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Kha'Zix Build Guide by sworter

Jungle [11.2 Diamond] The unseen predator - Kha Zix Guide

By sworter | Updated on January 23, 2021
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Runes: Normal Late Game

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Dark Harvest
Sudden Impact
Zombie Ward
Ravenous Hunter

Gathering Storm
Absolute Focus

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5 6
Normal jng
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Jungle Role
Ranked #20 in
Jungle Role
Win 54%
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Ability Order Normal Option

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Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

[11.2 Diamond] The unseen predator - Kha Zix Guide

By sworter
About Me
In League of Legends my name is ExtraPortionSpaß and at my peak i wase Diamond.
I play very much kha at my smurf right now(75% win rate in over 30 gmaes in high gold/plat)
This is my youtube channel:
I also have a Shaco Top guide
My Promo Video for this guide:

Ps: sory for my bad english its not my main language.
Why Kha´zix Back to Top
Kha has a unique kit that lets you decide how you want to play him. You want to be the entry fight invisible ? CHECK. You want to one shoot the adc in the air and just jump out of the fight again ? CHECK. Maybe you don´t want to play him like a assasin and just be a anoying slow bot that still does decend dmg ? CHECK. He is just very flexible and is overall one of the best late game champs, while still having a decend early and mid game.
Pros/Cons Back to Top

-Very high burst dmg
-Very mobile
-make fun to play
-good late game
-you can play him in many different ways
-big outplay potential
-one of the best solo carry champs


-meta champ so it get picked and banned sometimes
-hard to master
-when you fall behind in early you need very much time to recover from it
-loses most 2v2 situations in early (top,mid)
Spells Back to Top
(P)Unseen Threat
The first part is that enemys getting marked if they isolated (no allies from them around) this basicly makes that your q does more dmg and your evolved q and w doing bonus things (i get later to that). The other part of the passive is that everytime kha is unseen (either just not seen from enemys or when he uses ult) he gets bonus dmg and slows the enemy for 2 sek.

(Q)Taste Their Fear
This ability does bonus dmg when the enemy is isolated and when evolved it gives a cooldown refund and more range for the q and auto atacks.

(W)Void Spike
This missile does okay damage but heals you when you stand in the detonation radius.
When evolved you shoot 3 spikes, slow the enemy and get vision on them for 2 sek. The slow is stronger when the enemy is isolated.

Kha´zix jumps in the direction and does damage what can be used to jump over walls.
The evolved version gets extra range and reset´s the cooldown after every kill or assist. This can be used to bunny hoop (which i get on later in the tipps).

(R)Void Assault
The passive part is that every time you upgrade your ult you can evolve 1 ability.
You get invisible and get bonus movment speed when used what can be used up to 2 times.
The evolved version let you be longer invisible and you can use it up to 3 times.
Tipps and Tricks Back to Top
Videos for the tipps are in the extra chapter
1.You can use your R to cancel point and click spells and auto atacks (examples: Darius R, Garen R, Ryze w....)

2.A good way to use your R is when to run in one direction and than while invisible move in the other direction.

3.You can play around the lose of vision to reset your passive (it is enough for even 1 sek to lose vision just enter a bush and when you leave it you insta have your passive up again). Also try to always auto atack after your ult before you ult again to get the most value out of it.

4.You can use your q and w in the air. While your q really goes of in the air your w only activates after you land.

5.You can bunny hoop if you get takedowns which can be used to get fast to the next enemy or just to escape the fight. The most easy way to do it is just by jumping on a low health target and q it in the air when it dies from it just can insta jump while in the air to the next location (you can see it in the extras).

6.A importent aspekt when playing kha is never to be the first one to start a team fight. You will just die in 2 sek no matter how feed you are because all cc lands on you. You need to play like a predator waiting for you prey to be in the bad spot and than kill them.
Early, Mid and Late Game Back to Top
1.Early Game
The first importend fact to understand is that you are strong early game ganker but not a strong fighter or in other words you almost everytime lose even 1v1. That dosn´t mean you can´t kill the enemy jungle but it´s very hard to do without your ult. I normaly start every game with kha on the botside so if red is botside i start on red. It´s just normaly very hard to early gank bot without ult because your so squishy. Your normal jungle route would be either blue>gromp>wolfs>red>gank if possible otherwise raptors>scuttle>gank if possible otherwise the rest of your jungle and than reset. The other route would be red>krugs>birds>blue> gank if possible otherwise gromp> gank or the rest of the jungle. In a normal gank you try to walk to the enemy without using spells and start with a auto atack, after that you q ,auto,w and than overall try to kill him if he tryes to flash or dash than you can follow with your e. Normaly you never want to start with your e because than it´s impossible to follow them. The best way to gank after level 6 when you evolved is to run invissible to the enemy with your r and than do the same thing like before.

Mid/late Game
In this state of the game you want to look for picking your prey at the right time. Overall you still want to do your jungle as much as possible to not fall behind but always keep a look on the map and on the objective that spawns and is up. Like said before you never want to be the engage wait that the teamfight start and than look for the perfect target (in most cases adc,sup or mid). The perfect target must be something that you can kill and if possible it is the strongest teamfighter of the enemys (normaly adc or mid). Sometimes the support will stick hard with the adc (champs like lulu, janna or soraka) in such cases it is often the best if you first focus them because it could be to hard to kill the adc otherwise. One importent aspekt is that you go in fights and go out of them often. There are often champs that you just can´t kill or just kill you if you would fight with them so if you have no other choice than to fight them wait that your team lower his hp that you can still help your team on this targets but you do not die for it.
Extras Back to Top
Here some examples for the tipps:
League of Legends Build Guide Author sworter
sworter Kha'Zix Guide
[11.2 Diamond] The unseen predator - Kha Zix Guide
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