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Rengar Build Guide by Ejsner

Jungle 🦴🦷[11.4] Multi-Season Challenger Rengar Guide - Ejsner

By Ejsner | Updated on February 25, 2021
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Runes: Conqueror Snowball (Viable Every Game)

1 2 3 4 5
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Summoner Spells
LoL Summoner Spell: Challenging Smite

Challenging Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jungle Role
Ranked #28 in
Jungle Role
Win 51%
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Ability Order R -> Q -> E -> W (Standard)

Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

🦴🦷[11.4] Multi-Season Challenger Rengar Guide - Ejsner

By Ejsner
The montage is here! As promised, I've made a small little montage. I've edited this in roughly 10 minutes or so, so It's a bit rough around the edges. However, a video is a video. Enjoy.
Introduction Back to Top
Hey there everyone, Ejsner here! I'm a 16 year old Challenger Rengar OTP and I've peaked Rank 4 on North America. I know basically everything there is to know about Rengar since I've been playing him since he was released. I've basically mastered the ins and outs of Rengar's kit and all of the mechanics there is to know about him and I hope that with this guide I can pass on some of my skills to you. Enjoy!

Please be sure to join my new Discord server, all questions are greatly appreciated and 100% accepted. I love helping out other Rengar players as once I was in the position of not knowing all that much about him, and I would've died to have all the help I could have possibly gotten. And don't worry, It's a completely judge free zone in the discord, and I'm used to getting many many questions, so please don't be afraid to ask me anything. You can join the discord by clicking on the following link:
And be sure to drop me a follow on twitch because I've been streaming pretty often recently, and I love giving out advice! @
Why should I play Rengar? Back to Top
I'm asked this question quite a bit, if you are looking at this guide in hopes for me to convince you to play Rengar, I'd be lying. You need to play a champion that you feel fits your style. However, if you have decided you want to play Rengar, he fits your playstyle and you think you'd enjoy playing him... this guide is just for you. Rengar is great for many reasons as listed below;

* Great for scrims (1v1s - 2v2)
* Great healing from W
* Smooth kit, very nice once mastered
* Super strong when snowballed
* Satisfying oneshots

Rengar is one of the strongest OTP jungle champions once mastered. He offers so much, however you need to play many games to stay good at Rengar and master him.
Runes Back to Top
Rengar's runes I feel have been highly debated on which rune is the best. I've taken some intel from the Rengar mains community, and I will simply just show all of the options, and give you my opinion on which ones are better and more viable than the others so that you can have the BEST possible rune choice for season 11.

Electrocute is a great rune and is perfect for when you're VSing a squishy teamcomp, and consists of champions who can stealth & are difficult to catch. Running Electrocute will help you one shot them.

Hail of Blades
Hail of Blades is very good when you're matched against champions with little to no escape, or you know you'll be able to stick onto your target super easily. Hail of Blades grants you huge dueling potential, and makes you super strong in the early to late game stages.

Conqueror is an amazing rune on Rengar. First, Rengar stacks Conqueror super quickly, allowing for him to almost instantly utilize the runes full potential. It gives you lots of AD, which makes you a deadly duelist. Conqueror is normally taken when you will be fighting tanks, or you know you will be fighting someone for an extended amount of time.
Side note, I personally think Conqueror is viable into every single team comp you're matched against. I HIGHLY recommend running Conqueror every single game as it's too good to just give up.


Personally I think secondary is all just preference, experiment with this yourself, however don't pick anything too int ofc.

Good secondaries would be;

With Precision primary, Domination, Inspiration and Sorcery are good secondaries. For a more bruiser route, you can run Resolve aswell.
Red Smite v Blue Smite Back to Top
Red Smite Benefits
* Works into most matchups
* Helps in scrims since it reduces enemy's dmg by 20%
* Gain true damage
* Burn resets per AA given

Blue Smite Benefits
* Instant Damage
* Slows enemy which helps you with getting ganks off / catching up to enemy

Normally you will just run red smite. It gives you the upper hand in most fights and allows you to easily win fights. I highly recommend you run this.
Jungle Clear Back to Top
There's only one viable clear for Rengar I believe in Season 11, and that being the Full Clear. Everybody went Reverse Clear for a little edge on your opponent, it was unexpected, however now Full Clearing is just so much better, and you get to clear 5 camps and get to scuttle on time at 3:14. I definitely recommend Full Clearing. There's just so many more advantages to doing a Full Clear vs a Reverse Clear now, I highly recommend to every single Rengar main, to just do the Full Clear.

In my video, I demonstrate not only the old Reverse Clear method, but I also showcase the Full Clear.
Conclusion Back to Top
And there you have it! I've been requested to do a more in depth guide, as my video I've posted was simply just a quick build showcase + pathing video. So, a new video is in the works currently, alongside with a montage coming out very soon. I will be attaching both of these videos to this guide as soon as they have been created. I made this guide for the soul purpose of making someone's Solo Queue games with Rengar a little easier. I remember being new to Rengar waaay back, and I wish there were guides to help me out like there is now. There's so many resources players now have access to, and it's pretty insane to see how far the game has gone.

If any of you have any sorts of questions to ask me about anything on this guide, you can join my discord server, or contact me on discord @ Ejsner#0001.

I hope some of you could make use of this guide, and I really wish all of you the best of luck in your Solo Queue adventures, and hope you all gain lots and lots of LP to come.

Discord Link:

Challenger Rengar OTP

"Tonight, we hunt!"

My Socials Back to Top
If you guys want to, It would be really appreciated. I'm an upcoming Streamer, I play lots of Rengar and I teach a lot about Rengar, and just the game in general and how you can improve your own macro play to implement it into your games.
I stream here,
I don't really have a specific streaming schedule since I'm shadowbanned. I just kind of stream whenever I feel like it, because if I had a schedule I feel I'd be super lazy and I'd probably let a lot of people down by having one. (KEKW)

But. I do have a Discord server where I @everyone to let them know when I go live. You can join the discord server here, by clicking the following link.

I also have a YouTube channel, I'm trying to edit as much as possible while doing this guide, I'm alone doing all of this right now. I'm trying to maintain my elo on 4 different accounts, which are all d1+ and I'm trying to finish this guide, which is still W.I.P. and I have a draft with 25k+ more characters, AND I'm trying to finish making my YouTube Rengar montage, so It is quite a bit of work as of right now. If you want to support my YouTube channel aswell, you can go sub to me at the following link:

And last but not least, my Twitter. If you want to stay updated with me, you can either join my discord which is where I'm MOST active, but if you want to get occasional posts / updates from me, I do post on my Twitter, you can follow me @

Once again, I just wanted to thank everyone here who's looked at this guide and I hope you all have a great great time in season 11.

Good luck!

League of Legends Build Guide Author Ejsner
Ejsner Rengar Guide
🦴🦷[11.4] Multi-Season Challenger Rengar Guide - Ejsner

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