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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Jovy

Bottom [10.3] Guardian of the Sea & the Stars - MF ADC

By Jovy | Updated on February 9, 2020
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Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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Ranked #8 in
ADC Role
Win 54%
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Hello everyone and welcome to my Miss Fortune guide. I'm Jovy, an admin here and a long-time league player. I've been playing since season 2, having racked up well over three thousand games by now. My main role is actually the support role, but Miss Fortune is regardless my favourite champion.

I started playing Miss Fortune way back in Season 2 and she was the first champion that I really took an interest to. I mained her on my journey to 30 and continued to main her well after that and the reason I actually joined MOBAFire in the first place was to write a guide for her. Around the start of Season 3 I completely lost interest in MF, and ADC in general, and so I decided to archive the guide because it would become outdated and I wanted to focus on Support from then onwards. In Season 5 I had once again taken an interest to ADCs and so I thought it would be fitting to resurrect and revamp my original guide to Miss Fortune... and here we are!

Miss Fortune is a ranged Marksman, AKA AD Carry, a role that focuses on dealing large amounts of physical damage, usually to individual targets. Typically Marksmen scale extremely well with game time, and deal devastating levels of damage during the late phase of games. In addition to having a very good late game, Miss Fortune excels in lane. She's a lane bully who can dish out tons of burst with her ultimate and can poke extremely efficiently with her Double Up (Q).

+ High Mov Speed due to Strut
Although Miss Fortune has no actual gap closers, she's pretty mobile providing her W's passive - Strut - is active. Strut grants up to 100 movement speed when Miss Fortune is not being attacked. This makes travelling to lane, objectives or teamfights much faster and it can help you dodge certain skillshots.

+ High AoE damage
Miss Fortune is the wombo combo queen. Her ultimate channels for 3 seconds and dishes out a huge amount of damage to everyone in sight. Coupled with Amumu's or Malphite's ultimate, for example, she's completely devastating in teamfights.

+ Strong Laning Phase
Miss Fortune has a very potent lane phase and she transitions well into mid game, especially when she's ahead. She has a lot of poke potential with her Q and W, a slow with which she can follow up on ganks and after level 6 she has burst damage as well. Her passive makes roaming quick and she can take towers down quickly with Strut, this makes her mid game quite strong.

- No gap closers
Although Strut means she's not completely immobile, it doesn't make up for her lack of a proper gap closer. Having no gap closer means you need to play her more carefully than you would a different marksman, as with MF, if you get caught and you don't have flash, you'll likely die.

- Can't move when using ultimate
Bullet Time, Miss Fortune's ultimate, is an AoE physical damage dealing cone-shaped ability. It's a great spell when used and timed well, but it has one giant downside - you cannot move at all while it's channeling otherwise you'll cancel it. It channels for 3 seconds and if you want to use it for the whole 3, you'll just be standing still for that duration. This makes you extremely vulnerable as you won't be able to dodge anything, and you'll be a sitting duck for assassins.

_____ This keystone works well with Miss Fortune because of her ability to easily proc it with her W-enhanced autos and her AA-cancel Q. The fastest way to get 3 Press the Attack stacks on someone is to do either AA Q AA, by which I mean activate your Q as soon as your first auto launches, or Q AA AA, wherein the second AA will launch a lot faster. Once an enemy has 3 stacks on them, any incoming damage is increased, which is great for team fights and your E R combo.

Triumph gives you a surge of health (and 20g) after you get a takedown (kill or assist). This is super helpful during early game when fights can be quite close but it remains useful for the rest of the game too because it restores 12% of your health, and not a flat amount (so it scales with you basically).

A small AS boost when you get Legend stacks; i.e. champion kills and assists or monster/minion kills.

An alternative to the above rune. This rune means we can skip out on a lifesteal item later on and build more raw damage instead, without being completely without the stat.

Coup De Grace gives us 7% more dmaage to targets below 40% health. Every damage dealer is great with an execution and MF is no exception to this.

Magical footwear gives you a free pair of boots around 12 minutes (or earlier with takedowns) which is a good deal for MF since she is already naturally quick with her Strut passive.

Biscuits give you better sustain in lane which is extra important against pokey bot lanes which you will probably frequently face.

In terms of stats, in general terms, I like to take AS, adaptive and then some armour. Of course, you can change these stats on a game by game basis in accordance to whom you will be facing. Against higher magic damage, pick up some MR or health and against full AD comps keep that armour close to your heart.

For summoner spells yet again we take the standard combo, Flash and Heal, for marksmen.

Flash is invaluable and you need to take it every single game. Its uses include chasing, escaping, repositioning and much more. Although it is necessary for every marksmen, and nearly every champion, it's especially vital for Miss Fortune who has no escapes and frequently may need Flash for teamfights.

Heal is your second summoner spell and it's also something that doesn't really have any alternatives. Heal gives you health and movement speed and it has more than just one use. It can be used for escaping and kiting due to the small movement speed boost, it can be used to heal yourself or an ally and it can be used to bait the enemy out when you're low on health.

Whenever Miss Fortune basic attacks a new target, she deals 0.5 - 1.0 times her attack damage (at levels 1-18) bonus physical damage. Love Tap deals 50% damage to minions.

Love Tap is Miss Fortune's passive. Whenever you change to a new target, they will take extra damage.

During lane phase it's very obvious that Love Tap is a really strong passive. You're always against at least two opponents so you can easily proc your passive by coordinating shots between the enemy marksman and support. Even when both champions aren't present, there are always minions with which you can proc the passive.

Outside of laning phase, especially during teamfights, is when you'll notice that the passive isn't quite as useful. During teamfights, although there are many of champions to attack, you usually won't be able to coordinate your auto-attacks, and will just be forced to hit what is closest. Thus in teamfights your passive is almost useless, unfortunately.

Love tap also procs on towers! Coupled with Strut's AS boost, you'll be able take down towers very fast by taking turns shooting minions and the tower.

Miss Fortune fires a shot at an enemy target which deals 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 (+1.0 total attack damage) (+35% of ability power) physical damage before bouncing through her target to an enemy behind it. Bounces can critically strike, and always critically strike when the first hit kills a target. Both hits apply on-hit effects.

Double Up is your bread and butter ability. It deals a lot of damage but has a low CD and mana cost, and thus is practically spammable.

Q has many wonderful uses. It's great poke and it can help you with last hitting and it can even do both at the same time if you use it on a minion behind an enemy champion. Q resets your auto-attack animation which makes it extremely potent during trades with the enemy marksman. Auto-attack your enemy, then use your Q on them and immediately auto-attack them afterwards for tons of damage.

As you can see from the tooltip, this ability can hit more than one enemy. The best use of this is to get a minion to low HP, use your Q on it to kill it, and have the second shot bounce to the enemy marksman/support. Another good use of double up is to target the enemy support/marksman and have the second shot bounce back at the enemy marksman/support. It all depends on where who is positioned. Always look for an opportunity to hit the enemy with your second bounce.

Passive: After 5 seconds of not taking direct damage, Miss Fortune gains 25 movement speed, ramping up to 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 after 5 additional seconds.
Active: Miss Fortune instantly gains the maximum movement speed bonus as well as 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 / 100% % attack speed for 3 seconds. Love Tapping increases Strut's attack speed duration by 1 second.

Strut is Fortune's W ability. The active is an auto-attack steroid which grants bonus attack speed. The passive gives you bonus movement speed!

The attack speed buff has many good uses. It helps you CS faster and ensures you don't miss a last-hit. It'll make your trades stronger as you'll dish out more shots!

It also synergises well with your passive, Love Tap. Utilising your W, you'll be able to quickly and fluently swap between targets and maximise your damage output. It also synergises with your passive when you're taking down turrets, having both Love Tap and Strut activated will completely crumble them!

love tap + strut

The movement speed will allow you to dodge certain skillshots, it'll help you get to lane faster as well as rotate between lanes. Overall, Strut is a very strong ability!

Miss Fortune fires hundreds of bullets into the air which rain down at a location after 0.5 seconds, dealing 80 / 115 / 150 / 185 / 220 (+80% of ability power) magic damage over 2 seconds and slowing enemies hit by 28 / 36 / 44 / 52 / 60 % for 0.25 seconds. This slow is refreshed if enemies stay within the area.

Miss Fortune's E ability. It's an AoE slow that deals magic damage to everyone caught in the area.

The slow of the ability gets gradually stronger as you increase the rank of the ability. By rank 5, your level 9, it's a good slow which is helpful in many ways. As it's AoE, you can use when you're being chased to slow down multiple enemies. You can use it when you're chasing someone - E's range is surprisingly long and as MF is quite fast, you can catch up to your enemy and E them to slow them. Another use of the slow is for setting up your ultimate. When your enemy is slowed, it's nearly impossible to escape your ultimate's range unless they have flash up.

E will also provide vision over the area it is cast on. That means that MF never has to facecheck! You can check for hiding enemies in brush, and, because of the long range of this ability, you can also check monster camps to see if anything worth taking is there.

Miss Fortune channels a barrage of bullets into a cone in front of her every .25 seconds for a 3 second duration, dealing (+0.75 per attack damage) (+20% of ability power) physical damage per wave. She fires 12 / 14 / 16 waves in total and each wave will deal physical damage to all enemies caught in the area. Each wave of Bullet Time can critically strike, dealing 120% damage.

Bullet Time is MF's ultimate. It's a channeled ability that does physical damage in a cone to all enemies in front of Miss Fortune.

Several things to note! Prior to patch 5.22, this ability scaled with ability power only. Now that it scales and deals physical damage, MF's ultimate is one of the strongest AoEs in the game! It deals an INSANE amount of damage, and it's got a fairly short CD and mana cost so it's available almost every time you need it.

Nothing's perfect though! There are a few drawbacks. Most notably, the ultimate forces Miss Fortune to stand absolutely still, whilst channeling it, for up to 3 seconds. If you cancel it, that's it. You won't deal any more damage, so most ideally you'll want to stick out the 3 seconds.

The problem? I'm sure you can imagine the enemies won't like you obliterating them with your ultimate. They'll go after you, you can count on that. Not only because your ultimate can be interrupted by knock-ups, silances, stuns and etc, but also because you will be completely still and very vulnerable. You're practically BEGGING for someone like Talon, Katarina or Rengar to pounce onto you and destroy everything you love. This is why you need to position yourself well in order to avoid being caught out, and you'll ideally want your support or tank to take the shots for you and protect you. Whenever you can, it's a great tactic to use your ability from behind terrain. That way they'll have to close the gap before they can assassinate you.

Another issue is that sometimes people will walk out of your ultimate, and unlike Lucian's The Culling, you can't simply walk with them and continue dealing damage. Once someone walks out of your ult range, your ult is rendered useless and you need to cancel it quickly if you hope to catch up and still kill that person.

Something to keep in mind is that although MF's ult is obviously ideally used on several enemies, that doesn't mean it would be a waste to use it on just one person, especially if you think that it will kill them. MF's damage can come by surprise!

You max Q first because it's the key to your strong early game. More points in Q means more potent poke; and the more damage they take, the easier they are to take down with an all-in later on.

You can max W second or E. You max W second if you want to focus more on your AAs; which is what PTA MF is all about. It will help you take down turrets faster and dish out more DPS in a fight.

If you max E last it will make your kiting a bit stronger as well as your E R combo.

As with most if not all other champions, you put your first rank in R at lvl 6, and rank it up whenever it's possible - lvl 11 and then 16.

Doran's Blade is the standard starter item for Marksmen. Gives you a little bit of damage and a bit of survivability.

With the 50 leftover gold you get a health potion. You'll be chugging these things a lot during lane phase, so remember to buy one or two every time you recall.

The best trinket to start off with. It'll store two wards for you, which you can use to ward your lane or the lane brush. Before your support gets sightstone, it'll be very helpful of you to ward tri/the lane brush, but try not to wander off too much - leave that to the support. Leaving lane to ward can result in losing valuable last-hits, aka gold and exp.

As it is free, swap out your totem for this trinket as soon as you hit level 9. It's used for long range scouting, to look out for enemies and check monster camps. It can be very helpful when you're split-pushing, as you won't have to leave your lane to ward.


Depending on how heavy your purse is, your first back can be either a B. F. Sword or a Caulfield's Hammer. Or, if you're really broke, a couple of Long Swords will do. Either way, you're trying to build up to Essence Reaver; your first big item.

Essence Reaver is your first big purchase. It synergizes well with MF who benefits from both some sort of mana replenishment (because of her Q) as well as CDR (for her ult).

IE will give you saw raw damage, increasing your crit and AD by a huge amount. You will want to pair this item with some attack speed later on, so you can make more use out of its stats.

Since crit MF relies on her auto-attacks a lot more than Lethality MF, there's no reason not to opt for attack speed boots.

Rapid Firecannon is a package deal with Infinity Edge. With both, MF has both the damage and attack speed necessary to take down tankier and squishy units alike.

Bloodthirster is an item which increases your DPS as well as your survivability. It gives you an large amount of AD, and tons of life-steal. In addition to the lifesteal, when you are at full HP and attacking units, you'll overheal, getting a shield, effectively increasing your total health. It's smart to try and charge it up before a team fight is about to happen by attacking minions or monster camps.

This is an item that you build when the enemy is stacking loads of armour. At earliest, you should buy it after your core. If nobody is really building a lot of armour, you may delay it for a longer time. If their team is building little to no armor, you may not need to build it at all.

This is an alternative to the above. Still something you get to counter tanks, as it is still built from Last Whisper. But you get this item in particular against enemies that have a lot of healing, or against specific enemy champions who rely on healing to be so powerful like Vladimir, Warwick, Dr Mundo and so on. It's a good idea to buy an early Executioner's Calling when you're against these champions, as well as when you're laning against healers like Sona, Soraka or Nami.

When needing to deal with one specific ability, this is your item. Scimitar is built out of Quicksilver Sash, an item with a very valuable passive; it removes all debuffs from your champion; suppresses, slows and stuns, hooks etc.

Guardian Angel gives you a mix of armour and AD as well as a unique Revive passive. Once you've died you'll respawn at the spot you fell, and you have a slim chance to escape or make some crazy play and win the teamfight magically. Usually what'll happen, though, is that you'll respawn and get killed again, so the passive isn't that useful unless you were in a good position and your team is strong enough to prevent them from setting a tent at the spot you died on.

Before we delve into Miss Fortune specific gameplay, I want to take the time to talk about more general ADC stuff. I will cover the following: Last-hitting, Shoving (Pushing), Freezing, as well as Kiting and Orb Walking.
Farming is seeking out and killing minions in order to obtain experience and gold, and the most effective way to farm is by last-hitting. Last-hitting is getting the killing blow on a minion. Minions are highly aggressive creatures and when your ally minions spot the enemy minions, they start attacking them. So, they fight for a bit and when one of them is near death, pick him off with an auto-attack.

Why should I try to last-hit? Last-hitting reduces how much your lane will push (so it ensures you won't overextend), it allows you to zone out your opponent easily and you'll end up with a lot more gold if you last-hit properly, as opposed to just shooting at random.

You might find last-hitting difficult at first, but the only way to improve is to practice. If you keep getting poor CS in games, you should try playing custom games alone or against a bot and practice last-hitting with nothing but a Doran's Blade.

How much CS is good CS? Ideally you'll have around 70-90 minions at 10 minutes. That's a target to strive for. At 20 minutes you'll want to have anything between 150 and 200. As the game goes along you'll find that it gets harder and harder to farm. But you shouldn't stop farming at any point in the game and you should always strive to get as much CS as possible.

So as said last hitting will reduce how much your lane pushes. When your lane pushes, your minions are at the enemy's tower and this is dangerous for you because it means you need to be near the enemy tower as well, in order to get the enemy minions. This creates opportunity for the enemy jungler to gank, and it makes it difficult or impossible for your own jungler to gank. So is a scenario like this ever preferable? It is.

In order to push a lane you need to constantly attack the enemy minions, sometimes using even your abilities and not just basic attacks (this would speed up the process). You still want to get the last hits, so don't just attack them at random, but attack them carefully, making sure you can still get the killing blow on all the minions.

So when is it preferable to do something like this? When your enemy laners aren't there. This means that you won't be in danger of a gank, as it's rare that the enemy jungler will attempt to 1v2 you and your support and this also means that the enemy laners will lose valuable gold and experience, because by pushing the lane, your minions will inevitably arrive to the enemy tower and, ideally, be killed by it. If they are killed by the tower and not by the enemy marksman, the enemy marksman won't get any gold from them, and if they're not closeby they won't get any experience either. You, on the other hand, got experience and gold from having pushed the enemy wave.

The opposite of pushing the lane is freezing it. You freeze the lane by only last-hitting minions and not allowing them to go near your tower or the enemy tower. However do note that in order to do this the enemy must have more minions than you. If it's an equal number and you're the only one there csing, last hitting will slightly push the lane, it won't freeze it.

What does freezing accomplish though? If you're behind, freezing the minion wave near your tower, where it's safe, will help you get cs without putting yourself in danger. If you're ahead, freezing the lane can potentionally deny your enemy cs, as they'd need to come into your "zone" to last hit, and you can harass them at that range.

With farming and things related to farm out of the way, it's time to talk about more marksmany things, like orb walking and then kiting.

Orb walking is a technique that combines moving and attacking. It is essential for ADCs to master because it will not only maximise your damage output but it will also allow you to keep at a safe distance while you damage others.

The way to orb walk is to begin an auto-attack, wait for it to be in the air and then cancel the rest of the animation by clicking on the ground and moving to wherever you want to go, towards an enemy champion for example, then begin another auto-attack as soon as your auto-attack "cooldown" is finished. After that you, again, will click on the ground and keep repeating that process.

That's the how, now the why and when.

Why? Orb walking is much more effective than simply clicking on the enemy because your champion will, while in range, just stand still whereas the enemy will try to flee. Once they're out of range, you won't be able to catch up usually without a gap-closer. If you orb walk instead of just standing still, you can keep up with them for a long period of time, and continuously deal damage to them with your autos.

Additionally, orb walking is good when you're duelling enemies who have skillshots. By constantly moving from side to side in between your auto-attacks, you'll make it difficult for your enemy to decide where to throw their spells, whereas if you were just standing still you'd be very easy to hit.

So, when should you orb walk? Basically all the time. There's no downsides to it, and the more you practice, the better at it you will get.

This GIF highlights the importance of orb walking. It's taken out of the video "League of Legends: Attack Move and Orb Walk Guide", if you'd like to see all of the video, click here.

Kiting is the opposite of chasing an enemy with your auto-attacks. Kiting is running away from an enemy, while at the same time turning around whenever your auto-attack is up in order to attack them. This ensures that you'll be taking the least possible amount of damage, while dealing some yourself.

Kiting is most effective when you're running from a melee champion, as they'll be forced to keep chasing you in order to damage you, whereas you'll be able to stay at range at whittle them down.

Kiting is also something you should do as often as possible. There's really never a time when it's preferable for you, or any other ADC, to just stand still.

Immediately after getting into lane, you'll want to start pushing the lane with your auto-attacks, in order to get to level 2 before your lane opponents do. Miss Fortune is especially good at doing this because, by using her Q, she can both farm and harass the enemy Marksman or Support.

What you hope to achieve is getting level 2 before your enemy does. If you do, your stats will be higher than the enemies', and you'll have a second ability that they don't. If you're a level ahead at this point, either force a trade or have your support engage somehow, because it's unlikely that they can win the fight when you are ahead. If you play it well, or if they play it badly, you can get a kill or blow some summoners. If they're smart though, they'll stand back and try to get a few last hits from a safe distance, and wait until they are level 2 as well before they try to provoke you.

Similarly, you should take advantage of your opponents if they have not reached level 6 after you already have. Your ultimate is absolutely devastating, even at this point in the game, and can really do some good damage if you time it well. You should attempt to whittle your opponent down with auto-attacks and your Q before 6, and then just finish them off with the help of your support, once you have your ultimate.

Speaking of whittling down your opponents, let's talk about that for a little bit. Utilising your auto-attacks properly to poke is extremely important when you play ADC. Although MF has lower base AD than that most ADCs, her auto-attacks are still to be used to poke alongside your Q and your W. The best time to harass is when the enemy ADC goes for a last hit. Once he launches his auto-attack onto a minion, you should seize the opportunity, and auto-attack him then. He won't be able to retaliate, as he has only just used his auto-attack, and it has gone on a cooldown, so to speak. Although that's only a small bit of damage, doing this many times will whittle the enemy ADC down, giving you a big advantage.

A great way to poke with Miss Fortune is to have your Q bounce off of an enemy caster minion onto the enemy ADC. Even at rank 1, Q does so much damage to squishies, which ADCs tend to be. To increase the odds of hitting your Q, there are a couple of little tactics.
  • Use it when they're focusing on getting a last hit. It's unlikely that they'll be able to focus on both avoiding your Q and on getting a last hit, and usually in the heat of the moment, even though it's not actually favourable, they'll take the last hit even if it means they'll be hit by your Q.
  • If they're in front of some minions, start moving towards them. They'll naturally back off so as to avoid getting hit by you, and you should now target the minion that was behind them. As they are retreating, by the time your Q bounces off the minion, the enemy ADC will be behind the minion, and he'll get hit by the Q bounce.
Overall, Miss Fortune is just a big lane bully. You can whittle your opponents down with ease with your Q, your trading is really strong because of your passive and your W and your ult is completely devastating for both enemy laners. The key to winning bot lane is trading efficiently and last-hitting properly.

Turrets are structures that block the path to the enemy Nexus. They grant 50 global gold, as well as 150 extra gold to the person nearby the turret when it collapses. The 150 is split amongst the players if more people participated in its demise.

So from killing turrets you get gold and you are one step closer to the nexus. But in addition to that, killing turrets bot lane will relieve pressure off of other lanes, as you will be bringing the attention onto yourself. This can be a bad thing for you, so be sure to ward after you've taken the first turret. There's no strict time when you're supposed to take the turret, just get them as soon as possible in order to give your team the advantage.

If you're able to get the first tower of the game always opt to do it. Your team + the last-hitter of the tower (you, preferably) gain a lot of gold. You yourself, if you last-hit it, will get 400 gold which gets you a big advantage.

Dragon is the second most powerful neutral monster on Summoner's Rift. Slaying Dragon grants the team various boosts, depending on what type of dragon you've gotten.

As it is situated near bottom lane, you're generally expected to help slay the various Drakes that spawn. The best times to do dragon are:

1) Enemy bottom lane has just died, or recalled > they won't be able to try to contest it.
2) Enemy jungler has died, or was spotted top lane > they won't have smite if they try to contest it
3) It's definitely not warded and you can sneak it.

Rift Scuttlers are little critters that roam around the river area. There's one nearby dragon, and another near Baron. When killed they grant 70-140 gold and they essentially turn into a little ward, and place themselves in front of the Baron/Dragon pit. They respawn every 2.5 minutes.

Since you are bot lane, you are pretty close to the dragon scuttler. Sometimes your jungler might need help wrangling him. Since Scuttie gives a lot of gold and loads of exp, it's one of the more contested jungler camps. So be on the look out for any fights in the river.

Although it is generally the jungler's job to get him, you can still kill him if you have the chance. A good time to pick up scuttler is right before a Dragon fight. It's usually a bad idea to take it before you get some bigger items, as it takes too long to kill him.

So after the first couple of towers go down, mid game ensues. As of then, more and more teamfights will occur and there will be more and more fights over objectives, namely over Turrets, Dragon and Baron.

After lane phase, it'll become increasingly difficult to farm, or at least to farm safely.

If you do not have your own tower bot lane, try to freeze the wave near the second tower where it's safe to farm. By doing this, however, your team will be in danger of being engaged on.

If there aren't any minions nearby your tower, it's generally not safe to go too far down the lane at this point in the game, at least not without wards. If the minion wave is dangerously far away, try farming another lane or taking jungle monsters such as Gromp, Raptors or Wolves. I'm sure the jungler won't mind!

An easy way to get a lot of farm outside of laning phase is, when you're farming bot, to push until your minion wave goes past the halfway point of the lane. After this, because the wave is on the enemy's side of the map, the enemy's minions will always arrive to the wave sooner than your minions, causing it to slowly start pushing in your direction. Once the wave is big enough it'll start pushing into your next tower, and that's when you return bot and farm it up, then push the wave past the half way point once more, if it is safe to do so. The wave will keep pushing towards your side of the map, allowing you to constantly go bot to farm it up, while there'll never be any large minion waves on bot lane for the enemy ADC to farm.

MF's biggest strength actually comes with her teamfighting ability. Her ultimate is crucial to teamfights as it can does massive damage, hitting for over 4000(!) damage late game in an AoE(!). With 3+ items her ultimate will hit like a truck and can kill anyone who is caught in it. Even if behind, MF can still be a valuable asset in teamfights because of her ultimate.

Your main focus in a team fight should be positioning to land your ultimate on as many targets as possible, while still being in a safest position.

After that you want to focus on not dying while doing damage to anyone you can. Usually you'll just want to attack whoever is closest to you, since if you try to venture in further and try to single out the enemy ADC for example, you'll probably find that you're suddenly in the middle of the teamfight and surrounded by the enemy assassins and tanks.

You can try to be sneaky and use your Q to snipe high priority targets in the backline, though this is rarely successful, as there aren't usually low targets laying around in teamfights, waiting to help you bounce a Q off them.

One useful tip that I notice a lot of inexperienced players do not utilize, is the usage of Love Tap within a teamfight. If you are within range of 2 or more targets, you should alternate between them for every attack. This will let you apply your passive to them every time you auto them, granting you massive damage to that target, and also lowering the CD of your W.

The biggest drawback is that Miss Fortune needs to stand still while channeling her ultimate. Where ever you choose to activate it, that's going to be your spot for the next few seconds in the teamfight. In certain situations you can be perfectly safe - if you're, for example, far away from your enemy and your allies are in between you and the enemy, or if you're, for example, behind a wall where they can't reach you or can't see you. Other times you're completely vulnerable to being pounced on or CC'd and probably dying as well.

Another drawback is that MF has very little mobility, meaning that if you misposition at the wrong time, you may end up dying. However this does not mean that you are doomed vs slippery champions. Your E is a very useful tool for these types of champions, and you will want to save your E for when you see them coming to you. This may discourage them from spending all that time running up to you while your team can damage them. If they still want that booty, you can use your W and Ghostblade to kite them or just get away from them while your team deals with them.

Baron Nashor is the strongest neutral monster on Summoner's Rift. He first spawns at the 19:50 minute mark, and respawns every 7 minutes. Killing him grants 300 global gold and 1400 exp, and you get the Hand of Baron buff.

Hand of Baron grants up to 40 AD and AP, improves your recall and while around minions whilst having this buff, all the minions get various boosts, improving them greatly and making it much easier to push down lanes and siege turrets. If you die whilst having this buff, you lose it.

There are a few times when taking Baron is a good idea. When the enemy's jungler is dead, when you're extremely ahead and can win teamfights even if you're being whittled down by Baron, when you've had a successful teamfight and most of the enemy team is dead, and so on.

If the enemy is doing Baron, you should keep in mind that it's possible for you to steal it with your ultimate, if you can position yourself behind the pit.

Sieging is the act of attempt to destroy a turret in a group. Sieging usually occurs around mid-late game. You and your teammates push down to an inhibitor turret and constantly pressure the enemy team whilst trying to whittle their turret down to dust.

As the ADC you'll be the one doing most of the damage on the turret. At the same time, you're probably the most vulnerable person on your team and you need to be extremely careful and play it safe. Don't get in too close if you're at risk of being caught out and killed. Simply harass from a distance, avoid being hit by skillshots and every so often, throw out an auto-attack on the turret when it's safe to do so.

Over time, the tower will be wittled down and destroyed, so your team can either move onto another objective or take the inhibitor the tower was protecting.

Nearly every support can successfully lane with Miss Fortune, but some are obviously better choices than others.

CC is very important. As MF has no escapes, some type of peel for teamfights and skirmishes is necessary. In addition to this, CC is extremely valuable to MF because she needs her enemies to stay still when she's using her ult.

Sustain is helpful, but it isn't necessary. What you want is burst, or poke. Champions like Soraka and Bard are completely fine, but most of the time you'll always prefer having someone bursty or with tons of poke damage over that, because you need to take advantage of your early and mid game.

A very strong support with MF. He has his own burst damage and only further compliments yours. The only problem is that he doesn't have a lot in the way of peel.

I think Rakan is great for MF since he's a great peeler (and she's immobile) and his W + R combo are the perfect setup for Miss Fortune's ultimate.

Thresh has always been a hugely popular support due to his tankiness, CC, damage and utility. He synergises with every ADC, and MF is no exception. His hook and flay can lock an enemy in position for Bullet Time, his Dark Passage is very valuable as you have no escapes and his damage compliments your burst playstyle.

This is once again a tanky support with tons of CC. She's got the ability to lock down targets for a long period of time, she's extremely tanky with her W, Eclipse, and her passive, Sunlight, will allow you to deal extra magic damage to enemies, improving your burst. Overall a really great pick to go with MF.

Braum is similar to the likes of Thresh, Nautilus and Leona in the sense that he is also a tanky peeler with lots of CC. His lane is a little weaker than the previous supports however, because he has a tough time dealing with poke and because he can't poke himself. He peels really well and is still a terrific choice though.

Brand is a similar support to Annie, but he's a bit less squishy and does a lot more damage. He's got CC, albeit it's somewhat unreliable as it requires him to hit his Q, and one other spell before Q. His ultimate is crazy, especially in bot lane where there are always multiple enemies to fight. He won't peel too well in teamfights, however after getting Rylai's (which is a core item for him), the slow will be very helpful.

A bit of an oddity here but what Janna lacks in the damage and tankiness department, she makes up for with her peel and her shield. The shield acts like a free Long Sword/Pickaxe/BF Sword and also soaks up damage, so trading with the shield on you makes you extremely strong. Another advantage of the lane is that her CC protects you in teamfights and duels, which is invaluable for an immobile ADC like MF.

Morgana is similar to Annie, but she provides more peel, with her Black Shield, a targeted ability which soaks up magic damage and nullifies CC. Her ultimate slows, stuns and does damage, thus provides you with a lot of peel during fights. She's also somewhat squishy, but that shouldn't be a problem for you.

Used to be bad before the rework, but now is a very good pairing with MF, or anyone else really. He's tanky and has a heal and a stun, and his ultimate which provides invulnerability can keep you safe against any foe.

Alistar is another tanky peeler. He has no ranged abilities, and thus no poke, but his CC and overall damage in skirmishes makes up for this. His Headbutt + Pulverize combo sets up for a really good ultimate and he also provides good peel in teamfights. Good synergy with MF overall, but isn't a strong pick in general.

Annie is a bursty mage support who deals tons of magic damage and has a targeted/AoE stun. She's veeery squishy and she won't peel as well as the other picks, but her laning phase is pretty great, especially after 6. She's got long AA range to poke with, low CDs and mana costs and a lot of damage, which scales well into late-game. She's got pretty good synergy with MF, but is simply not a very good support at the moment.

Lux support is okay sometimes but against some match-ups she's really horrible. She's immobile and very squishy, she does do damage but she needs to build mana regen and AP for that to happen, and that's not really something she can afford to do early on as a support. If she hits her Q, your ult paired with hers is a pretty strong combo though.

And, well, that concludes my guide. I hope you found it helpful, thanks for reading and good luck on the Rift! Thanks to my friend Shea for helping me update this guide for season 7 and 8. Check out his guide on GP and Twisted Fate! Also to PsiGuard for helping me fix small and not so small outdated bits of info.

If you have any comments, suggestions or questions, please feel free to post in the comments or send me a private message. I will read everything and reply to all questions and criticism. I coded the guide and did the graphics, if you want your own you can request them via private message or in this thread!

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