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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Jima

ADC [10.2] Twist Fate To Your Will! [TF ADC]

ADC [10.2] Twist Fate To Your Will! [TF ADC]

Updated on January 17, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jima Build Guide By Jima 260 25 563,490 Views 22 Comments
260 25 563,490 Views 22 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jima Twisted Fate Build Guide By Jima Updated on January 17, 2020
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Fleet Footwork
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Hello my name is Jima
I welcome you to the journey, that is Marksman Twisted Fate. "But Twisted Fate is a mage" you might be saying and you are correct, but he has 2 spells relying on auto attacks that make you one of the best 1v1 Marksmen.

TF ADC simplified
Twisted Fate as an ADC is a fairly short range and easy to abuse if you don't know what you are doing, but in the right hands he can get an advantage over his lane and the whole map thanks to Destiny and Loaded Dice. He has a lot of 1v1 potential due to Pick A Card which is a 2 second point and click stun as well as the early advantage you get from Stacked Deck passive attack speed buff.

I'll be updating this guide as much as possible to stay relevant. If you have any questions or suggestions leave them into the comments and I will try to reply to most of them. I will test your suggestions and improve the guide from them too!
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Pros / Cons

+ Your W's stun at max rank is 2 Seconds
+ Your early damage is superior to many other ADC in the early game
+ You get Attack Speed from your E's passive
+ Your roams are very effective
+ One of the best 1v1 ADC's
+ Good objective control
+ Good waveclear
+ Free gold from your passive

- He can be countered pretty easily by a QSS or Mikael's Crucible
- He has no escape except his ultimate that can be cancelled with CC
- High risk high reward
- Hard to learn even harder to master
- Squishy
- Items are really expensive (Passive helps)
- Really hard to get back up if behind
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Fleet footwork
Fleet Footwork is taken due to it giving you much needed mobility and the healing really helps in the laning phase.

Overheal, at the moment is the best rune to run on most ADC's due to the buffs it resieved in previous patches.

Legend: Bloodline
Legend: Bloodline has a great synergy with Overheal, optionally you can take Legend: Alacrity

Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace is taken for its good damage boost when finishing a person up, this can come in handy if in early game you can't finish someone while they are stunned by your gold card. If the enemy has many tanks you can optionally take Cut Down to make your job easier.

Absolute focus
Absolute Focus gives you great damage buffs going into fights with full health.

Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm is a great way to scale to late game. the AD boost will help you alot in the long run. Optionally you can take Scorch which will give you good early game damage and it will out damage Gathering Storm till about 20 minutes in to the game.
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Summoner spells

Flash Is a great tool for Twisted Fate since he relies a lot on positioning, use flash to position yourself on fights or to escape if necessarry

Ghost is a great way to further your positioning or catch up with escaping enemies. Ghost might be the least useful summoner on this list but against some match-ups it is a good choice

Heal is one of the most common summoner spells used by botlaners and for a good reason. Use Heal in the middle of a fight to turn things around or save yourself or a team mate from death. Heal also gives a small movement speed boost so you can escape easier or position yourself better

Teleport is a great tool if you have a heavy harass lane against you to quickly back and come to lane with full health without missing a minion. Teleport is also a great way to apply pressure and if used right can give you some free turrets and ganks

Barrier can be taken against a high damage lane like Draven. You can also combo this by telling your support to take heal.
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The Combo

The combo is always the same when you're playing Marksman Twisted Fate. First start by Pick A Card, activating Blade of the Ruined King and auto attacking to activate Stacked Deck. The only difference in this combo is what card you pick.

Blue card is picked when you are low on mana or want to harass the enemy. blue card isn't very viable when starting all in fights or falling back.

Red card is picked when you have multiple enemies/minions chasing you and you have to escape. The red card can also be used when you're in lane to maximize damage to enemies and farm at the same time.

Gold cardis the primary card you will be using most of the time, when engaging, falling back, getting chased in almost every situation the stun is more useful to immobilize and get the positioning advantage Twisted Fate highly relies on.

Also a good thing to note is that Runaan's Hurricane and Stacked Deck combo well.
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Support Synergies

So you don't want to SoloQ and your friend is a support main? Well that's good here's some suggestions for a great botlane combo.

In no particular order
PS: I've made summaries of Synergies Green so it is much easier to read if you are just going for the basics.

Alistar is great due to his tankiness and both engage and disengage potential.

Alistar and Twisted Fate go well together due to the CC chain they are able to create, Alistar engages with his Headbutt, Pulverize then you can stun the focused person with your gold card while Alistar charges his Trample. Alistar is a good support for [[Twisted fate] ]not only thanks to his tankiness but also a kit full of CC to protect you.

Braum is a great support thanks to his tankiness, a kit made to protect your ADC and his multiple CC spells

Braum and Twisted Fate go well together for a couple of reasons; Braum is a tank support which is great for Twisted Fate since he is fairly squishy, Braums kit also helps with protecting you well due to the ability to give you resists with Stand Behind Me and block incoming skillshots and other damage with Unbreakable. They also have a great engage thanks to Braums Winter's Bite, Concussive Blows and Glacial Fissure.

Leona works with Twisted Fate almost the same way as Alistar does, tanky and a lot of CC

Leona and Twisted Fate go well together for almost the same reasons as the two supports above. Here Leonas strengths are her engage, disengage and her hard CC. Leona can engage well with her Zenith Blade, Shield of Daybreak and Solar Flare combo.

Lulu is a great combo with Twisted Fate due to their potential early damage and great disengage

Lulu is a great pair for Twisted Fate thanks to get utility, Lulus Pix, Faerie Companion makes her great for poking and trading, and Glitterlance Gives Lulu even more poke potential. Whimsy is an awesome engage and disengage tool that can be used to start fights, get you out of trouble or give Twisted Fate an attack speed boost to activate his Stacked Deck faster. Help, Pix! is a great way Lulu can save you from situations and give you some extra time to get out or finish an enemy.

Honorable mentions:
- Nami
- Rakan
- Taric
- Thresh
- Blitzcrank
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Okay, for starters farming is they key to success when playing marksman Twisted Fate due to his passive Loaded Dice that will make your life a lot easier later on in the game, so if you're not confident enough about your timing on Twisted Fate practice farming.

Blue cards should be used as much as possible due to them giving you more mana than they cost, then giving you some extra mana to farm with your red card if needed.

Stop saving your Destiny and use it, even if you might not get a kill or even a gank every time it gives you and your team information about the enemies.

Remember to stay in position, try to focus as much as possible on staying behind your tanks but still close enough to actually kill people.
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On marksman Twisted Fate farming is the key to success. If you can master your farming on Twisted Fate there's nothing stopping you from taking over the game.

Twisted Fate is a short range marksman this is why you want a good support to help you sustain or keep the enemy back. When farming make sure to harass with your Blue Card and deny minions from the enemy laner with your Gold Card. If the enemy laner has a much better champion for trades against you example: Draven, Caitlyn etc. You can buy Rapid Firecannon second item to make the trades easier. Farming should be fairly easy with Twisted Fate when you get your Stacked Deck and Pick A Card. Try to save your Stacked Deck for poke or a cannon minion to make your life easier.

As I said on the start, supports are a really big part of Twisted Fates success. When you have a good support who knows what he is doing you can win your lane easily and the other way around. This is why I recommend ultra aggressive supports that can zone the enemies away so they can't exploit your range disadvantage.
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Latest Games and Match History

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Thank you

Thank you to anyone who was willing to read this guide. If you could upvote it would be much appreciated!

Check out WizzardFTW's guide on marksman Twisted Fate

I saw his guide on marksman Twisted Fate and since I was an ADC Twisted Fate main I decided to update it a little bit. My intention is not to copy his work but to give my take on it and at the same time make it up to date.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Jima
Jima Twisted Fate Guide
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[10.2] Twist Fate To Your Will! [TF ADC]

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