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Jax Build Guide by PH45

Top [11.23] PH45's In-depth guide to Jax, the Grandmaster!

Top [11.23] PH45's In-depth guide to Jax, the Grandmaster!

Updated on November 24, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author PH45 Build Guide By PH45 6933 297 16,173,093 Views 307 Comments
6933 297 16,173,093 Views 307 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author PH45 Jax Build Guide By PH45 Updated on November 24, 2021
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  • LoL Champion: Jax
    Top Lane
  • LoL Champion: Jax
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Runes: Read the notes

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Lethal Tempo
Legend: Tenacity
Last Stand

Magical Footwear
Time Warp Tonic

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


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The classic way
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

[11.23] PH45's In-depth guide to Jax, the Grandmaster!

By PH45

Hello, I'm PH45, and this is my Jax Guide.

Hello and welcome to my Jax guide. I used to go by the username of PH45, but nowadays I go by the name Patrik. I am a long time League of Legends player (started back in Season 1). I'm a top lane main, and I picked up Jax as my main champion back in Season 5 and have played him mostly ever since. I've been Diamond since Season 7 until reaching Master in season 11 on EUW.

My currently played EUW account

I also got multiple other accounts but right now I'm mainly playing on the account I listed above.

Check out my YouTube channel where I occasionally post League related videos!

Now on to Jax. Jax is a bruiser style champion, who can really be very diverse with his builds and playstyles. You can play him as a splitpusher and duel almost anyone late game, or you can build him more tanky and peel for your carries, or just go all out and build him as a burster (although not recommended most of the time). Jax is a great champion to pickup as he isn't necessarily the most complex champion mechanics wise, but rather requires matchup knowledge. Knowing where to be and what to do at the right time as Jax is the key to utilizing him to his fullest potential.

Flash: Best summoner spell in the game. Flash gives you the capability of getting over walls or quickly getting in range with Leap Strike. Overall just no a no-brainer of a summoner spell.

Ignite: Ignite is a very powerful tool to have in lane phase since it has a relatively low cooldown, and it can give you a good edge in a duel in lane. Especially if the lane is snowbally, or your opponent has healing in their kit, this can make the difference during an all-in.

Teleport: Teleport is the second choice in 99% of cases in top lane for Jax. Most of the time it enables you to splitpush and teleport to teamfights or skirmishes if you aren't near the fight when it breaks out. It can also help you in tough matchups where you have to back a lot early.

Smite is mandatory for jungling so if you are jungling take it. Often I like to take red Smite when I'm jungling as Jax for the added dueling power, although blue Smite isn't bad either especially if you need the slow for certain kind of targets.


+ Excellent duelist
+ Can fight almost anyone late game
+ Really good scaling
+ Great splitpusher
+ Has a built-in escape with ward + Leap Strike
+ Has an auto-attack reset
+ Gets naturally tanky in fights when using Grandmaster's Might, as it gives you a good amount of resists

Jax is a very strong fighter once he picks up a couple items, and in late game he can be a monster in the right hands.

- Can be shut down by CC
- Hard to get back in the game if behind
- Requires matchup knowledge
- Has some difficult matchups
- Can sometimes struggle with teamfighting
- Can end up being a mana-hungry champ

Falling behind as Jax can be very punishing. It is really hard to get back to the game if you fall behind a lot and especially then if the enemy team keeps denying you XP and CS.

Precision is arguably the best choice for Jax. It gives him a lot of things he wants like free damage, healing and also tenacity which is really important on a melee champion like Jax.

As the keystone of choice I have picked Lethal Tempo. The recent change to Lethal Tempo made it a really strong choice on Jax, since he likes attack speed and it also increases attack speed range at max stacks. The effect also stays up if you can attack enemy champions constantly, so you can get a lot of value of this is if you can stick onto enemies.
Next one on the list is Triumph. Short and sweet, it can save you in a clutch situation or just grant you some HP back in a intense teamfight. You can also run Presence of Mind to help with your mana problems, but often I find Triumph to be really good for surviving skirmishes and teamfights, or even just dives.
Next are the Legend tier runes, from which all are fine really, although I think Legend: Tenacity and Legend: Bloodline outweigh Legend: Alacrity. Legend: Tenacity helps a lot vs high CC comps, or even vs lower CC comps it can still be really valuable. You should alter your choice depending on your matchup and enemy comp. If your opponents have a lot of CC or lockdown then Legend: Tenacity should be an obvious choice. If however the enemy team has little-to-no CC then Legend: Bloodline is a great choice due to the sustain it offers, especially since my builds usually don't include lifesteal.
Lastly from the Precision tree we have either Coup de Grace or Last Stand. I like Last Stand on Jax since you'll be in the middle of the fight most of the time so you'll take damage anyways and deal more damage with it. With Coup de Grace your targets melt faster when you get them below 40% HP, which Jax can do relatively easily when snowballing. Both are fine but personally at this moment, I prefer Last Stand.

Inspiration helps you with early laning and trading as you get movement speed while using potions and some extra sustain with cookies.

Biscuit Delivery will help you to sustain in harder lanes if you are knocked low early. Also can be used to regen some mana and it also gives some permanent mana on consumption or when sold. Other option is Magical Footwear, which gives you free boots after a while, but you can't buy them. If you get takedowns, you get your boots quicker. The boots will also have +10 movement speed, which is always helpful.

When you activate a potion you will instantly heal for half of the total healing, and also get movement speed while the rest of the duration keeps running. Utilize this while trading to keep up with your opponent.

If you want to go for more defensive runes then take the Resolve tree.

For the first rune I would probably Bone Plating. It helps you in lane with your trades. After it procs it reduces the damage your opponents next 3 attacks/abilities deal to you. This is useful during trades in lane phase. If you are going into a poke lane then Second Wind will be more valuable.

Second rune choice is Unflinching. It gives Tenacity and slow resistance which is always really nice to have, especially in later parts of the game where picks can make a huge difference.

  • Relentless Assault (Passive): Jax gains bonus attack speed for 2.5 seconds every time he lands a basic attack, stacking up to 8 times. This falls off one stack at a time. To utilize this passive in lane auto attack minions as much as you can before engaging the enemy so you have more attack speed to fight with.
  • Leap Strike (Q): Jax leaps to targeted enemy while dealing physical damage to the target. It can also be used to jump on wards, plants, Thresh lanterns etc. If you use your W before using Q the W's damage will be applied on top of your Q's damage.
  • Empower (W): Jax's next basic attack or Leap Strike within 10 seconds deals bonus magic damage. It is also an autoattack reset so after your auto attack has landed activate this for and immediate autoattack. It also adds 50 extra range on the empowered auto, which can make it easier to hit for a quick poke or trade.
  • Counter Strike (E): When activated the first time Jax will block all incoming auto attacks for 2 seconds aswell as will take 25% reduced damage from all area of effect abilities. At the end of the duration or when reactivated Jax stuns nearby enemies for 1 second and deals physical damage to them, increased by 20% for each attack dodged, up to a 100% increase. This is the key to winning melee matchups at level 1. Just auto minions for your passive and then auto the enemy while near his minion wave so your E's damage increases.
  • Grandmaster's Might (R): It's passive enables Jax to deal bonus magic damage on every third basic attack within 2.5 seconds of each other. When activated Jax gains bonus armor and bonus magic resistance for 8 seconds. Once you hit level 6 in lane auto minions twice and then Q onto your enemy and autoattack and follow with immediate W for a good amount of burst.
Trinity force
Trinity Force has always been a core item on Jax. It has nice boost on his attack speed, health, damage, Sheen proc and also ramp-up damage with the new Threefold Strikes passive, which increases your base AD when you hit enemy champions or structures. It gives some extra AD, AH and movement speed for your legendary items with its Mythic passive.

Divine Sunderer
I really like this item on Jax, especially now that they buffed it. The reason it feels good is cause it gives you a big HP pool (400 bonus health), so you can frontline more early in the game, and the item stil gives you 35 AD and the 20 haste which are beneficial stats for Jax. On top of that the Moonflair Spellblade proc deals 12% of targets max health as physical damage on-hit and heals you for a bit if the target is a champion. The mythic passive also gives hybrid penetration which benefits Jax greatly. The only con is that it has no attack speed, which is why you pair it with an item like Wit's End or Blade of the Ruined King.

Plated Steelcaps
This item is just Ninja Tabi but renamed. Good for autoattack reliant matchups and also vs fed ADC's etc. Most of the time I go these boots unless the enemy comp has heavy CC which can be an issue.
Mercury's treads
Pretty self-explanatory, get this if the enemy laner or the whole enemy comp has a lot of CC as it can shut you down pretty well.

Ionian boots of Lucidity
I often like Plated Steelcaps or Mercury's Treads, but you can run these boots to have more ability haste. These will help you have your abilities up more often and your summoner spells have lower cooldown too. With more ability haste you will have your Counter Strike up more often, so you can block autos more often.

Sterak's Gage
This item is really good for teamfighting since you will be hitting the enemies and taking hits, which will give you stacks of healing. This means you can live for extended durations in fights even while taking a lot of damage since it gives you a shield when you would be reduced below 30% HP.

This item will offer you more power for applying pressure in a sidelane. You get good stats from it (50 AD and 400 HP + 150% base HP regen), and the passive gives you bonus armor and MR, and you deal 20% bonus damage against structures, if you have no allies near you. In addition, nearby allied siege and super minions will gain bonus resistances and deal 200% bonus damage to structures as well. Most of the time though, I find other items to be more valuable options.

Anathema's Chains
Anathema's Chains was designed for tanks, but Jax for sure can utilize this item as well. Whether laning in sidelane or in a teamfight scenario, this item will be useful in the sense that it can make you take 30% less damage from a single threat on the enemy team (a fed adc for example), and the target enemy will also have 20% reduced Tenacity near you, which makes them more vulnerable to getting picked out. The item also gives a lot of HP and some ability haste as well (650 HP and 20 AH) which are both greats stats on Jax.

Black Cleaver
Actually a very nice item now, gives good amount of HP, some Ability Haste and AD, and the passive shreds enemies armor still. It also gives movement speed per stack on Carve for 2 seconds which helps you to stick onto targets.
If the opposing team has lot's of healing champions or just a fed AD champ with healing this is the perfect item. Taking basic attacks reflects magic damage back to attacker and applies a 40% Grievous Wound, and immobilizing enemies will apply a 60% Grievous Wound instead.
Randuin's Omen
Good choice against AD champions, especially vs those who run crit. The active slow is nice, and it also reduces enemies attack damage by 10% and critical strike damage by 20% for 4 seconds. It also reduces incoming damage from basic attacks by up to 0.5% of your max health, capped at 40% of the attack's damage.
Titanic Hydra
Still gives you nice waveclear and it also gives a nice amount of HP and 30 AD, and on top of that you get AD equal to 2% of you bonus health. Your basic attacks also deal additional physical damage to the target and to enemies behind the target, and the on-hit damage also applies on structures which helps you push faster. It has no active anymore though, so no auto reset.
Blade of the ruined king
This item is still decent vs high hp enemies. It gives AD, attack speed and lifesteal, and 10% target's current health damage as physical damage for melee's. It's active effect is now moved to it's passive. After basic attacking a champion 3 times it deals magic damage and steals 25% of their movement speed for 2 seconds. The problem I find with this item is that you are very squishy if you rush it, and before you finish it, you aren't going to be that strong.
Wit's End
I like to build this item in combination with Divine Sunderer since the item lacks attack speed. This item brings attack speed, but also movespeed on-hit and extra damage for your auto attacks. Also you get a good amount of magic resistance which is nice. This item feels definitely underrated currently for how good it is.

Frozen Heart
Frozen Heart is a really undervalued item. It's really cheap and it gives good stats like mana that Jax has issues with if you have to stay on the map for extended periods or long fights, armor which is always nice to have vs physical damage, and also Ability Haste. On top of that it gives you damage reduction vs basic attacks and slows nearby enemies attack speed by 20% which can be really huge. Great item to pickup vs a lot of physical damage, especially if you find yourself needing more mana.
Splitpushing is a good way of pressuring the enemy team. Jax excells at it for multiple reasons:

His passive gives him more attack speed and he can take turrets down pretty fast after he get's Sheen. You just auto-attack and right as the attack has landed you use Empower for the auto attack reset and at the same time you get a Sheen proc. Also having Titanic Hydra or Ravenous Hydra helps splitpushing as your waveclear is improved by those items.

Jax is also a strong splitpusher since he can duel pretty much anyone in the later points of the game and if you are ahead splitpushing is a great way of giving the enemy team pressure around the map.

Also thanks to his mobility with Leap Strike, Jax can escape sticky situations with his ward hop mechanic which makes him somewhat slippery as he can jump over walls.

When to splitpush?

When splitpushing you are essentially leaving your team 4v5, so your team needs to be aware of what you are doing. The idea of splitpushing is to either attract attention to you, so the opponents send 1-2 or more champions to deal with you which leaves your team free to take objectives with the overpower they have. The other case is that the enemy leave you unnoticed and try to take down your team, in which case your team needs to be aware of the risk and back off before it's too late. When this happens you push the lane you are splitting as hard as you can as you can get surprisingly fast multiple towers down from a lane.

When splitpushing vision is a really important thing. Try to have vision around the area you are pushing so you know when to back off if the opponents try to gank you from the fog of war. Also keep an eye on the minimap to see how many of your opponents are visible, and where they are. Think of who you can solokill and who you can't, who you can possibly 1v2 etc.

If you have Teleport while splitpushing you can also consider Teleporting into teamfights. If your team can hold on the fight while your TP is channeling you can win the teamfight with the element of surprise if the opponents first thought it will be a 5v4 fight for them. Before you tp consider which option gives your team the most advantage. If the fight is already lost pretty hard, push as much as you can and back, remember to keep vision on objectives like Baron Nashor and Dragon depending on the lane you are pushing since if the opponents kill your team they are likely to do one of these objectives if possible.
At level 1 you can cheese your opponent (easier vs melee champs) with having Counter Strike up, going to auto them in their minion wave, after you have attacked and minions turn aggro on you activate your Counter Strike and keep autoattacking your opponent if you can stay in range. If done correctly you should chunk your opponent for a good hefty amount of damage and force them to pop a potion or in general just back off.

When you reach 6 a common thing to do is auto minions twice, then Leap Strike on to your opponent, auto them and immediatly follow with Empower. This combo will do good amount of damage as your Grandmaster's Might 3rd proc + Empower do quite a lot of damage in a short burst.

You can also cancel your autoattack animation with your Counter Strike. When you have activated Counter Strike and you have autoattacked, right as the damage from your autoattack lands re-activate Counter Strike and this will cancel the rest of your autoattack. This is very useful if you want to do a fast combo with your W and Titanic Hydra for example.

Ward hopping and trinket choice

Sometimes after top laners and others switch to either Farsight Alteration or Oracle Lens but not on Jax. On Jax you keep Stealth Ward so you can ward hop and potentially escape from tough spots. It's extremely useful when splitpushing and there are multiple enemies coming at you you just wardhop over a wall.

You should also note you can use your Leap Strike on things like Jarvan IV flag, Thresh lantern and so on.
Jax is extremely good champion at taking advantage of an lead and carrying your team to victory! He can be difficult to play against comps with lots of heavy CC but even that can't stop the Grandmaster at arms in some cases.

Any feedback on this guide is highly appreciated, I will be updating this constantly whenever there is something to update or new ways of playing Jax are discovered

Have a great time splitpushing and smashing enemies as Jax!

And of course if you enjoyed the guide make sure to subscribe on YouTube for League of Legends content! Subscribe

Thank you to @Jovy for the awesome banners made for this guide!

Also some of the code used in the making of this guide is from @jhoijhoi

- PH45
League of Legends Build Guide Author PH45
PH45 Jax Guide
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[11.23] PH45's In-depth guide to Jax, the Grandmaster!

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