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Rell Build Guide by KiriKenKun The Coach

Top (13.11) Rell Top guide by a nutcase!

Top (13.11) Rell Top guide by a nutcase!

Updated on June 8, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KiriKenKun The Coach Build Guide By KiriKenKun The Coach 8 1 9,147 Views 12 Comments
8 1 9,147 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author KiriKenKun The Coach Rell Build Guide By KiriKenKun The Coach Updated on June 8, 2023
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Runes: 12min Power spike.

1 2 3 4
Grasp of the Undying
Shield Bash

Magical Footwear
Future's Market

+8 Ability Haste
+6 Armor
+65 Base Health


1 2 3 4
You thought I couldn't kill you?!
LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

(13.11) Rell Top guide by a nutcase!

By KiriKenKun The Coach
Overview of Rell & me.
So I've been playing rell top since the update and I have a 60%+ W/R with her.
At time of post, may have changed since~

+ One win in clash with her on the final game.

I am no means a great player at this game skill wise, I Understand it but I am and always will be FPS player.

What im used too, and always will.

I have played for Teams in the passed on FPS Games but never touched these types of games much.

So take what I say with a grain of salt.

This is not a mathmaticly correct build, maybe not even the most optimial build.

But it's how I like to play and im sharing it with others to help me get better but also inspire others to branch out and try what they want rather than playing what's just meta!

I aspire to be a coach one day, so this is a great help if people tell me how I do and what I can improve on, Lets all learn together :)

Im bronze atm, still new to this game however I made a decent rune set for her now.

Grasp - Need the scale/damage

Shield bash for dps early and late

Conditioning into champions whonlet you scale and dont bully, i.e armor tanks like Ornn


Second wind into most matchups, Mainly teemo/kayle.

(These two are free lane for you until they have items since they have nada health)

If you really need it... Overgrowth, it helps with not being able to proc grasp in lane.

Revitalise is go to for whole game, both for the early healing but also the early sheild and late game.

Second runes, what I've most games now.


Magi boots, this is amazing since as you're not a CS mechine.
This saves you money for early bami/bramble

Second one being one time trying out more is

Minion Demi
Purely for CS, especially early.

I tend to use one on the cannon and two on normal minions but you can do two cannon if you struggle to take it.

10+ Ability haste always
6+ Armor/8+ Magic into match up.

Now either Health for more shield early and late


More Armor/Magi into people who poke ALOT. If you are doing this.

Go conditioning just to further buff you and go protean fast to reap early team fights.

I wont go into build much but the typical build is

Sunfire/Protean/Bramble or Abysall>Based on who's fed.

She can use so many items its unreal.

Really play into your team as they will have to win for you.

You do no damage most games, however I have had some carry early games where I can deal up to 40k dps running tank build.

You can build AP..
Most time you will wanna tank.

Build for your team not for your kills unless you really need that poke. In that case really. Demonic is a good option if you cna hit a whole team with a W. You proc it on all of them.

Plus sunfire and abyssal It realllllllyyyyy adds up the damage in a fight.

But this should always be a 4th item if anything.

On rare occasions do you need it first, second or 3rd.


Im a wierd player but,
Magi Mobi boots, 35 MS in combat, but 125 out of combat.

She is not a lane champion, learn that.
She is knock off shen.
Roam once you get a lead and play HEAVY Objectives.

Get your jungle to gank your lane if you can, you are a support top. 9/10 early gank om her you win.

You have enough CC to bully someone so bad in a gank they feel PTSD when they get ganked every time after.

If you have a HEAVY CC jungle like amumu.

They might aswell go afk (A few have)

Now most cases if you're just wanting to tank.

Ofc.. Plated or merc.

But I like speed, I like to get to mine and others lane fast, and combo it with E. It takes me 5-7 seconds to get back into lane from spawn from back and back into farming.

I do not go teleport.

I go ghost and Ignite/exhaust.
I play purely for team fights and early kills on rell to booost me up.

Get first blood on her you've won lane.

BUT bare in mind.



Though get early lead, and you won't have to big a problem.

I've gone agaisnt the ruined king himself and fed 4-0 off him.

Really play sort trades and W Shield damage sustain to win trades.

Its 08:12 and I wanna make my protien shake so any questions ask me.

Im not a genius, I just like chaos.

Discord: KiriKenKun#7963 Dm's always open :)

Discord server:
Starter pack notes
You ALWAYS go Doran's shield.

Her W scales off health, so extra health from this and rune give you a large shield to trade with early game.

You go W to get first 3 minions plus grasp trade and shield run passive proc.

Hopefully you take a large chunk out of them while you take minimal damage.

If done right you should be free to proc grasp on them.

Rinse and repeat.

If you level two before you W back into mounted form.

Use E>W to get a stun + Grasp + Max health E damage off.

Back away.

Rinse and repeat yet again.

Once you get a free kill from your jungle or a easy 1v1

Back to hopefully get


This depends on matchup ofc,

Bami: Gives you better lane for scrubs who cannot final hit minions.

Bramble: F**k you and your healing.
Founders Edition notes
Now this is the funny one

Are the AD, do they hurt. Well.. guess what. Harness the power of the goddam sun & walk towards them causing mild burns that over time will kill them while those bullets melt away on you.

Sunfire cape now on sale for low low price of 2700 Gold (Burns, major blindness and ferocious sweating warning)

Do they hit you a lot, does it hurt you but heal them.
Is one a dog named warwick.
One item solves this trick.
Bramble vest, yes... Its a vest, that has thorns on it. Dont touch it.
(May cause MAJOR Itches, rashes and bugs... lots, & lots of bugs.)

Cheaper than sunfire, only by 0.
For only 2700!

FINALLY the protein shake:
Comes in Ṿ̶́͜O̶̲͙̊I̷̼̹̿̂D̵̡̯͗ Flavour,
has 30g of Armor & Magic resist
400g Of health
20g Ability haste.

Side effects: It will consume you, your family, your enemies, your cat and dog... But it gives you health and makes you stronger. Worth!

Buy second item most times as sunfire early can really deal some damage.

However, if you are looking to teamfight + Fed really early.

Run it, Best way to do this is:

Run grasp, conditioning, shield power + Magi mobi boots + Protein shake.

You will run havok taking objs.

Do this after 12mins.

Make sure your lane isn't going to just wipe out your two towers like... Well. garen fidget spinner with sheen. (I know exactly what you are thinking bad brain!!!!!!)

Make sure you do benefit from the roam otherwise you wasted your time, your cs, and the guy you was trying to bully in lane while not letting him get fed..

Well now he's running at you, good luck!

Last but not least. Abyssal mark!

Amazing item but.. Very situational first pick. You really want this to be a second pick at latest....
Its the same concept of why you run it on naut, It gives you MR, takes away from them.

You do more damage, your team do more damage, the enemy do less. Everyone is happy! (We don't talk about the guy getting ̶K̶i̶l̶l̶e̶d̶ Hugged!)
Abilites Notes
W Gives you so much sustain both in lane and in game, allows you to dash around the place like a mad horse, & CC whole teams. It scales with hp & has saved me from more deaths then I can explain. It is the core to your kit, don't underestimate it.

E Gives you that sweet,sweet MS. Allows you to engage with the added speed when running towards someone with the amazing benefit that it affects one of you teammates.

Which with someone like rammus, hecarim, ww & Lillia can be the key to one of the best engage tools in the game.

Use this to get to lane as well, only 40 Mana for about 30+ MS is amazing even at level one.

However, there is one amazing thing to this E.

Its 3-5% max health scaling. Maxed out on a drake mid game.
You will be doing upwards of 900 Magic damage PER E on the drake.

USE THIS AS A MINI SMITE, You can steal so many drakes or secure your drake from pesty jungler's who don't know what smite does..

That amount of drakes you can steal with this E is nuts and not many people know this if not any.

Even at Level 1 E You will still do around 500-600 dps at le***st!.

If you are playing her as support keep an eye on this, it works on Baron and Herald too.

Top keep the roam for drake and E it.

Her Q, Very good, Very bad.

Her Q is amazing don't get me wrong, I like poking things... However, it's still Rell.
She can be very clunky & this Q is not exception:

One: It can hit people from behind the Q for a metre or two. Like back blast almost.

Two: The wind-up plus the Width are very clunky, you can miss this Q if you go to fast for the game sometimes.

Three: Very long cooldown for 0.85 seconds of stuff with very little damage on wave clear too.
If you max it out It can deal damage and lower cooldowns, but your sustain and CC/Speed will be hindered heavily.

Finally, her R.

You press it, miss, die..

On the odd chance you hit it, you just killed half your team pulling in an assassin closer to your adc.

But seriously, use this right. You can stack all your armor fast as hell, CC an entire team, and follow up with more CC with your W.

You are a walking Diana/Oriana ult.

Used in the right ways can really save you or your team.

Used wrong you will kill your team.

Don't use it for damage, you do very little.

Don't be afraid early game to use it to wave clear however.

One thing to take not:

Use this when people wanna tower dive you, Rell is new... quite weak too in some cases.

But you have endless amounts of CC.

So many people tower dive not knowing how well Rell can hold you under tower while she laughs and CC's you so much you will be giving them Vietnam flashbacks on how they used bamboo traps to kill you.

You will re-awaken their worst nightmares & most likely give them a sleep paralyse demon at night in the form of dismounted star guardian Rell.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author KiriKenKun The Coach
KiriKenKun The Coach Rell Guide
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(13.11) Rell Top guide by a nutcase!

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