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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Olaf Build Guide by Whobick

Top [11.4] Whobick's Detailed Olaf Top/Jungle Guide!

Top [11.4] Whobick's Detailed Olaf Top/Jungle Guide!

Updated on February 24, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Whobick Build Guide By Whobick 292 28 8,032,705 Views 71 Comments
292 28 8,032,705 Views 71 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Whobick Olaf Build Guide By Whobick Updated on February 24, 2021
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Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Legend: Alacrity


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None


Information about me and my gameplay!

Lore along with the champion spotlight!

A list of things good and bad about the champion!

Information about summoner spells!

Information about the items bought in this guide!

Information on all abilities and reasoning behind the leveling order!

Information on farming, along with techniques!

Tips and tricks that you can use while playing!

An explanation of your job during a team-fight!

A list/explanation of other lanes you could play with this champion!

Where credit needs to be given!

Hey! I'm Whobick-Old In-Game (New In-Game is MuLTiKaiSeR). I currently have Mastery 5 for Olaf and 120K Mastery Points. Olaf was my main in season 5, and I played him in many different positions. I focus on top lane champs, trying to master them all! The first champ I ever bought was Volibear. After that was Tryndamere, then Jax, and now my favorite, Olaf! In my opinion, Olaf is the best top lane champion, if you know how to play him! Want Platinum, Diamond, or Higher? Check out who I use to get to a high elo (and my sponsor)! LOLBuilder's Unranked to Diamond guide!

Other champions I play top lane: Jax, Tryndamere, Singed, Poppy, Volibear, Tahm Kench, Xin Zhao, Soraka, Lissandra, Jayce, Kayle, Ryze, Vayne, Illaoi, & Yorick

If you really want to get good with Olaf, check out my sponsor! I got to Plat 1 last season using Summoner School's guide so I asked them to sponsor me and they did! I recommended!!!

--UPDATE 10/19/2015--
I am so proud to be the #1 Olaf guide on MobaFire!!! I would like to thank Mobafire first of all for allowing me to post on their site, and I would also like to thank all of you! You made this happen! I also recently reached 100K mastery points with Olaf! I'm so excited and would like to thank all of you!!!

I reached 100K!

--UPDATE 11/29/2015--
Added a Hybrid Jungle Olaf guide. May remove depending on if the items get nerfed but will not be adding chapters for the Hybrid Jungle Olaf.

--UPDATE 12/19/2015--
Removed Zypher from one of the example builds as it was left by mistake after the preseason update. Updated pictures and whole guide overall!

--UPDATE 12/27/2015--
Dropped to #2 on MobaFire :(. Still have the most votes and highest rating though so thank you everyone!!! Updated the guide after doing some item experimentation. Added Frozen Mallet to the guide, helping to increase HP while helping slow down those kiting enemies. Also updated all chapters to include more information! Complete overhaul and new guide so take a look. PLEASE COMMENT AND LIKE so we can get back to #1! Thanks!!!

--UPDATE 1/10/2016--
Happy New Year!!! Totally redesigned my guide! Added art, new sections, edited other sections, and much, much more! We are still #2 on MobaFire :( but I think that will change soon! I hope you like the guide and please up-vote and comment what you think!

--UPDATE 2/20/16--
I honestly can't thank all of you enough! I started out making this guide because I thought I could spread my knowledge with you while also gaining some. After not even a year, we hit 1 million views and are #1 on MobaFire for Olaf. It is all thanks to every one of you. Thanks a ton and you don't know how much it means to me!

--UPDATE 3/12/16--
Getting on MobaFire today (being 3/12/16) and seeing that we had gained a million views in 4 days almost made me go insane. I started off making this guide because I thought it would expand my knowledge of the champion tremendously, as I was new to League of Legends at the time and was eager to learn more. Almost 3 millions views later and still climbing, it is almost hard to contain my excitement. Because my guide has reached so many views, I am thinking about even upgrading my MobaFire account, so I could livestream, and continue to share my knowledge, while gaining some with you! Thank you for everything and see you at 5 million!

--UPDATE 2/13/21--
Turned on my old computer today...What a ride back. I went into my folders and saw past guide images and it inspired me to check out my guides here on Mobafire. To my surprise, the guide was still up however all the images from previous hosting were gone. I spent much of today updating them and updating a bit of the guide. Hoping to make some good updates here over the next few days. You all inspire me to keep playing, and to jump back into things. Excited for this new chapter.

My Past Games!

Me playing as Olaf!

This happen to be my first time recording a game too!

At the beginning of the game, I didn't start very well. We had an Ashe who decided to come top with me mid game so that kind of changed things up. Not a normal game to say the least. I ended up getting fed and was able to 1v1 Baron Nashor at level 17.

Playing as Olaf Pt. 2

Hall of Fame

Nhyamu doing great in ranked! Congrats to him for making gold in Season 5 too!

Markify (In-Game: KingOfKush) doing great in his games and seems to carrying the team!

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Most men would say that death is a thing to be feared; none of those men would be Olaf. The Berserker lives only for the roar of a battle cry and the clash of steel. Spurred on by his hunger for glory and the looming curse of a forgettable death, Olaf throws himself into every fight with reckless abandon. Surrendering to the bloodlust deep within his being, Olaf is only truly alive when grappling with the jaws of death.

The coastal peninsula of Lokfar is among the most brutal places in the Freljord. There, rage is the only fire to warm frozen bones, blood is the only liquid that flows freely, and there is no worse fate than to grow old, frail, and forgotten. Olaf was a warrior of Lokfar with no shortage of glories and no hesitation to share them. While boasting one evening with his clansmen over the burning embers of a razed village, one of the elder warriors grew tired of Olaf's bluster. The old fighter goaded Olaf to read the omens and see if Olaf's fortunes matched his gloating. Emboldened by the challenge, Olaf mocked the aged raider's envy and tossed the knuckle bones of a long-dead beast to predict the heights of glory he'd achieve in death. All mirth left the gathering as the clansmen read the portents: the bones spoke of a long life and a quiet passing.

Infuriated, Olaf stormed into the night determined to prove the prediction false by finding and slaughtering Lokfar's feared frost serpent. The monster had consumed thousands, man and ship alike, in its long lifetime and to die in battle with it would be a fitting end for any warrior. As Olaf hurled himself into the blackness of its maw, he fell deeper into the blackness of his mind. When the shock of freezing water roused him from the dark, there was only the butchered carcass of the beast afloat beside him. Thwarted but not defeated, Olaf set out to hunt down every legendary creature with claws and fangs, hoping that the next battle would be his last. Each time he charged headlong toward his coveted death, only to be spared by the frenzy that washed over him while on its brink.

Olaf concluded that no mere beast could grant him a warrior's death. His solution was to take on the most fearsome tribe in the Freljord: the Winter's Claw. Sejuani appeared amused by Olaf's challenge to her warband, but his audacity would earn him no mercy. She ordered the charge and sent scores of her warriors to overwhelm Olaf. One by one, they fell until he lost himself in the bloodlust once again, effortlessly cutting a path to the leader of the Winter's Claw. The clash between Olaf and Sejuani rocked the glaciers with its force, and though he seemed unstoppable, Sejuani battled the berserker to a standstill. As they stood deadlocked, Sejuani's glare penetrated Olaf's berserker haze in a way no weapon ever could. His frenzy abated long enough for her to make him an offer: Sejuani swore that she would find Olaf his glorious death if he would lend his axe to her campaign of conquest. In that moment, Olaf vowed he would carve his legacy into the Freljord itself.

Champion Spotlight

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-Outstanding damage. He will pound you into the ground so hard rammus's tremors'll feel like mere vibrations.

-Great Anti-Carry. He will kill their carry. This is undisputed. (Just kidding, but he's a damn good carry killer)

-Gamebreaking and amazing late game, as in, if you progress into Late Game on Twisted Tree-line, you will probably lose. He will carry every teamfight, and get at least one kill even if you focus him. If not, he ulti's and runs.


-Lack of a gap closer: This is probably his worst flaw. Olaf has MASSIVE Damage output. But what's the point of being able to smash that Vayne over there's head in, if she's tumbling around and kiting you to death. He is outclassed by others like Lee Sin and Tryndamere in that they have gap closers.

-Weaker early game: I don't know about this one. On Twisted Tree-line I never really have a problem early game. In fact, I usually do about the same the entire game, if not a bit better during mid. Early game is when squishies are squishy, and you nuke 280 true damage. I don't see the downfall. But, supposedly he has a terrible early game, okay mid game, and amazing late game so... Yeah. (It's because nearly everyone rushes mallet and in turn gives him horrific damage output.)

-Very little CC. Olaf has one Crowd Control skill, and that's a slow axe that slows for 20% at level 1. That's like barely noticeable. Don't get me wrong, it'll get you a kill, but it's still barely noticeable. At level 5 it's 40% so, it works there. (But Mundo get's to start with 40%. It makes us Olaf players so cereal.)

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Ghost is the go to summoner spell now for Olaf as it helps him catch up to fleeing enemies and also allows you to stay active in fights. It has a lower cooldown than other summoner spells too. You don't really need Flash if you are good enough and Ghost is just an overall better alternative because it allows us to stay with fights, catch up, and not have to worry about hitting minions and such when trying to auto or hit Reckless Swing.


Teleport is necessary for a top laner. This adds mobility to our kit and allows us to Teleport bot lane to help during a fight, or to split push (which Olaf does extremely well).

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Ravenous Hydra

I aim for Ravenous Hydra first. This allows me to clear minion waves with superior speed due to Tiamat. Olaf is extremely dangerous due to Undertow, and it just adds to his range after buying Ravenous Hydra. The health also helps Olaf tremendously during early game fights.

Frozen Mallet

Frozen Mallet has been added to Olaf's build path because it allows us to become tanky (+650 hp) but also helps us keep everyone in the same spot. Most people can kite Olaf, so this helps slow everyone down, which not only helps us, but out team as well.

Spirit Visage

Because we used attack based masteries, Spirit Visage gives us the upper hand during fights due to the extra health and 20% healing boost, which again increases the lifesteal with Tough It Out. Spirit Visage is pretty much needed with Olaf.

Black Cleaver

Black Cleaver is the bread and butter with Frozen Mallet. We get a boost of movement speed every auto attack and slow the enemy champion with every auto. This item is just too good on Olaf not to get it. The armor pen and shredding of armor that we get with it are great for top lane and the health and AD helps us in all aspects.

The rest of your build should depend on what the other team consists of. Many builds tell you exactly what to build, and most people follow that to a "T". This is why so many people don't do well with certain builds. You have to build according to what the other team consists of to be successful. Building magic resist against AP champions and health and armor against AD champions can win you games. Be smart and don't be afraid to buy an item you think may or may not work just to try it!

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I begin with Undertow (Q) to start the game. This is a good ability to start with because you can clear minions waves quickly, and you can poke extremely well. As you increase the level of Undertow (Q), the percent slow and damage is greatly increased. Undertow (Q) is also helpful during team fights, and also helps when trying to catch champions on the run. Reckless Swing (E) is next; being one of the best abilities that Olaf has, this can be used to last hit minions, or to poke those champions like Garen before they can get their silence off. Reckless Swing (E) has a larger range then most auto-attack ranges for melee champions, so it can save you during trades. Reckless Swing (E) also doesn't use mana. Instead, it uses health, but heals you back if you kill an enemy (that could be a minion, jungle monster, or champion). This can help you last hit minions! This is one ability I would key-bind to target champions only. I can't tell you how many times I have used Reckless Swing on a minion, causing me to lose the trade/fight. One other amazing thing about Reckless Swing is that the cooldown is reduced by basic attacks. The normal combo, because of the cooldown reduction, is Q, E, W, E. Tough It Out increases your attack speed, plus for every 2% of health missing, Olaf gains a 1% increase in healing. This allows us to reduce the cooldown of Reckless Swing, while healing ourselves. Tough It Out (W) is needed just for health. Tough It Out (W) is based on lifesteal, so that is why lifesteal is built. This is useful in lane so you don't have to recall, or when in a melee fight to quickly steal some health while weakening your opponent. Ragnarok is the best part of Olaf. Olaf's ultimate is like "playing the Tank Destroyer in Smashy Road: Wanted." You literally can't stop Olaf from coming at you like a maniac. You are every champion's worse nightmare because no, that Vayne Condemn can't stop you, and neither can any crowd control effect during the duration of Ragnarok. Use this wisely because it can win you a fight and also lose you one.

Berserker Rage (Passive)
Olaf gains 1% attack speed for every 1% of his missing health.

Undertow (Q)
RANGE: 1000 / 400 COST: 60 mana COOLDOWN: 7

Active: Olaf throws an axe in a line to a target location, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies it passes through for 1.5-2.5 seconds, depending on the distance the axe has traveled.

Physical Damage: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ 100% bonus AD)
Slow Percent: 29 / 33 / 37 / 41 / 45%

The axe remains at the target location until Undertow is off cooldown. Olaf can pick up the axe to reduce Undertow's cooldown by 4.5 seconds. If the axe would land inside terrain, it will instead stick to the wall.

Vicious Strikes (W)
COST: 30 mana COOLDOWN: 16

Active: For 6 seconds, Olaf gains bonus life steal and bonus attack speed. During this time, Olaf also gains 0.5% enhanced healing from all sources for every 1% of his missing health.

Attack Speed: 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80%
Life Steal: 9 / 12 / 15 / 18 / 21%

Reckless Swing (E)
RANGE: 325 COST: 21 / 34.5 / 48 / 61.5 / 75 (+ 12% AD) health
COOLDOWN: 12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8

Active: Olaf attacks with such force that he deals true damage to his target and himself. The health cost is refunded if Reckless Swing kills the target. Olaf's basic attacks will reduce the cooldown of Reckless Swing by 1 second.

True damage: 70 / 115 / 160 / 205 / 250 (+ 40% AD)

Ragnarok (R)
COOLDOWN: 100 / 90 / 80

Passive: Olaf gains bonus armor and magic resistance.

Armor & Magic Resist: 10 / 20 / 30

Active: Olaf instantly removes all crowd control effects from himself and becomes immune to them for 6 seconds. Additionally he gains a movement speed bonus for 1 second when moving towards enemy champions. During this time, he loses the passive bonus but gains bonus attack damage.

Attack Damage: 40 / 60 / 80
Movement Speed Bonus: 50 / 60 / 70%

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Olaf sucks at farming. The 1 downfall of Olaf; His farming abilities are horrendous. Leading to my next point, buying Ravenous Hydra first. Most people would think I'm crazy for doing this, but this allows Olaf to use Tiamat to his advantage. I end up having more CS than almost everyone on my team. I simply Undertow (Q) the minions in a line, then use the splash damage from Tiamat to finish them off with a last hit. This allows Olaf to wave clear and farm extremely well around mid game, also allowing him to earn lots of gold to buy items such as Blade of the Ruined King.

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Olaf's abilities may be the best in the game, and here is my reasoning behind why; The cooldown reduction of picking up your axe when using Undertow (Q) is amazing. You can chase extremely well by throwing the axe, chasing the champion while picking up the axe and throwing it again. This is almost the same ability as Draven, but you aim it and pick it up while chasing. This is another reason why I max it first. This maximizes the slow percentage and allows for an easy take down. It also can be used to poke champions. I can 4-hit the enemy carry due to Undertow, Reckless Swing, and then Tough It Out and another Reckless Swing to finish them off.

Olaf's Reckless Swing (E) is helpful when last hitting minions or champions because you waste no mana, and if you finish off the minion or champion, you gain back the health lost. The damage output is extreme late game so you can use it to your advantage. The cooldown of Reckless Swing is reduced by every auto-attack that hits the enemy champion; so when you are running low on health and your Berserker Rage kicks in and increases your attack speed, you can use your E over and over, while wasting no mana. Of course this takes away health, leading us to Tough It Out (W).

Tough It Out runs on lifesteal, allowing you to drain an enemy's health very fast. Using your Berserker Rage (passive), Tough It Out (W), and Reckless Swing (E) together is the key to becoming an amazing Olaf player. He feeds off of those 3 abilities.

Your ultimate is the final ability which makes him the best. Nothing can stop you. Just run at the enemy carry as they try and run, but oh wait.... they can't thanks to Undertow. In my opinion, that is why Olaf is one of the best champions in League of Legends.

If you really want to get good with Olaf, check out my sponsor! I got to Plat 1 last season using Summoner School's guide so I asked them to sponsor me and they did! I recommended!!!

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Eat carries while they run in fear/make futile attempts to get past your gigantic lifesteal and health pool while you beat them to death. Nobody can stop you doing it, and focus fire won't take you down fast enough to stop you getting into range and clinging to life with your passive and W, while your team trololols all over theirs.

Walk away and kill a turret/inhib/nexus like it wasn't a thing. GG Olaf.

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After playing Olaf for a while now, I have run into some noobs, stubborn players, and auto-lockers, and ended up playing in some off positions with Olaf. One place I recently discovered was Support. This may be very odd sounding to you, and it was when I started the game. Of course you must have a good ADC for this to work; Using Olaf as a distraction, taking most of the damage while building armor and health. This is when I use Undertow on either the Support or ADC and using my extreme damage output to get them low enough for the ADC to last hit them. Our team ended up winning after a 30 minute game because our ADC went 15/0 after their Sona and Graves kept getting slowed, raped by Reckless Swing and Undertow, and then last hit by Vayne. This is just thinking out the box a little bit, but it ended up working.

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Thank you for reading my guide! I hope you enjoyed it and it helps you play Olaf as a better champion. In my opinion Olaf can be one of the best champions in League of Legends. After reading this guide hopefully you can master him too! Feel free to add me on League of Legends: Whobick

Special Thanks To:
VexRoth for some guide fixing tips
Want Platinum, Diamond, or Higher? Check out who I use to get to a high elo (and my sponsor)! LOLBuilder's Unranked to Diamond guide!


[8.6] Double the Damage of AP! -|- AD Evelynn Jungle


[8.6] Pantheon Top [IN DEPTH]

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