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Kindred Build Guide by KevinThyAsian

Jungle [10.21] 200k Mastery Kindred, all optimal build paths

By KevinThyAsian | Updated on October 23, 2020
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Runes: Normal rune page

1 2 3 4
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Relentless Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Summoner spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role
Ranked #36 in
Jungle Role
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

[10.21] 200k Mastery Kindred, all optimal build paths

By KevinThyAsian
Believe it or not kindreds lvl 3 is one of the best in the jg. So ward or predict where there jg is starting and start on the same side of the map if its a winning matchup. If you Are blue team side and they start their blue buff, do red blue group invade. Matchups you shouldn’t invade are normally the early game behemoths like udyr etc. Some people will do a full clear so when you q over the baron pit, Wait for them at the red buff bush and kill them when they take enough dmg from the buff. That’s why eve and other farming junglers are garbage against aggressive jgling routes. if you can’t invade, farm the rest of your camps except raptors. DO NOT DO RAPTORS BEFORE 3 MINUTES they do too much dmg and you need a smite for scuttle, just do red, blue tromp and look for opinions. If you see that the matchups in the lanes are favourable, just clear all camp except raptors on your first clear.
Mid game Back to Top
Scenario 1 (best scenario, you are ahead), just gank and take objectives whilst you keep pressuring their jgler. Starve them until they are equivalent as a cannon minion. DO NOT DIE FOR MARKS PLEASE. Marks aren’t essential for kindred just play like a ranged assassin with the crit build.

Scenario 2 (they have 3 tanks, a top jg and sup tanking everything), obviously if they have a tank oriented team, get cc repelling stuff and Black cleaver. Peel as best as you can and try to focus their squishies first as they normally do more dmg than the tanks. Ngl vs’ing a really Tanky teams is annoying with these iron team mates but with a good team fight. You win the game

Scenario 3 (they have 3 winning lanes), check which lane is doing the best on the team, when you gank, try to know where their jg is. If they’re close, you’ll likely die along with your team mates. Get defensive items and do your best ganking and carrying. But I can’t lie, if you have 3 losing lanes your team will likely ff at 20.
Pros and Cons Back to Top

- Fat dmg output
- Strong lvl 3 and dueling against most junglers
- Good scaling
- Can build different items for different comps
- Useful ulti
- Good utility and movement
- Objective taking is fast
- Decent ganks
- snowbally


- Squishy
- Assassins can make kindred useless pre 6.
- High skill cap
- One miss-step can get you killed
- Need to have good kiting and positioning
- Marks can get you killed
Ganking guide Back to Top
Ok so, let’s say you are ganking a mid vlad pre 6, after you got scuttle, he hasn’t used pool. And your laner looks about 3/5 health and vlads on 3/4 of health with a fully proc’ed Q. Wait for glad to push to the middle of the lane and suck a minion whatever, as soon as he pools or wastes his Q, Mark him and signal to go in. Your combo is W,Q E and 3 autos, that combo is not set in concrete, the only thing you need to do is to get your E off. Your E chunks them when they are relatively healthy even tho it’s an execute. You should be able to kill him with your laner for FB. People in low Elo react slowly to kindred's mark and will just not respect the mark symbol. So most of the time it’s a free kill and a free Mark. Sometimes you will kill the laner too quickly before the Mark procs, but that’s okay, it’s still a kill.
Marking guide Back to Top
I can’t stress enough, DO NOT DIE FOR A MARK. if your game is going even, the last thing you want is a greedy kindred thirsty for a mark on a monster. Honestly if your even or behind the marks will deceive you into killing yourself. Get marks when your laners are in a good place to help and your healthy and ahead etc. however this is all about experience and map knowledge. Sometimes you can get a mark when your lanes are losing etc. just eventual knowledge you get after playing kindred for a while.

Passive description:
Mark takes 8 seconds to proc
Wolf marks jungle monsters based on Kindred's current stacks:

0 Marks: Rift Scuttler
1-3 Marks: Rift Scuttler, Crimson Raptor, Gromp
4-7 Marks: Red Brambleback, Blue Sentinel, Ancient Krug, Greater Murk Wolf
8+ Marks: Rift Herald, Baron Nashor, Elemental Drakes, Elder Dragon

If Kindred kills a marked target or assists in their death, they gain a mark. Kindred's basic attacks and Mounting Dread gain 75 range at 4 stacks, plus 25 range every 3 stacks thereafter. Stacks also amplify Kindred's basic abilities:

Q - Dance of Arrows: Bonus attack speed increased by an additional 5% per stack.
W - Wolf's Frenzy: Current health damage increased by an additional 0.5% per stack.
E - Mounting Dread: Missing health damage increased by an additional 0.5% per stack.

Targets successfully hunted cannot be targeted again for 240 seconds. Lamb can also change her target after 90 seconds if the target hasn't died in that time.
Conclusion Back to Top
In all, kindred is a very good early game dueller if you play well, your ganks are powerful as our dmg output is crazy after 3 autos and your Q is amazing for escaping and gap closing. Your ult is valuable for your team and yourself to not die. Don’t die for marks and Mark people your ganking.
League of Legends Build Guide Author KevinThyAsian
KevinThyAsian Kindred Guide
[10.21] 200k Mastery Kindred, all optimal build paths
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