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Vayne Build Guide by crabbix

ADC [12.6] An Alternate Angle: Q-Max Crit Vayne Guide

ADC [12.6] An Alternate Angle: Q-Max Crit Vayne Guide

Updated on March 30, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author crabbix Build Guide By crabbix 30 6 171,698 Views 6 Comments
30 6 171,698 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author crabbix Vayne Build Guide By crabbix Updated on March 30, 2022
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Runes: Not your grandma's vayne page

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Flash goes on F
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Champion Build Guide

[12.6] An Alternate Angle: Q-Max Crit Vayne Guide

By crabbix




It's an interesting build that I've had some success with, and I find the best situation to run it in is when you're facing a team of full squishies. Since Blade of the Ruined King is most effective against high HP tanks, you can actually find a power spike earlier against enemies that don't build any HP with Infinity Edge. I also think that this build actually makes Vayne mechanically easier to play, since you have lower attack speed and do more of your damage in the initial combo - however positioning matters more, since you won't have the safety of the Blade of the Ruined King slow.
What's up, I'm crabbix and I'm a Xerath one-trick. I've got a ****ty twitch stream on which I play Xerath most days, and I've been told that I'm somewhat entertaining as I do so. I have ~500k mastery on my main account at the time of writing, and a further ~350k on a smurf which ended up surpassing my main account's rank. OP.GG and also "smurf".

When I'm not grinding out ranked, I like to theorycraft interesting and alternative builds. I'm not claiming to be a God at the game, but I've played for a long *** time and I think I have a reasonable understanding of how things work. I try not to take myself too seriously tho...
Bit of a no brainer, but this is vital, as it always is on every adc basically. Positioning, chase, escape, etc. Flash Good. And it goes on F.
Again, same as the standard Vayne and basically any adc. You need the survivability early, it has excellent synergy with Nimbus Cloak if you should choose to take this, and it's just generally a great summoner choice.
I'd only ever not take heal if I had a support who can efficiently take heal, or make up for it, such as Yuumi or Soraka. Take cleanse into matchups with excessive hard cc, for example a Nautilus or Leona support.
Kinda pushing it with ghost here, but if you're hard smurfing and don't think you'll ever need the heal or cleanse to survive, it can certainly increase your kill/chase potential.

This is where the theorycraft gets a little shaky, but I think these are the optimal runes for this build. Here, I go over the choices.

I think this is what makes the build viable. The core identity of what you aim to do as crit vayne is deal as much damage as possible in the space of 3 - 5 autoattacks. Press the attack ensures you can completely explode any squishy adc/sup as soon as you engage. It's excellent for lane and synergizes perfectly with Vayne's 3 autoattack trading pattern with Silver Bolts. Feel free to try running Hail of Blades as an alternative, though.
Just a very solid rune, since you'll often risk a lot in fights and this can give you a boost of survivability when you go in and explode a squishy. Overheal is definitely a good choice too, probably more optimal into tougher lanes/pokey comps.
You don't get the early lifesteal from Blade of the Ruined King, so bloodline is a really nice way to prop up sustain in the early-mid game. When fully stacked, it completely matches the lifesteal from BotRK, and allows you to focus on building your damage.
Really the only choice from this row, the damage boost on your execution of low health targets is a HUGE deal for this build. Ideally, with coup de grace, you can kill basically any target from 40% health with 3 autos, once you get a lead.
I really just think this rune is op right now, but it works really nicely to give you mobility in skirmishes and teamfights - especially when chasing down low health targets, along with Night Hunter, makes you impossible to outrun.
Although this build isn't so much of a late game powerhouse as regular vayne, gathering storm is kind of just objectively incredible on vayne. Right around 30 minutes is your sweet spot, and gathering storm really comes into its own later on so you don't fall off too hard.
Minor Runes Even though you aren't an attack speed focused build, you still need to build some, so the attack speed is objectively the best choice from the first row. Adaptive force does slightly more for you than armour or magic resist, and you really don't benefit from health, but there's definitely room for personal preference here.

Core build

I start every game with a Doran's blade and a Health Potion, there isn't really a lot to discuss here - early lane phase is all about sustain and positive trading, and for Vayne this set of starting items provides exactly that.
Here is where your team is going to start calling you a troll, but I promise it's not that bad. Your tumble auto will start to noticeably chunk the enemy adc, and you'll win most trades that last 3 autos or less. If you can't afford B.F, you can settle for a Pickaxe, since you're still working towards your Infinity Edge
I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THAT YOU NEED TO BUY THESE!!! If you're already a high elo player you can skip to the next section - but speaking as someone who's climbed out of the depths of elo hell, buying control wards is unimaginably important. I honestly didn't start buying these consistently at all until about September last year. Coincidentally, I hit Platinum on the 1st of November. Especially on Vayne, who is very susceptible to jungle ganks, vision will save your life.
The most gold efficient attack speed in the game - build these after b.f. sword if you can afford it, aim to finish before your Infinity Edge. Having these early gives you just enough attack speed to keep up with the enemy adc, and fit your trades into the tight windows available.
TONS OF DAMAGE here, you'll be able to almost 3-shot the enemy support if you get this finished around level 8-9 and get lucky with crits. This is the whole identity of the build, what separates it from the standard.
Now that you have your Infinity Edge, you need to continue building crit. I think shiv is the optimal item to build second, as it simply maximises damage and allows you to waveclear incredibly efficiently. However, Rapid Firecannon is a viable alternative, see below in 'Situational Items'.
This gets you to 75% crit chance, which means that essentially every time you engage on someone, you're going to crit at least twice in your first 3 autos. The shield is a huge boost to your chances of surviving the disengage, or in teamfights while finishing off the enemy carries.
This is the final item I would consider to be part of the 'core build' for Crit Vayne. Although it doesn't get you to 100% crit chance, it gives you enough damage and lifesteal to be practically unkillable in any 1v1, or even 1v2s in most situation. Every auto is gonna heal you for about 1/3rd of your max health.

Situational Items

Build this second instead of Statikk Shiv in matchups where you're at a range disadvantage, like Caitlyn, Kog'Maw or Tristana, or if you find that you're dying when you engage - the extra range on the first auto lets you poke extremely safely, take down targets running away, and initiate trades with an advantage.
The slow is really nice if you can't get a red buff, and getting to 100% crit chance is always appealing - but raw stat wise it's not the best, so I've not included it in the main build.
Usually Vayne's cornerstone item - I don't include it in the core build because that's not what this build is designed to do. However, as a 3rd or 4th item pickup into tankier comps it can certainly make the cut. Particularly, if you find yourself struggling to disengage, the active can make a world of difference.
Probably the most standard 6th item in this build, the active is amazing in teamfights, the extra lifesteal is always appreciated, and the magic resistance is actually not to be underestimated.
If you're the only person on your team capable of carrying, it's an extra safety net to allow you to go for riskier plays without necessarily losing the game if they don't pan out perfectly.
It seems like a troll item, but the extra HP and slow on autoattacks can be a huge boost against high mobility assassins - can give you just enough to survive the inital burst and then kite them to death after their cooldowns are blown.
It seems like a troll item, but the extra HP and slow on autoattacks can be a huge boost against high mobility assassins - can give you just enough to survive the inital burst and then kite them to death after their cooldowns are blown.
I'm kind of going to assume if you're looking into this ridiculous Crit Vayne ********, you already have at least a basic understanding of the champion, so I'm not going to go over Vayne's abilities or basic mechanics, but rather devote this section to what differs between this and the standard build playstyle.

You are not looking for extended trades

Where Vayne usually shines, with repeated proccing of Silver Bolts due to insane attack speed, Crit Vayne will actually kind of suffer, due to all your damage being upfront with the tumble + energised auto from Statikk Shiv or Rapid Firecannon. Your ideal situation is to autoattack, tumble to reset, and one more to proc Silver Bolts and Press the Attack. If you're fed enough, at this point your enemy is either dead, or low enough that they either have to retreat or die to another one or two autos. The playstyle is more similar to an assassin than a traditional adc - you offer massive upfront burst and try not to stay in one skirmish for too long.

Your powerspike is earlier

Standard Vayne has a powerspike at 2 items + boots ( Blade of the Ruined King and Guinsoo's Rageblade), but doesn't truly reach full potential until very late. With this build, you have a massive powerspike at your first completed item, and reach your maximum potential much earlier, at around the 20-25 minute mark if ahead.

Your positioning matters more

Since you don't have the safety of escaping with Blade of the Ruined King, you need to be extremely careful not to get flanked, and not to over commit to fights, as you're pretty weak if outnumbered/outmaneuvered. Try to save Condemn for defensive use, as you'll usually not need it to ensure kills on squishy targets. Can be used in a pinch to proc Silver Bolts though, as a final part of a trade
Your teammates are probably going to hate it. It kinda sucks if it gets behind - honestly if you're more than about 1k gold down at 15 minutes I recommend building Blade of the Ruined King, farming a sidelane, and trying to transition back to the standard build. But on those rare occasions where you face a team full of squishies with no incredible lockdown, you might just pop off - and believe me there is nothing more satisfying than 100-0'ing the enemy adc with 3 autoattacks before they can even respond

If you've got this far and you enjoyed the guide, please be sure to give it an upvote - it improves the visibility and helps me out as a streamer!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author crabbix
crabbix Vayne Guide
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[12.6] An Alternate Angle: Q-Max Crit Vayne Guide

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