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Gwen Build Guide by PH45

Top [11.22] PH45's guide to Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress!

Top [11.22] PH45's guide to Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress!

Updated on November 8, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PH45 Build Guide By PH45 69 12 215,811 Views 5 Comments
69 12 215,811 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PH45 Gwen Build Guide By PH45 Updated on November 8, 2021
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Runes: Resolve secondary

1 2 3 4
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Second Wind

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Champion Build Guide

[11.22] PH45's guide to Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress!

By PH45

Hello, I'm ThisIsPatrik, and this is my Gwen Guide.

My real name is Patrik, but you can call me either way. I am a long time League of Legends player (started back in Season 1). I'm a top lane main who mainly plays Jax. I took an interest in Gwen since she is designed to be a top laner, and she looked like a lot of fun based on her abilities.

My, I stream on most days so come and check it out!

You can also follow me on Twitter for more updates on everything. Twitter

Flash: Best summoner spell in the game. Flash gives you the capability of getting over walls or quickly getting in range for a kill. Overall just a no-brainer of a summoner spell, although Gwen utilizes most often Ignite + Teleport combination.

Ignite: Ignite can be taken into lanes you want to be really aggressive into, or if you really feel you need the antiheal and you aren't worried about not having Teleport. This summoner spell combined with Nimbus Cloak can catch people off-guard since you'll be moving very quickly and dishing a decent bit of damage while denying healing from them.

Teleport: Teleport is the second choice in 99% of cases in top lane. This summoner spell helps you massively with splitpushing and teleporting to teamfights or skirmishes if you aren't near the fight when it breaks out. It can also help you in tough matchups where you have to back a lot early. Overall just pretty safe pick and really important summoner spell especially during later stages of the game.

Ghost might come in handy since Gwen likes extended fights. You can utilize Ghost with Nimbus Cloak and keep kiting or chasing your opponents.

Precision feels fitting for Gwen, since she will most of the time want extended trades and fights for kills. It offers her also some tenacity when she doesn't have her W up to dodge stuff.

Conqueror feels like a really good choice for Gwen since she wants extended trades and fights, and Conqueror offers power for those situations. Your basic attacks and spells will grant you 2-4 adaptive force up to 12 times, and at full stacks you heal for 9% of the damage dealt to champions.
I personally prefer Triumph for potentially surviving close fights or 1v2 scenarios/teamfights, but Presence of Mind mind might be an option if you feel like you are constantly running out of mana. Haven't tested though so this might change later.
I run Legend: Tenacity on most of my champions since I feel Legend: Alacrity is highly overrated as a rune. If the enemy team has literally no CC, then I'd go Legend: Alacrity, but otherwise I'd go Legend: Tenacity since it's a really valuable stat to have.
Think Last Stand is really nice since you'll most likely drop down to decently low health in fights, but Coup de Grace can be good too if you are confident that you are going to be bringing the enemies to low HP.

I feel Resolve will be the best choice for secondary runes since I feel Gwen's laning is a bit weak so this will help her to survive it.

Helps you with poke lanes and even just usual trade lanes. You will regen after trade so you can be healthier before your opponents all-in you, or you all-in them.

Unflinching is pretty good choice since when your W is down you won't be able to avoid CC abilities. This rune offers you more tenacity and slow resistance the lower HP you are, which can come really handy.

+ Has skill expression potential
+ Her E is really powerful
+ W grants safety from a lot of abilities and can save you from a sticky situation
+ Fun to play

I feel that Gwen is a really fun champion to play. Especially once you learn her there is skill expression to be had in her kit.

- Ultimate is pretty slow
- Q is pretty easy to dodge
- AP scaling are a bit meh
- W can be pretty useless in some top lane matchups
- Has to get close but has no disengage
- Lacks hard CC

Problem with Gwen and top lane is that I feel she is going to have a hard time into most bruisers and her Hallowed Mist really doesn't offer much versus some of the top lane melee champions like Darius, Jax and Tryndamere.

  • Thousand Cuts (Passive): Gwen's basic attacks deal bonus on-hit magic damage based on a percentage of her enemies' maximum health. Basic attacks against champions will heal her for some of the damage dealt.
  • Snip Snip! (Q): Gwen rapidly snips her scissors between two and six times, dealing magic damage in a cone. At a minimum, Gwen will snip twice, adding one snip per basic attack Gwen has landed on an enemy (up to four for a total of six).

    Enemies in the center of each snip take true damage, as well as the bonus magic damage from Thousand Cuts.
  • Hallowed Mist (W): On activation Gwen surrounds herself for five seconds, gaining some armor and magic resist for the duration. Enemies outside the Mist cannot target Gwen or hit her with any abilities. The mist will move to follow Gwen the first time she tries to leave it, but will dissipate the next time.
  • Skip 'n Slash (E): Gwen dashes a short distance and empowers her attacks with increased range, speed, and on-hit magic damage for four seconds. Attacking an enemy during this time refunds 50% of this ability’s cooldown. I feel like this ability is very beneficial to max first as it will grant you almost permanent attack speed steroid at max level without any ability haste. On top of that it counts as an autoattack reset which can come in handy for squeezing extra damage in trades and fights.
  • Needlework (R): Gwen can cast Needlework up to three times, but needs to hit an enemy within 8 seconds to unlock each subsequent cast. Each cast fires needles in a line that deal magic damage, slow enemies, and apply Gwen's Thousand Cuts bonus magic damage.

    The first cast will fire one needle, the second will fire three, and the final cast will fire five, for a total of nine needles and nine applications of Thousand Cuts to enemies hit.
Doran's Ring
A good starting item against poke lanes (ranged matchups mostly) or just in general even. Allows you to be a bit more safe during laning phase.
Feel like Everfrost is the most solid choice for Gwen in terms of mythic items since it is really strong in its current state, and it helps you lock down targets for your Snip Snap! and overall helps you stick onto targets. It gives decent bit of HP, AP and ability haste and a very good amount of mana. The mythic passive will also give you 15 Ability Power per legendary item which is pretty decent.
Mercury's Treads
Good choice if you don't have to worry about enemy auto attackers as much, or you simply need the tenacity vs enemy champions.
Plated Steelcaps
Get this vs auto-attack reliant champions, or in general if the enemy team has a fed ADC as an example and you aren't that worried about getting CC'd.
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Really strong set of boots at the moment. The amount of ability haste they offer and on top of that some haste for your summoner spells, makes them a really strong choice especially for the cost (950g). Wouldn't run these boots probably unless you are snowballing heavily, but they are a very viable choice in the current meta.
Great item to pick up against healers, since it cuts down their healing a bit. If the target is below 50% hp then the healing reduction is increased to 60%. Gives a decent bit of AP and HP.
Nashor's Tooth
Not really sure yet if this item is bait on Gwen or not. Her autoattacking playstyle would suggest this would fit to her build but honestly I feel there are many better items to build in this items spot. With Nashor's Tooth you'll get decent bit of AP and attack speed and some on-hit damage.
Zhonya's Hourglass
Really strong and important item especially vs bursty assassins. This item will give you some AP, armor and ability haste, and most importantly the Stasis active. While in the middle of fights, pop this when you need to buy time for your team to either rotate to fights or to even survive some of the fights.
Cosmic Drive
Cosmic Drive is a really nice item for Gwen in my opinion since it gives her stats she wants (AP, Haste and HP), and especially when you have the 160 AP it's passive requires, you get even more ability haste and some movement speed as well. The movement speed will help you stay on top of your targets and the added haste helps to keep your abilities up.
Void Staff
Simply a good buy when enemies get some magic resist. Magic resist is kind of lackluster this season, but this item really helps you to deal with even those who buy a decent bit of it. Wouldn't go this item extremely early, usually probably 4th-6th item.
Lich Bane
Good amount of AP and some movement speed. Helps you stay on top of your targets and also adds some burst to your trades and all-ins thanks to the Sheen proc on this item. Feel like this is an item to pick up every game since it fits into your kit really well.
Banshee's Veil
This item will provide you some ability haste, magic resist and AP which are nice, but mainly you get this for the spellshield if there are certain champions on the enemy team whose abilities you need to avoid.
Gwen is a pretty fun champion to play but I feel she can have a bit of a rough time into most top laners especially early on. Not yet sure how strong or weak she is overall but only time will tell as I see her more in games and gain more experience with her myself.

Any feedback on this guide is highly appreciated, it's still WIP but it will be updated as time goes on.

If you enjoyed the guide make sure to subscribe on YouTube for League of Legends content! Subscribe

Also some of the code used in the making of this guide is from @jhoijhoi

- PH45
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PH45
PH45 Gwen Guide
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[11.22] PH45's guide to Gwen, the Hallowed Seamstress!

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