wants.

Struggles against ranged champions. However, he can use his Infected Bonesaw to farm with.
Is prone to CC and disengage. He has no dodges or dashes so he cannot easily dodge CC.
Quite immobile. Once again, he lacks any dodges or dashes so he is unable to dodge/ get on to people easily.
Not very strong in the early game. Dr. Mundo is at his weakest during the very early game and is easily abusable.
Lacks hard CC. It’s harder for him to take down enemies who are running away from him.
Gets countered by Executioner's Calling. Smart enemies will invest in this item to decrease his healing ability throughout the game.
Tips and Tricks
Here are some basic tips and tricks for Dr. Mundo. While his kit is very easy to understand, the biggest tip I can give you is to know your limits and understand what you can and can’t do. He cannot do too much in the early game, but once he has his Ultimate Maximum Dosage and has some levels behind him, he will be better off. Anyway, let’s get into some more specific tips.

✦ Look at who you’re laning against to take appropriate runes. If you’re against a champion who has the range advantage like Vayne or Quinn, do not take Magical Footwear as you may wish to get an early Ninja Tabi to protect you against their auto-attack damage.

✦ If you’re getting zoned away from the enemy, don’t walk up to farm. Instead, use your Infected Bonesaw to farm with. This will protect you from losing tons of health trying to pick up farm.

✦ Remember, Dr. Mundo isn’t a strong early game champion, so don’t expect yourself to get too many kills throughout the laning phase.

✦ Keeping the minion wave closer to your side of the map will help you throughout the early game. This will make the laning phase much easier and safer for Dr. Mundo. Take note that once you have Bami's Cinder, you’ll start naturally pushing the wave.

✦ Make sure you hit level 2 before at the same time as the enemy champion in lane. As Dr. Mundo is somewhat weak early, falling behind from the get-go will make hard matchups unbearable. To hit level 2, you need to kill the first wave and 1 melee minion on the second wave.

Dr. Mundo’s first power spike is at level 6, although he can trade from level 4 onwards.

✦ Be careful when using your Heart Zapper as it does cost a lot of health. If you’re struggling to last hit under tower, activate it briefly and then cancel it so you can secure last hits on the ranged minions.

✦ Remember to always auto-attack before using your Blunt Force Trauma as your Blunt Force Trauma is an auto-attack reset.

Dr. Mundo’s build path is incredibly versatile. After your two core items of Sunfire Aegis and Spirit Visage, you should start building items that will counter the biggest threats on the enemy team.
✦ When trading with the enemy, cast your Maximum Dosage as soon as it’s necessary- AKA, before you’re on real low health as it does take some time to give you lots of health back. Ideally, use it before reaching 30% health.

✦ In the late game, your Heart Zapper can be left on once you have Warmog's Armor.

✦ In some fights, you may wish to use your Maximum Dosage early even when you don’t need the health just so you can close the gap and get on to the enemy. As your Maximum Dosage gives you movement speed, it will help you kill the enemy.

✦ In team fights, if you have assistance, you can run directly at the enemy backline and try to stick to them. If your team is behind, you may have to default to peeling.

✦ If the enemy doesn’t want to fight, you can try to catch someone out with your Infected Bonesaw. Do not underestimate the slow that it provides as landing a couple could help you catch someone out of position.

✦ Play respectfully when you’re in tough matchups. You are not expected to win lane in the early game, so as long as you don’t die over and over, you should be good to go.

✦ Whenever you think the enemy is going to CC you, activate your Heart Zapper as it gives you extra tenacity which will help you escape their all-in. Additionally, keep your Heart Zapper activated throughout a skirmish will help you win the trade.
Dr. Mundo doesn’t have many combos as he is pretty vanilla and easy to play. However, there are some favourable things you can do with him and I feel like if I didn’t add combos to this guide, it would look less complete. Notably, Dr. Mundo is more about chipping away at the enemies health bar with Infected Bonesaw before looking for the all-in.

AA > E > AA

Try and auto-attack before using your Blunt Force Traumato deal extra damage. This will only really work in matchups where the enemy doesn’t have the range advantage or against champions who do not have a dash.

Q > W > R > AA > E > AA

Ensure that the enemy is lower before committing to the trade. Use your Infected Bonesawas often as you can to poke them down and get their health low. The lower their health is, the easier it will be for you to all in them.

Flash > Q

Never commit to using your Flash unless you’re sure that you’re going to get the kill. It’s not worth committing your Flash if the enemy will escape.

R > W > Q > AA > E

Before tower diving, make sure the enemy is low. Do not tower dive the enemy unless they’re low. Once low, push the enemy into their tower with a large minion wave. While the minion wave is attacking the tower, you can dive the enemy. Preferably, have as many minions around as possible.

Trading for Dr. Mundo is very simple albeit you need to be passive-aggressive. Dr. Mundo cannot really trade too well until level 4 or level 6 when he unlocks his Maximum Dosage. His Maximum Dosage offers him a lot of protection and increases his kill pressure in lane and in many cases, he will need this in order for him to win a fight.

For a trade to be most effective, he needs to harass the enemy down with his Infected Bonesaw before looking to all-in. If you can get the enemy low, it will increase your chances of killing the enemy. Try to land as much Infected Bonesaw poke before going in.

Once the enemy is low, you could activate your Maximum Dosage and run towards the enemy with your Heart Zapper active and try to take them down.

For him to get to this stage however, he must ensure that he has not been poked down or harassed by the enemy. Letting the enemy get poke off beforehand will make it really difficult for Dr. Mundo to fight as he needs as much health as possible in order to win. If you let a Quinn or Teemo harass you constantly, you’ll never be able to trade.

Remember, you do not have to trade early as Dr. Mundo. Infact, its often better for you to not trade at all and just disengage if the enemy initiates a fight as you’re far weaker than a lot of champions in the early game. Focusing on farming and harassing with Infected Bonesaw can be more than enough.

Good times to fight on Dr. Mundo are whenever you have an advantage. I will now list some of the good times to fight or at least go for a favourable trade.

✦ When the enemy wastes a key ability. For example, a dash or CC tool. This will make it easier for you to stick to them after landing your Infected Bonesaw.

✦ Once the enemy has pushed the wave or when they’re overextended. This will allow you to chase them down easier as they have further to run to escape. This increases your chances of killing them.

✦ When the enemy is low on health or out of mana. When they’re low on mana, they can not use their abilities and trade back with you. When they’re low on health, they’ll probably just run away.

✦ When your Jungler is nearby. Dr. Mundo doesn’t have much kill pressure, so getting any bit of help will make trading easier.

✦ Once your Ultimate Maximum Dosage is up. Don’t be afraid to not trade without your Maximum Dosage.

Dr. Mundo suffers in the early game and in most matchups, he cannot trade or out trade a lot of enemies without harassing them with Infected Bonesaw first. You do not have to trade at all in fact until you’ve got your Bami's Cinder as you’re rather weak until that point. You could try to farm as much as you can up until that point and then look to trade once you have that item.

Key points to remember before and while trading:

✦ Try to auto-attack before activating your Blunt Force Trauma as it is an auto-attack reset. This will allow you to deal more damage in a fight.

✦ Activate your Heart Zapper early in case the enemy tries to CC you and escape. The extra tenacity from your Heart Zapper can really help out.

✦ Always check the minimap before going in. If you go in without looking, the enemy Jungler might pay you a visit and kill you.
Wave Management
Wave management is important on Dr. Mundo as he is easily abusable. In this section, I will briefly talk about wave management and how to do it. Take note that wave management is much harder once you’ve completed Bami's Cinder or Sunfire Aegis because of the AOE burn those items provide.

As soon as you get to lane, start auto-attacking the minion wave so you can hit level 2 at the same time or before the enemy laner. Do not auto-attack too much though as the wave will push towards the enemy.

Before level 4, ideally, you want to have the minion wave closer to your side of the map to protect yourself from the enemy fighting you and killing you. Keeping the wave here will also prevent the enemy from zoning you away from the farm. Try and avoid letting the minion wave touch your tower because it will bounce or reset which may allow the enemy to zone you away from farm.

Once you’re past the level 4 mark and up until you’ve got your first item, try to keep the minion wave here as it offers you so much protection. Remember that Dr. Mundo is not very strong until level 6, so you need to focus on farming and getting as much gold as possible and one way you can achieve this is by keeping the wave near your tower.

If for some reason the wave resets, bounces or gets pushed towards the enemy, you have a few options on what you can do. First off, you could start to farm with Infected Bonesaw from afar if it’s safe to do so. You may have to default to this if it is dangerous for you to walk up and last hit.

You can use your Bami's Cinder to run into the enemy minion wave, auto-attack it heavily and push so it hits the enemies tower. This is a good way of forcing the minion wave to reset or bounce which will make farming easier for you.

As suggested, once you have Bami's Cinder, wave management will be harder, but you can reduce how much you push the wave by just walking outside and away from the minion line so your AOE damage doesn’t accidentally push the minions towards the enemies side of the map.

The hard facts:

✦ To freeze in the middle of the lane, just match the enemies damage or last hit minions. Try and keep the number of minions even at all times.

✦ To freeze closer to your tower, make sure the enemy has more minions than you have in lane. If you have one full wave, for a freeze to occur, you will need the enemy to have a full wave plus 1,2 or even 3 extra minions.

✦ You will not be able to freeze easily once you have Bami's Cinder or Sunfire Aegis as they have an AOE burn that will naturally push the wave.

✦ To make freezing easier with those items, you can only move inside of the minion wave to last hit and walk outside of it when you’re not looking to last hit.

Here’s a great resource for wave management if you want to check out wave management in action. It is made by ProGuides and full credit goes to them with this great video!

Please note: wave management is highly situational and needs constant adaption when playing in certain matchups. Just focus on trying to get as much gold as possible and not falling behind. It takes a lot of practice to get wave management to work correctly, so don’t be discouraged if you mess it up a lot!
Warding in the top lane is very important as it will reduce the enemies chances of killing you with help from their Jungler. I will now go over some good warding locations for Dr. Mundo to protect you from early jungle ganks and hopefully stop you dying from them.

Your first ward should be in the river at around the 2.5/3-minute mark so you can spot the Jungler if they started bot side and will be on their way top for the level 3 ganks.

The follow-up wards will depend on where the wave currently is. If you’re pushing, you can go for more aggressive wards, but if you’re being pushed in, you should try to go for more defensive/even wards such as in the river itself.

Before we go over the images, we should go over the key.

Red Dots are Control Ward locations

Green Dots are Stealth Ward locations

✦ Each image has the name of which side the wards will work on (either blue or red team).

For the Blue side:

If you’re pushing, go for more aggressive or even wards. If you have priority in lane, you could even place a Control Ward in the river to deny vision. However, if you’re in a matchup which is very volatile and it is probable that the enemy will push you in quickly, you shouldn’t place a Control Ward in the river purely because the enemy will destroy it fast and you would’ve wasted 75 gold.

Instead, placing Control Wards in areas that will last longer such as in the middle of the river, or in your jungle will be more useful. Additionally, you should default to these warding locations for your Control Wards when in a losing matchup so the enemy laner doesn’t destroy them quickly.
If you’re being pushed in, make sure you go for more defensive wards.

I would recommend that you only place an offensive ward if the lane is even or you’re winning. You do not need to go for defensive wards when you’re ahead as the likelihood of them spotting the enemy Jungler will be decreased. For example, placing a Control Ward in your jungle will not be helpful if you’re constantly pushing. In those scenarios, a Control Ward in the river or a yellow ward in the enemies bush would be favourable.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the only areas you can ward. However, these are the most common ones.

For the Red side:

When you’re in a losing matchup, your Control Ward locations have to be slightly different as the enemy can easily clear your Control Ward in the nearest bush. So, you could instead place a Control Ward in one of the further bushes inside your jungle to make it harder for the enemy to clear it quickly, and to reduce the enemies dive potential. Or, you could place a ward near your red buff to provide vision for your whole team.

If you’re even, you can place a Control Ward in your tri-brush, or you could place a Control Ward in the river if you’re stronger than the enemy. You could also place normal wards there if you wish to as well.

When you’re pushing, you do not need any defensive wards, so a Control Ward in the river will deny the enemy laner lots of vision and it will help prevent ganks. You can also ward where the blast cone would be to spot the enemy Jungler if they use that as a method to gank you. A quick ward here will be really helpful against champions like Jarvan IV and Lee Sin.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the only areas you can ward. However, these are the most common ones.

General wardings tips in the early game:

✦ Never have 2 stacks on your Stealth Ward as you’re missing out on valuable information.

✦ Do not place a Control Ward if it’s going to die instantly. Only place it when you know it’s going to survive for a long period of time.

✦ If you cannot place a Control Ward in your lane, place it in the river instead to grant your team more vision.

✦ Before leaving to ward, make sure there are no minions going to die in lane as you’ll miss out on valuable XP which may put you slightly behind. Specifically, do not go and place a deep ward if theres a cannon going to die while you’re gone.

✦ The best time to place deep vision is on your way to lane. You’ll miss out on less XP and the enemy will never know you had a Control Ward in the first place.

✦ Make sure you buy a Control Ward on your first back.

✦ Place and continue buying Control Wards as the game develops. You shouldn’t buy just 1 and not update it as the game develops.

✦ When playing against champions like Nocturne or Evelynn, shallow wards will not help you too much. Instead, you’ll need to opt for deeper vision to scout them before it’s too late.

✦ When playing against champions like Zac or Fiddlesticks, wards over walls will be really beneficial.

After the Tower’s gone

Once the laning phase is over, you should continue to place vision, but opt for more wards inside the enemies jungle. In the images I’ll show now, you can opt to place vision inside the enemies jungle when you’re ahead, or if you’ve lost lane, you can go for wards inside your own jungle.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the only areas you can ward. However, these are the most common ones.

Take note that each set of warding images will work depending on whether you’re ahead or behind. For example, if you’re ahead as the blue team, going for red side wards will work. If you’re the red side and behind, red side wards will benefit you more. If you’re the red team and ahead, going for wards in the blue teams jungle will be helpful, and if you’re behind as the blue team, going for wards in the blue side jungle will be helpful.

PLEASE NOTE: These are not the only areas you can ward. However, these are the most common ones.

Again, where you wish to ward will depend on the scenario you’re in, but the key thing to remember is that if you’re going to place aggressive Control Wards, they need to stay alive for as long as possible.

Placing wards is crucial, but what's more important is checking the minimap. Make sure you keep a constant eye on it to spot the enemy Jungler and the enemy laners rotating to your lane.
I hope this guide has helped you understand a little more about the toxic doctor. If you have any questions or suggestions on how I can improve this guide, do not hesitate to leave any comments. Thank you for reading.
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