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Lillia Build Guide by SheepeyDarkness

Jungle [11.10] The Bashful Bloom // Lillia Jungle Guide

Jungle [11.10] The Bashful Bloom // Lillia Jungle Guide

Updated on June 12, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author SheepeyDarkness Build Guide By SheepeyDarkness 9 0 4,517 Views 0 Comments
9 0 4,517 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author SheepeyDarkness Lillia Build Guide By SheepeyDarkness Updated on June 12, 2021
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Runes: Dark Harvest // Sorcery

1 2 3 4 5
Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

[11.10] The Bashful Bloom // Lillia Jungle Guide

By SheepeyDarkness
Pros and Cons


+ Fast clear speed
+ High tempo
+ Game changing ultimate
+ True damage
+ Great at invading and counter jungling


- Squishy
- Low Range
- Team Reliant
- Team can screw up ultimate
- Lack of hard cc for ganking
- Very susceptible to point and click cc
- Struggles killing scuttle crab compared to other meta junglers
- Difficult to play from behind
- Very hard to play into some comps
- Struggles taking objectives solo, especially dragons
Early Game
The early game is one of the most important stages for a jungler's success. Especially for Lillia. Your goal in the early game should be to get a successful full clear off and ideally secure a scuttle.

Here are two videos of full clears. Starting red is always the ideal, however you can start blue.

Ward your opposite jungle entrance at 0:50-0:55 and back for a sweeper if you would like. You are at your most vulnerable when double camping blue and gromp so you may want to save a ward for this, kite blue out to river, ward, and then kite blue to gromp and double camp.

Kite scuttle to the lane that has prio. Lillia doesn't have the strongest early game so it's important identifying which lane has priority. If your lane doesn't, just go to the other scuttle crab. Don't int trying to get a crab.

Lillia takes raptors very quickly as well. For example, if you're on red side and lee sin 3 camps into a bot gank after taking scuttle crab you can path to his raptors and take it. If you have mid prio and you're ahead constantly invading other jungle's raptors is a good way to set them behind.
Due to Lillia's speed she is excellent at counter jungling and can maintain high tempo. Due to the lack of cc, her ganks are sub-par. In addition, her ganks are mostly circumstantial and require you to gank off of clearing a camp or scuttle with max stacks or landing an e.

Look to punish the enemy jungler whenever they decide to gank and have camps up. Lillia has good invades as she can run away swiftly when caught.

Look to farm until 6 and then gank when your ultimate off cooldown. Keep in mind saving your ultimate for objectives is very important. While getting 5 man sleeps is game changing, getting a pick on the highest priority target, or just two people is enough. If opportunities arise you can gank before 6, but only if it's free.

Like Nidalee, Lillia synergizes very well with champions that have reliable cc. Landing the center of your w deals a lot of damage. Bot lanes that have champs such as Leona and Nautilus are very easy to gank for and their cc will set up for a clean w.

You're a kiting champion. Your true damage only applies on the outer edge of your q so look to hit people in that sweet spot. You are very vulnerable without stacks. In team fights look out for champs with point and click cc.
Lillia has a lot of options available for pathing. I'll be going over some of the pathings that I know of and why/when you would use these. ( Most examples here assume that you on blue side. Red buff is closest to bot lane. Blue buff is closest to top. )

I'll be referring to the following as such....
Blue side - quadrant where your blue buff is.
Red side - quadrant where your red buff is.

Full Clear - Red, Krugs, Raptors, Wolves, Blue, Gromp // Blue, Gromp, Wolves, Raptors, Red, Krugs

The most standard clear. Starting red is better than starting blue.

Reverse Clear - Red, Blue, Gromp, Wolves, Raptors, Krugs

Good for avoiding invades. Allows you to be everywhere on the map during your clear for potential gank opportunities. Also allows you to gank without being punished as much if the other jungle decides to counter jungle.

Enemy Red Start - Enemy Red, Enemy Raptors, Your Raptors, Your Red, Your Krugs

If enemy doesn't properly ward this will screw them over. Enemy will most likely path into your top side jungle when they find out their red and raptors are taken. You can transition gank mid and shove wave to create prio against any invades onto your bot side. Ward bot side jungle entrance or ask your bot lane to, so you can path accordingly depending on enemy jg response.

Anti Graves Pathing - Raptors, Wolves, Blue, Gromp

If you think graves is going to level 2 invade you at your blue with red buff, you should be at your blue by the time he is when you complete your raptors and wolves.

Level 2 Gank - Red, Raptors, transition gank mid, enemy red/raptors or Red, Raptors, transition gank mid, enemy red/raptors.

Lillia gank level 2 gank mid off of raptors with the extra ms. Ganking off of raptors without doing your red is more likely to succeed but will leave your red and krugs open. Not recommended. Clear red first! After you successfully gank mid you should have prio after quickly shoving the wave in. Afterwards you have some options. You can go to other jungle's raptors and contest them at their red, you can go to their raptors and then clear your blue and gromp, or you can go immediately to your blue side.

Level 1 Raptors Invade Variation 1 -

This is a simple level 1 raptors invade. Afterwards you can path towards your blue side.

Level 1 Raptors Invade Variation 2 - Enemy Raptors, Enemy Red ( to be done on red side! - enemy bot lane leashes for red buff. )

You need your team for this. This is similar to an invade done by Ivern. Essentially you clear raptors so fast that you can hit level 2 before the enemy jungle can kill red. You take raptors and then invade with your team and you should win any fight because you are level 2 while the rest of the team is level 1.
Depending on which side you are on determines which lane will more easily be gankable. Ideally strong side will be ths side the krugs are on. Lillia relies on her speed to pull off a successful gank.

Scuttle can be used to gank all lanes.

To gank mid, gank off of raptors or blue.

To gank top/bot gank off of clearing krugs and either lane gank or go through tri. If you want to gank bot/top and you don't have the option of ganking off of krugs because that side doesn't have krugs then you can kite blue and gank off of clearing that.

If you take nimbus cloak you can ignite for increased ms. Be patient and wait for your team mates to cc to land w. You can people down the lane with your movement speed.

Ganking with your ulti up is a lot easier. Be conscious of champions that can block it.
Thanks if you've made it this far! I will continue to update the guide and improve the formatting for patches to come :) Feel free to ask any questions or correct any of the information to improve the guide.
League of Legends Build Guide Author SheepeyDarkness
SheepeyDarkness Lillia Guide
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[11.10] The Bashful Bloom // Lillia Jungle Guide

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